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Teens & College Kids React To Top 10 Most Liked YouTube Videos Of 2019 (Creator Videos)

March 27, 2020

– Queen of YouTube!
– I’m excited to see where this goes. – That’s my favorite video so far.
I’m gonna go Like that. ♪ (rock intro) ♪ – (FBE) How much YouTube
have you watched this year? – This year? Not much this year.
– A lot. A lot of hours spent watching YouTube?
– You know what? I’m gonna be honest. Not a lot.
– When I was little, I used to have a routine where it’s like
I had to read before I go to bed. Now my routine is I have
to watch YouTube videos before I go to bed.
– (FBE) Well, in the 2019 YouTube Rewind,
which we recently reacted to… – Right.
– (FBE) YouTube released a list of the most liked videos
from 2019 from its creators. – That’s so fun.
– (FBE) So, for this episode, we’re gonna take a closer look
at these videos and see what you think about some of these most liked
YouTube content of 2019. – Ooh, this’ll be fun.
– I always watch the top 10 trending, so if it’s on there, I got this.
– (FBE) So, as a disclaimer, this list has changed a little bit
since YouTube Rewind aired, so we’re gonna be showing you
the most up-to-date list as of shooting this episode.
– Dope. I’m hyped. – Damn. Okay. It’s already
(snapping) changing that quick. – Shane Dawson.
– Shane Dawson. – Shane Dawson.
Queen of YouTube! – Oh my god. 1.9 million likes.
That’s insane. – (Shane) …faces
and voices stolen. – Oh my god. I remember this video.
– I watched when he did comedy skits and music videos and things like that,
and I was so happy when he did this, ’cause those were great,
but this is– it’s very well done. – He changed
the long-form content game on YouTube this year.
– (Shane) …what happens when I was with a few friends…
– Shane Dawson’s like one of those YouTubers
who have always been super relevant. – I’m proud. (laughs)
I’m the proud mother of Shane Dawson now.
– Conspiracy theories has always been a huge genre on YouTube,
so that doesn’t surprise me. But the fact that it’s Shane Dawson
and conspiracy, I feel like that drove it over the edge.
– (FBE) So, at number 10 is Shane Dawson’s
Conspiracy Theories video. This is part one
of his Conspiracy series, in which he discussed
different theories around deepfakes, subliminal messages,
and entertainment, and more. – I’ve seen, I think,
every single one so far, and each one is super
in depth, super good. – I was with him when he was
doing his Shane and Friends videos and all of that,
and seeing him grow like this, I am just so proud of him.
– (man speaking Russian) – International creators
also being spotlighted. Very cool. – So, never seen this. – I don’t know what
he’s talking about, but I’m interested.
– Interesting. I’m trying to figure out what they’re doing.
“Anything You Can Carry, I’ll Pay For.” Okay. (laughs)
– I think someone else made a video like this.
– Oh, they’re trying to fill the chips on the… tray?
– We need more snacks. – 2.1 million likes. Jesus. – I feel like this was
a very big trend in the States maybe a few years ago.
It’s really interesting to see how trends kind of evolve
and they move around the globe. – (FBE) So, in spot number nine is
a video from the Russian YouTube channel, A4,
titled Anything You Can Carry, I’ll Pay For.
– Ah! I was gonna say, is this Russian MrBeast? (chuckles)
– (FBE) But if they drop one item, they lose everything.
– No! Okay, that would be very entertaining to watch.
– Could see how people would watch that,
’cause the anticipation of, like, how much can you carry?
– I don’t usually watch challenge-y trend stuff,
but this is interesting. – (James) One week ago,
I uploaded a video to my YouTube channel…
– Ah, James Charles. – I watched this video.
– (James) …uploaded to her channel titled “Bye, Sister.”
– Okay. – (James) Before I say anything
at all in this video… – I can understand.
Everybody loves drama on YouTube. – (James) …in regards to
my sentiments towards Tati and my apology, I stand behind 100%…
– Oh, this was such a big scandal. Tati came out with a video
talking about James Charles, and then he started losing
all of his followers rapidly. And then, he came out
with a video. And then, he gained
all his followers back. I was like, “Nice save!”
– (Charles) I will not ask for sympathy, and I will definitely
not ask for forgiveness either. But I will ask that you watch
this entire thing all the way through before forming any further opinions
or talking about this story more. – He literally called me out. (laughs)
I said I didn’t watch the whole thing, and he was like, “Please watch
the whole thing.” – I knew there was drama
between the beauty channels. That’s as far as I know.
– (FBE) So, James Charles’s video No More Lies comes in
at number eight. So, what are your thoughts
on how YouTube drama made the top 10 list
for the most liked video this year? – Keyword: Drama.
