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UT Surprises Austin-East Students with Scholarships

October 9, 2019

(MUSIC) Two of your classmates are gonna be
admitted to Rocky Top right now, right here today. Eliza? Am I saying your name correctly? Yes, your are. (SCREAMS OF JOY) (MUSIC) Because I’m a professor in the area of
neuroscience, that should give somebody a hint, and the student’s name is Aaliyah. (SHOUTS OF JOY) A lot of people came in here singing
Rocky Top. It was filled with some familiar faces and unfamiliar ones, and I
basically announced I got accepted to UT and then we Face-Timed my mom. The University of Tennessee. She just got admitted. (SHOUTS OF JOY) (MUSIC) Because Austin-East is one of about
thirty flagship schools in the state of Tennessee, both these young ladies are
going to get free tuition … (SHOUTS OF JOY) and mandatory fees for their four years at Rocky Top. (MUSIC) I’ve had the opportunity to watch these two young ladies for four years. I’ve
watched them struggle when they were doing their homework, come in early, and
leave late participating in extracarriculars. This is a great honor
for us, but it’s also a great honor for the University of Tennessee, because they
are getting two incredible young ladies. They’re gonna be coming to their campus,
and represent the University of Tennessee. (MUSIC)

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