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February 15, 2020

– It looks just like the anime. – I could die happy
right now. – Oh my God. ♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – ♪ (Japanese music) ♪ – (FBE) So, before you guys
came in today, we asked you to arrive with an empty stomach.
– I did. I didn’t eat breakfast today.
– Oh, I’m so hungry. – (FBE) Reason being,
we teamed up with Crunchyroll once again to have you watch
scenes from the culinary action anime, Food Wars and we’ll
present you with the foods that are cooked in the show
recreated by a professional chef. – I love you guys. – No way.
– Oh my God. – That is so cool.
– Anime food looks so good. – (FBE) So, this is a
try not to eat challenge. Whoever can get through
these four dishes and not eat anything wins,
but be warned, if you do try something,
there may be a punishment for you at the end.
– No. See, I’ve been in one
of these episodes, but there weren’t any
punishments. – Oh no.
– Why can’t we just take the loss and that’s
punishment enough? – (FBE) So Seth, you’re the
returning champ from the last Food Wars episode.
– Yeah, the last one was tough. If I can do this,
I can do anything. – (Speaking Japanese) – Chicken tempura bowl. – Whatever they’re gonna show
is gonna look so good. – Oh my goodness.
– It’s glistening. – It just looks so magical. – The yolk is perfectly
soft boiled. It’s silky smooth. – Ooh, the steam. – Raw egg, that’s tempura?
– That’s scary. – That’s some next level stuff. – (FBE) So, here is the delicious
dish you just saw. I tried it.
The yummy yolk is perfectly soft and it’s
so smooth. – Oh my God.
– Bro. It looks just like the anime.
– It really does. – No regrets.
Maybe later, I won’t say that. – This is so worth it.
– Was it? – The sauce is so good. – It’s really, really good.
– Oh my God. – I’m not eating it.
– I think I’m gonna hold off for this round. – I don’t know.
I feel like there’s gonna be a lot of really good food.
– I’m gonna pass. – Yeah, we’re gonna pass
on this one. – It’s the first one.
I feel like we’re just gonna level up.
– I’m not giving in to temptation. Not today. – (Speaking Japanese) – Parmesan, meat.
– No, we’re not. – What the–
what is that? – Oh my– that even sounds good.
– I don’t know what that is, but it looks good. – Oh, I don’t even know how
to say that word. Yeah, we’re making up
words for these foods. – Dang.
– Just hearing how they describe it is beautiful.
– True. – It’s so extra. – (FBE) Here is the delicious
dish you just saw. It is ground beef and
mashed potatoes with so much flavor
from the yummy sauce. You wanna give it a try?
– Oh, absolutely. – I’m with him.
– There’s no hesitation at this point.
I’ma get this, hold on. – This is really good.
– Everything in this dish hit. – I’m ready.
– All right. I’m gonna sit this one out.
– I’m not regretting anything. I’m so happy.
– No regrets. – Yeah, you don’t want this.
It’s really good. – We got more dishes
coming up and I’m just kinda waiting to see what
the punishment is for this. – I think I’m gonna hold off
on this one. – Okay, if she’s not doing it,
I’m not doing it. – It smells really, really good.
No, I can’t, I can’t. I’m not gonna try it.
– I’m gonna pass. – Whoa, it’s a meat. Gyoza, oh baby.
– I love gyoza. – It’s gyoza.
Oh my God, no. – I’ve always thought it was
weird to stuff food. Like when they stuff
chickens and stuff. – Yeah, I think that’s
a little weird. – It’s a chicken burrito. – Yo.
That looks so good. – Looks like they’re about to
deal the final blow. They’re just like…
sauce! – Oh my gosh. – I love gyoza.
It’s so good. I’m gonna cry. – That’s gonna be my reaction.
The way she was like… – (FBE) So, now presenting
winged gyoza with pork filling. The flavors were mind blowing.
