This is what you learn in Music University

March 25, 2020

*laughs* Hey guys, how’s it going today? Today we are going to be looking through some… university level music aural skills. *coughs* Um… Sorry, I’m sick. For those of you that don’t know, uh, we are actually musicians, we did go to university. – We just had our degree, and we used to have…
– Yeah, we have a degree. W E H A V E A D E G R E E. *chuckles* Still can’t play in tune, though. Ohhh no— We decided to pull out an old booklet from… our required university subjects, which is aural skills. “Aural” as opposed to “oral”. Um, I know our Australian accent might give some confusions to people. (Both) Aural, oral. Aural. Right, Bach? Did you ever go to aural class, by the way? – No.
– Are we allowed to talk about this on camera? *laughs* Go to class guys, it’s good for you. Anyway, we pulled out the book of aural stuff so you can get an idea of what type of things you might have to do, if you so choose to go to music university to pursue a career in music. Or for those of you that were going to do music, and then got forced to become [a] D O C T O R . This is the type of stuff that we had to do, that might make you think, “Well, I’m glad I didn’t go into music uni!” *laughs* This is the type of stuff you do where you’re like, “Man, I could be studying something usefu-” Just joking, aural is very useful. I mean, basically there are singing, sight-singing… *demonstrates* Like note recognition. – Mmhmm.
– But today, I thought we’ll… …focus on the rhythmic exercises. Yes. So, let’s start with something a little bit easier, I guess. And so for here we have um… You have to conduct, in uh… – 3 pl-
– Asymmetric meter quintuple meter at slow tempo, at lent. This’ll do 1, 2 , 3, 4, 5. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. *laughs* Bro… What—you went ti-ka! – It’s ti-TI!
– It’s ti-ka! Uh, isn’t it.. – No,Ti-Ti! Ti-ka is semiquavers!
– Oh, I don’t know, I forgot… Chicken ti-ka ti-ka masala! Dude, speaking of Indians, that konnakol guy… My head hurts, I’m sick… Argh! Can’t stop… Do you think if we go “ti-ka ti-ka ti-ka” we’ll take over T-series? *laughs* All right guys, #SavePewdiepie! *laughs* *coughs* There’s a war happening— There’s a war happening, we’re gonna join in the war! T-Series is forseen to be taking over Pewdiepie, and we just cannot let this happen. We must fight for Pewdiepie! Save him! Because in a few months, we need…he would— We’re gonna make sure he doesn’t get taken over, by T-Series! – Let’s start testing each other.
– Alright. Scissors paper rock! *coughs* – Winner gets the first one.
– W…okay. – And then it just gets harder and harder.
– Okay. Scissors, paper, rock! Dammit. So, I’ll get the first one. Ohh! *laughs* You tied it. How do you [do] triplets? – Tri-p-lets? Is it…
– Oh, ti-ti-ti. -Tri-p-let.
– Ta-ka—ta—ta-la? Hmm. Obviously went to aural class. Triplet. Taa…triplet, taa… – There’s still one more from this page…
– Yeah. – …and then we’re going to next page. Alright.
– Yeah. 3. What the hell…?! What the hell?! I got lost on [the] last two bars. *laughs* It’s really stressful. *cough* That was really stressful.
– Oh I’m getting more sick… By the way, that’s “tim-ka”. – Tim-ka ta.
– Oh. Oh man, I’m getting like, past traumatic memories. I think I’m getting more sick. 10,000 likes and I’ll get better, please smash the like. You know what, we’re gonna make our own [triplets], and it’s gonna be vee-O-laa (viola). – Okay? Triplet is vee-O-la!
– Mmm. – Because…Google is not smart enough.
– We can’t find it. *laughs* What’s “dah”… I can’t… *laughs* Urgh…bit my lip…! What the… *laughs* – Next one. Number 5 on uh, page 41.
– Okay. *cough* Oh no. Oh, oh! No! Yeah! Oh! Damn! *chuckles* *laughs* Guys, there you have it. The quality content that y’all subscribed for. *laughs* Thanks guys. [Gave] You an idea of what you’ll be um… What you’ll be ending up doing if you do a music degree. Yes. So like, what I think I’ll be doing… Practice 40 hours a day. – Versus…
– What I’ll actually be doing… – Alright guys.
– Smash like, subscribe. Bye.

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