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What a 19-Hour Nonstop Flight Can Teach Us About Jet Lag | WSJ

October 23, 2019

(engines whirring) – Singapore to Newark, Auckland to Doha, Perth to London, the three longest flights
in the world, for now. I’m here at New York’s JFK Airport about to board a nonstop
flight to Sydney, Australia. It’s one of three research
flights being run by Qantas. The others will be from London to Sydney and a second from New York to Sydney. This is really groundbreaking. Biological studies on passengers and crew haven’t really been done
like this ever before. They’re testing passengers and pilots with the aim of learning
more about alertness on ultra-long flights as well
as wellbeing and jet lag. To do that, 49 people,
made up of Qantas crew, a small media contingent,
and six game Frequent Flyers will take the nearly
19-and-a-half-hour journey and be tested in-route. (pleasant orchestral music) So, Marie, tell us exactly what you’ll be monitoring on the flight with the six passengers
that you’ll be tracking. – They’re monitoring their sleep, their mood or state of
mind, and what they eat. As soon as they get on the plane, we’re trying to get them
to live Sydney time. What they’ll notice in the cabin is a very different schedule from what most long-distance
schedules in the cabin are. Normally, you get on, you get a big meal, and then the lights go out. This time, it’s gonna be all-go. Lights will stay on for about six hours. Our passengers will be
asked to do exercise and do their logging and everything, but the most important
thing is to stay awake during the six hours of light. – So what do you hope to get out of this? What do you want to accomplish? – Ultimately, we hope for
personalized jet lag solutions. What we’d like to be able to say is you’re going to Rome, Italy. Here’s the schedule of
what you should be doing as soon as you get onboard, but in the medium-term
or the shorter-term, we’re just trying to enhance the wellbeing of passengers’ health
and comfort in the air on these probably increasingly-frequent long-haul flights that people will do. – At the end of the
day, Qantas is weighing whether to make this route
a commercial reality. The final decision, which
depends on aircraft economics, regulatory approvals,
and labor agreements, is expected by the end of the year. So, Alan, tell us why you wanna do this. Is there significant demand
for New York to Sydney nonstop, London to Sydney nonstop? Is there enough traffic to support a daily,
regular nonstop flight? – We believe there is, and actually, one of the advantages
of putting on a nonstop is you also stimulate the market, so actually today, we
have a flight that flies from L.A. to New York
every day, and we fill it, and they’re only traffic
coming from Australia, so we know if we put a direct flight from Sydney into New York,
Melbourne into New York, we’ll absolutely fill it. Between Melbourne and Sydney and London, there’s more than enough
for daily service each day. The question has always been
can you do it economically. – Enjoy your flight.
(group chattering) – Thank you.
– You’re welcome. (pleasant electronic music)
(group chattering) – And here we go!
(engines rumbling) 19 hours nonstop, New York to Sydney. (pleasant electronic music) Two teams are leading
the in-flight research. Professor Carroll is
running passenger studies by personalizing the flight experience, allocated times for activities. – Five. Not very hard, really easy. – [Scott] Reaction time
tests, and meal design. (pleasant electronic music) Meanwhile, a separate team
is studying pilot alertness with cockpit cameras and EEG monitors, and they’ll be measuring
melatonin levels in urine samples to determine body clock patterns. – [Pilot] 19 hours and five minutes later, we should be touching down in Sydney. – I’ve set my watch ahead to Sydney time, 12:47 tomorrow. First course, spicy
tomato and saffron soup. The idea is to both keep you
hydrated and keep you awake. (engine humming)
(muffled group chattering) And the lights in the cabin
go dark to encourage sleep. It’s 3:30 in the morning, Sydney time. We’ve still got four hours to go. Most everyone on the
plane is still asleep. I’ve in-and-out sleeping. It has been dark outside
the entire flight. It’s as if we’re chasing darkness. (pleasant electronic music) We have a little bit more
than two hours to go, and we’ve finally found the sunrise. (pleasant electronic music) – [Pilot] Welcome to Australia. The local time here in Sydney is 7:43 a.m. (engine humming)
(pleasant electronic music) (group chattering) – So here I am at Sydney Airport after more than 19 hours
nonstop from New York, and I feel surprisingly great, and it really does surprise me, because I usually don’t
sleep well on airplanes, but this was a different thing and a different thing
for many of the travelers who took part in the test. This was not just about passengers doing the Macarena in
aisles of the airplane. There was serious
research that was going on that’s going to impact
the future of air travel. We’re all gonna be on flights
that are longer and longer, and there are real health
concerns with that. The research that Qantas is doing will go a long way to improve
travels around the world. (pleasant orchestral music)


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  • Reply Chris M October 22, 2019 at 10:13 pm

    For the WSJ writer: This is great stuff for sure, and Qantas deserves to be commended for paying attention to safety and passenger considerations on these (commercially) unprecedented flights. To complement your reporting, it's worth noting the US Air Force has been systematically studying and doing (very) long-duration flying for decades, and there's quite a body of knowledge out there about sleep/rest cycles, crew alertness, inflight nutrition & hydrations, preparation, recovery, and the like. Thanks for highlighting some of the issues associated with being above earth for a long time!

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    This was an interesting report, which started such a way, that I almost commented right there. Initially the report claimed the main focus of the research was reducing jetlag, I thought that was misallocation of resources. The real aim should be is to prevent blood clots developing in the lower extremities, which in turn induce thrombosis of the heart, basically a heart attack. Now obviously not everyone is equally effected, the young and healthy, the athletic type who keep fit by daily exercises and so on, should be OK. The risk increases with age. An average adult westerner over the age of forty is already at risk. This risk is real, its palpable and quantifiable. The exercise on board is a good idea, which should be kept, and not allowed to be only a passing fad.

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  • Reply Andy Bush October 23, 2019 at 11:02 am

    I have completely eliminated the 'jet lag' problem at least for myself. I have been flying internationally since 1980 These days I regularly fly between Asia, USA and the UK. I am not sure that the exhaustion is due to time differencies.
    Try sitting up at home in an uncomfortable chair unable to move your legs and often told you cannot get out of your seat, for 10 hours. You might experience the same 'jet lag' symptoms after that, in fact it would be almost torture to try it.
    I found that a lot of the problem was due to lack of sleep. A USA to Asia trip can mean being up or on the plane over 30 hours. Try going without proper sleep for 24 hours or more, even a moderate 5 hour flight means being awake and busy before and after the flight, and getting tired even without the flight
    A luxury solution I have these days is to be able to take an afternoon nap. This puts me into two 12 hour cycles instead of one 24 hour cycle. When I get to the US which is about 12 hour out from Asia, I just extend the nap to become the night sleep and reduce the what was the night sleep to a nap.
    Another luxury solution is I refuse now to fly economy any longer than a couple of hours. The lay flat business class seats are lovely. I enjoy the pampering by the service to but it isn't why I fly business its being able to sleep properly.
    That is how I can arrive after a flight and not feel any problems at all.

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