Everyone loves drama, especially me. (laughs)
– That story in particular for some reason went everywhere,
and everybody was talking about it. And I didn’t understand
what was going on. – It’s like one of those memes,
disappointed but not surprised. (thunder crashing)
– “The Biggest Flipbook Ever. The Return of Grumpy Cloud.”
– Okay, this is cool. – I think flipbooks are like the dopest things ever.
– (girl) Ka… …me…
– Wait, I think I’ve seen this YouTube channel.
– (girl) …ha… – Is this hand-drawn? – (girl) …me…
– That must’ve taken a long time.
This is a lot of pages. – My parents would buy me
these flip books, but this is a different level.
– (girl) …haaa! – I mean, I’m entertained.
(chuckles) I’m in. ♪ (rock music) ♪ – Ah, so cool.
– Sometimes I spell my name wrong on my tests, and someone can
do something like that. It blows my mind.
– (FBE) Coming in at number seven is Andymation’s video
of My Biggest Flipbook Ever, the Return of Grumpy Cloud.
So, according to the creator, this flipbook took him
over 35 days to make, with the book being a total
of 658 pages. – That is crazy.
– That is so impressive, ’cause that would take me a lifetime.
– It just kind of reminds you how much we’ve advanced
in animation. – What is he making?
– Is he making slime? (gasps)
– Is he making a DIY slime? – This is just
an old guy making slime? [Bleep] yeah. – See, I’m not a slime guy,
but I like him. – So precious. – He’s cute! (laughs)
– (chuckles) – (man) Oh, yeah!
– Oh, yeah! – (man speaks in Portuguese)
– That is the most wholesome thing I’ve watched… all day.
– It’s the little things in life, guys.
It’s the little things. That’s so cute!
– (FBE) So, at number six, this is a video by Nelson Izaias,
with the title translating from Portuguese into
“My slime worked. I got it this time. I made my dream come true,
my friends.” – Awww.
– That’s so cute! – AWWW! That’s so cute!
– That’s all I needed to know. That’s beautiful.
– Wholesome content. We love wholesome content.
– (Seth snapping) – “How to recreate
Billie Eilish’s ‘Bad Guy.'” – This has shown up
on my recommended so much. – Oh, I like this guy.
He’s funny. – This guy’s so funny.
He also has the most liked comment. On the actual Billie Eilish
“Bad Guy” music video, he wrote, “I’m the bald guy.”
– I’m excited to see where this goes.
– I’m not– he doesn’t really look like her,
but I’ll let it pass. ♪ (“Bad Guy” melody) ♪
– ♪ (hums along) ♪ – ♪ (taps along) ♪ – I’m really questioning
my existence at this point. – ♪ I’m the bad guy ♪
– I feel like I’ve watched this multiple times, and every time,
I’m very mesmerized. ♪ (“We Are Number One” melody) ♪ – I like when people who have talent
can make really funny videos. – This stuff is so cool to me,
like being able to sample little bits and pieces and making that.
That’s real talent. – (FBE) At number five
is Seth Everman’s video on how to make
Billie Eilish’s song, “Bad Guy.” So, Seth is a Swedish YouTuber
known for his videos where he plays his keyboard
with different sound effects and creating parodies
all while maintaining the deadpan expression
you just saw in that video. – Yeah, that was popular,
because Billie Eilish was very popular this year.
– There’s so many guys that can just make music
out of nothing and just know how to chop it together
to make it sound good and are still insanely talented,
and he must be one of those guys, ’cause I’ve seen them
blowing up everywhere. – (man speaking Portuguese)
– You know, don’t know this one. – A lot of videos
outside the US. – whinderssonnunes?
– Is he saying Sandra Bullock? Oh, he is? Okay.
– (man) Sandra Bullock. – “Sandra Bullock.”
That’s the only thing I get. – What did Sandra Bullock do?
– This was a big trend this year too, Bird Box.
– Is he just talking about Bird Box, I’m guessing?
– What’s happening? – ♪ (man singing) ♪
– I have no idea what’s going on, but I kinda like it.
What the [bleep] happened? What was that?
– This feels very 2007 YouTube, just talk to the camera.
– (FBE) So, in fourth place is the Brazilian creator
whinderssonnunes with his video where he’s talking
about watching Bird Box. – Ohhh! He’s talking about
the movie Bird Box with Sandra Bullock!
– (FBE) So, with having multiple international videos
and creators making this list, what does that say
about YouTube as a platform? – Guys, the internet is not only
local to Arkansas and California and New York. This is a big,
you know, global phenomenon. – We’re not the only ones
watching YouTube. Everyone’s watching YouTube.
It’s kind of affecting the whole world.
It’s like a big movement, a YouTube movement.
