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University of Utah Merit Pages

January 14, 2020

You know all those posts from your favorite singers, movie and TV stars? Do you really think they do those by themselves? Probably not. They have people. Well now, you have people. Introducing Merit pages. It’s just for college students. It’s like your own personal publicist… ‘cause everyone needs a little help getting the word out. Here’s how it works. When you do something cool here at the University of Utah, like publish research, land an internship, or receive an award, we’ll recognize that accomplishment with a personalized story. And then bing, it’s out there… your story is automatically sent to your hometown newspaper, to your state legislator, it’s ready to post on your social media sites, Heck, we’ll even email it to your mom. Our people are working for you, baby. Next thing you know, you’re a student rock star. The kind that’ll easily land that big first job after graduation. Everyone could use a publicist.

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