University of Brighton Student Support Fund

March 26, 2020

Receiving the merit scholarship award
for me was just the cherry on top of what was a really successful year at uni. I’d come out of college not really knowing what I wanted to do and wasn’t
sure about going into teaching but kind of plucked up the courage to apply and
winning the scholarship just gave me such a boost of confidence that I’d
chosen the right career path and that I was going to be really successful at it. It’s quite emotional in the sense that I’m so grateful for this opportunity. When I look at the impact
that this opportunity has had for my life, not only as a professional, but
things that have been exposed to in the last few months since I came here, and
you know just getting to experience the best, like you know, the best environment
to study and exposure. I feel like my life has been changed, I feel like I can
articulate things in a different way. The program has really opened my eyes, like I
see things in a different perspective. A lot of people sort of in the university
and in life have have their own sort of struggles and a lot of the time you go
sort of unrecognized and unmentioned for it and I think it’s it’s nice just to be
sort of singled out for something that you’ve gone through and it gives a big
confidence boost. Thank you so much, the money has made a massive difference to
me and just instilled so much confidence in me that I’m really going to achieve
and to expect higher of myself and to continue to work to strive to achieve
better, so thank you.

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