So, you gonna try this one? – Oh yeah. – Bruh.
– There’s so many good things going on right now. – There’s no easy way to eat this.
Yo. – I don’t know.
– Definitely worth the L. – I am gonna pass on this one. – Damn.
That’s one of the best chicken wings I’ve had.
– No, I can’t. – You’re kidding me.
– I can’t. I hope they punish you
hard for this. – Oh no, now I wanna try.
– That’s literally the best chicken wing I’ve ever had
in my life. I’m not even kidding.
– Don’t tell me that. – It smells good,
but I think I’m okay. – I guess we’re both
gonna pass on this. – (Speaking Japanese) – No, that looks so good. – Now a steak. – Yo.
I’m losing, they got steak. – (laughs) – It blew his shirt off.
– You know when the shirt comes unbuttoned,
that’s some good stuff. – Is he describing the food?
– Or him. – Or the man.
– Who are you talking about? – Both are snacks. – (FBE) So, the delicious
dish in front of you is called venison poivrade.
It is the best steak I have ever had.
– You said it’s the best steak you ever had?
– Why would you be even talking like that?
– I could die happy right now. – Oh my God. – That is so good.
I wanna taste the sauce. – Oh yeah. – Are you gonna try it.
– I don’t know. All right, you cut your piece.
– That looks fine. – I’m gonna go for it,
’cause it smells good. – I finally–
I did it. – Holy crap.
– Ah, you know what? It’s very soft.
– It is. – I’ll give him that. – It smells really good.
Stop doing this to me! Okay fine, I’ll try it.
– The char on it is just… – Oh my. – It was like cotton candy.
It just dissolved in your mouth. – No, I can’t.
I’m in too deep. – (FBE) So, remember how I said
there was four foods? Well, I was lying.
You guys both lost, you will not be allowed
to try this next dish, but we’re still gonna
show it to you. – No.
– That’s torture. – What if they saved
the best one for last? – They probably did. – (FBE) Seth, you won.
You made it through without eating,
so you get a dish all to yourself.
– What, no! – I’m sorry.
I kinda drooled a little bit. – They poked into it
and all the magic came out. – (both) The moon came out.
– Whoa! – It’s curry.
Curry’s my favorite food. – Whoa.
– That looks cool. – Is it noodles?
– What? – Ooh.
– Oh my goodness. – Sharp, gentle.
– Ooh. – He died.
He straight died. – (FBE) So, you both may
have lost and neither of you can try this dish, but we’re
still gonna torture you with it anyway.
– That’s a really big meatball. – Right in there, there’s
a little bit of egg coming out. Or the moon. Ah, this isn’t fun!
– This was so worth it. – (FBE) So like I said,
you guys can’t try this dish, but that’s not the only punishment.
– What is that? – (FBE) You must also try a snack
that the lead character makes to gross out his friends.
It is grilled squid lathered in peanut butter.
– I don’t like things in peanut butter. – Dude, the tentacles
are freaking me out. Oh my God, that thing
is wild. – (both groaning)
– It’s so gross! – Ah, the sound!
It’s a crunchy sound. I wanna finish it.
It feels like I’m chewing gum. – Ew, I just bit off
one of the little sucker things and it just went in. – These two things aren’t
supposed to go together. – You can feel the suction
go down. – What is it?
It’s [bleep] warm. – This is actually so good. – The squish.
– That was a little baby bite. I’ve wanted to die during
it, but now I feel great. – To be able to try
something that not everybody in the world gets to try
and then it’s from one of my favorite shows.
It was so fun. I like this a lot. – Hi, I’m Katie,
a React Channel producer. I’d like to give a huge
thank you to Crunchyroll for partnering with us
and allowing us to make this amazing episode.
We love Food Wars and love these meals,
so this episode was especially fun to make.
To support brands and support FBE, be sure
to check out Food Wars and many more shows
on Thank you for watching, everyone.
Love you, bye.

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