Undeclared Major at York College

March 27, 2020

– I see it getting cloudy. – I think that the coolest
thing about coming into York as an undeclared student
is that you get to explore your options and
you’re not rushed to do it. (hip-hop music) So it was all about like a
journey, and like a process, like trying to get here. It wasn’t like one day I
just woke up and decided I wanna declare international relations. It was like a process of elimination and then also finding what I liked. – I came here as a fine arts major, but college lets you
explore different classes and then I took a business
class and I really loved it and enjoyed it, so
switching to business wasn’t a hard thing to do, but it
was definitely something that was for me. – A lot of people don’t
realize that undeclared is our largest major for
incoming first year students. So when you come in
undeclared, we help students to choose the right major
for the right reasons. You’re supported by an academic adviser, who is a professional
within our academic services division here on campus. You’re also supported by a peer adviser, who’s an upperclassmen student leader and those two support
people help to guide you. Why not take a moment to explore from day one here, as
we say at York college. – How many internships should
I have before I graduate? – Any time that you can get experience. Part of our job as the
adviser is to really get to know our student. We have approximately 60
majors here at York College and there are so many different
things that you can do as a career that we like to expose you to. It’s always a proud moment
when a student feels like, “wow, this is really what I want to do.” – My favorite part about
being a peer adviser is being a role model. We help freshmen in the
transition of going from undeclared to actually declaring a major. I like to be the number one
person that they get to come to and connect with. – So when you first came to
York, you were in the department of biological sciences? College, in general, is a great
place to begin that process of exploration because when
you are 17, 18 years old, you’re still learning about
who you are as a person and so we’re here to help support them and navigate the waters of college, and then they can form
that all into a major that can open up many doors. (hip-hop music)

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