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Welcome: Duquesne’s Online Learning Orientation

October 24, 2019

(Music) (David Dausey Narration) Duquesne is committed to providing you with
the best online learning experience and support to help you succeed. Whether you are new to online learning or
taking your first online course with us, our students are at the heart of everything we
do. Welcome as an online learner at Duquesne. We’re happy you’re here. (David Dausey)
I’m David Dausey, the provost at Duquesne University. This is truly an exciting time to be an online
learner at Duquesne. In fact you’re an important member of our
diverse learning community and rich history. As a pioneer with more than twenty years of
experience in facilitating online learning, Duquesne continues to lead the way, and our
online programs are highly ranked by US News and World Report and other leading organizations. An online education at Duquesne combines the
University’s innovative spirit with its more than 140 year tradition of academic excellence,
all shaped by the Spiritan values of respect for and service to, others. You are now part of the Duquesne community! And when you graduate, you’ll join a network
of more than 96,000 Duquesne alumni throughout the country and around the world. I wish you great success in your online coursework
and everywhere life takes you! (Music) (Becky Ligman)
Hello, and welcome to Duquesne’s online learning orientation. I’m Becky Ligman, and I work closely with
the University’s online students. We want you to get the most out of your education
and hope that the following information and activities will help you succeed—you are
our primary focus! In fact, we know that students who take online
courses are more successful when they are prepared for the online learning environment. With this in mind, there are three main objectives
for this orientation: First, since all of our online courses are taught using Blackboard
the University’s learning management system, we’ll show you how to use the critical functions
that you’ll see in most of your online courses. And, even if you have used Blackboard in the
past you’ll find this module to be a helpful refresher. Second, we’ll introduce you to a broad range
of free support services and learning resources—from tech support to academic advisement and career
development—that are available to all Duquesne students. And third, since online learning is different,
in some ways from what you may be familiar with in the traditional face-to-face classroom,
we’ll highlight some useful strategies to help you excel in your online courses and
be the most effective learner possible. If you have any problems, questions, or concerns
as you work your way through the modules in this orientation, please reach out to your
academic advisor or your main point of contact in your program. Once again, welcome as you begin your online
learning experience at Duquesne! We are here to support you, and we care about
your success. [Music]

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