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Virtual Learning Continues

March 26, 2020

Hey, Chargers! Thank you for all your goodwill,
the last few weeks. When we made a decision to move
to virtual learning, on March 11th, there was a great deal of uncertainty
about the best way to deal with COVID-19. Since then, we’ve seen a great mobilization:
locally, nationally, internationally to help slow the spread of the disease. Today, I want to share that
Cary Academy will do our part, by continuing to teach and learn virtually,
for the foreseeable future. While there’s a chance that we could
gather on campus in May or June, it’s best if we all set expectations, right now, to finish the trimester virtually. Despite these changes, we do expect to provide
the necessary curricular programming virtually to complete the school year by
June 5th. And we expect students
to be fully prepared for success in their next level courses,
starting next fall. In addition, we’ll be looking for ways to
add other community-building and social-emotional opportunities into our
virtual programming, moving forward. This could include alternatives for the
end of year socials or dances. I know this is disappointing news, Chargers. These are
extraordinary times, not only for our community, but for the world. We don’t necessarily have
to like the situation we’re in, but I do know that often times,
situations like these can produce some of the best insight, teamwork,
creativity, or self-understanding. Some of you may know that
Shakespeare wrote King Lear while he was in quarantine for the Black Plague. I know it sounds like I’m
putting more pressure on you during what is already a
very stressful time, but let me take one thing off your to-do list: solving the great haircut dilemma. Now, you all know that
barbershops have been closed but you can take this
off your to-do list! [commerical voiceover: this ingenious device lets you give yourself and family perfect haircuts every time! Before the Flobee, only a skilled professional could produce a good
layered haircut. Tens of thousands have been sold the satisfied customers.] Chargers, we don’t
have much of a choice about the situation we’ve
found ourselves in, but we do have a choice
about what we make of it. Over the next several weeks,
you’ll continue to learn and collaborate with your teachers and peers. You’ll find new ways to
celebrate with each other and serve our community. And in the end,
we’ll come out smarter, stronger, and with longer hair. Onward, Chargers!

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