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TVO | Fifty and Still Learning

February 14, 2020

Quality of educational opportunity has
long been a stated goal of education in this province. It began as a vision of public television
as a place for education. TVO laid the foundation nurturing curiosity
and creating moments of wonder… “…was the first place in my life
I ever fitted in.” …exploration, discovery, establishing icons that live on
in our hearts… “That’s tonight on The Agenda.” “Polkaroo” …becoming a pillar of excellence in
education, a cultural mainstay… “But if they represent the past,
what about the future?” Welcome to the new TVO. A digital learning publisher where
minds of all ages can learn anytime, anywhere. Preparing our kids for success in school and life. Levelling the playing field of
Education. Building understanding. Broadening perspectives. “Do you worry that this now has
become a partisan issue?” Sparking conversations. “Now let’s start with the federal election.” “Politics in Ontario is a complicated system.”
“How do words bring people together?” Bringing learning to life. This has been a half-century of Awesome. “But we think the best is yet to come.” Together we can revolutionize the future
of learning in Ontario TVO
50 and still learning

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