– ♪ Somebody once told me ♪ – Oh, I’ve seen this one.
– I’ve seen this. Okay, these are dope.
– Who is this guy? I’ve never seen this video before.
– ♪ Love you so… ♪ – Dang!
– He’s making these voices. These aren’t lip synced.
– Oh, he’s not lip syncing. I thought he was lip syncing.
– ♪ Songs about rainbows ♪ ♪ And what’s on the other side ♪
– I’m just mesmerized. – ♪ Tasmina mina ♪
– (sings along) ♪ Eh eh ♪ ♪ Waka waka, eh eh ♪ ♪ Tsamina mina zangalewa ♪
– Wow. – ♪ This time for Africa ♪
– I like how he’s getting in chara– I didn’t even notice
he had a wig on. – People have some
true talent out there. It’s crazy. I’m glad
he’s still doing good. I feel like he’s been around
for a while now. – (FBE) So, coming to the third spot
is Black Gryph0n’s video titled One Guy, 54 Voices.
– Yeah. I like it. – Not everyone can do that.
It’s very rare. If I tried that,
I could maybe do one other person. And that’s my mom.
– Impressions have always been funny and interesting, but I feel like
a lot of times impressions are not really spot on.
They’ll maybe turn it up a little bit. But this is– I wouldn’t even
say this is turned up. This is pretty spot on. ♪ (romantic orchestral music) ♪ – Oh, Marzia and Felix.
They got married this year. That’s right.
– This is YouTube’s couple. Even though she doesn’t
do YouTube anymore. (chuckles) – Everything about the video
was beautiful. – Stop! I’m gonna cry.
I’m just gonna (choked up) start tearing up.
– Probably one of the best wedding videos ever. – Oh my heart.
It’s so cute. The bubbles. – This seems fake, but it’s not.
It’s so cute. – Boyinaband.
I saw KickThePj there. Ah. Old YouTube, man.
– They’re so cute. They’re my favorite couple.
I’m not usually this “Ahh!” for couples, but for them,
I am. (laughs) – (FBE) All right. So, do you know
which video was the most liked creator video on
the platform for 2019? – I… don’t! (chuckles)
– I’m guessing some type of Jeffree Star, David Dobrik,
Trisha Paytas video. – It’s gotta be MrBeast
saying “Like this video” or something.
– (MrBeast) This egg is the most liked Instagram picture.
– “Make This Video the Most Liked Video On YouTube”!
I knew it! Yeah! – Oh my god! I should’ve guessed that.
– I forgot about this. – (MrBeast) …currently
has the most liked… – MrBeast, bro.
– (MrBeast) And now that we have that out of the way, it’s time
for the Egg Olympics. And go!
The first competition… – (chuckles) Chandler.
– This is important stuff, guys. Important stuff.
We all have to like. – That’s a long time.
18 seconds, not bad. – (MrBeast) Cool, go.
– I would’ve won this. (laughs) – (man) No, I blinked
when I started talking! – (chuckles) I remember this
when everyone just whips eggs at him. – (laughs) – This has 11 million likes
just because he named it “Make this the most liked”?
That’s… okay. – (FBE) So, the most liked
YouTube creator video from this year came from MrBeast.
As you just saw, they took inspiration from the egg photo,
which became the most liked image on Instagram in 2019.
And they tried to make this the second most liked
non-music video on YouTube to help stay behind
PewDiePie’s 2018 Rewind. But they eventually did surpass it,
making this video the most liked non-music video on the platform.
– Wow. – The YouTube community is amazing.
Also, very wacky. I feel like we’re all really wacky.
– MrBeast seems like such a down to earth,
cool human being. The amount he gives– even that.
He’s trying to get the most liked video of all time,
EXCEPT the one before, because he respects PewDiePie
as a creator. – He’s really kind of built
this internet community where people just kinda–
they wanna be a part of something that MrBeast is pushing forward.
– (FBE) So, after seeing this list of the top 10 liked creators
on YouTube from this past year, do you think that this was
a good representation of the YouTube community
and platform in 2019? – Yeah, I thought it was
a pretty solid representation of the YouTube community.
– I think the list was pretty amazing. I loved it. Honestly, it was not
what I was expecting at all. – Honestly no.
None of the videos had anything to do with what happened this year.
Maybe two or three, but that’s about it.
– I feel like a lot of creators that we heard about and who were
trending often were on this list. But of course, YouTube is so massive
that it’s really difficult, I think, to sum everything up
in just 10 videos. – So, this is my last episode
of Teens React. I’ve been doing this
since I was 15. – This is actually my last episode
of Teens React ever, and it’s been an amazing time.
– And I’m really excited to be moving on to College Kids React.
– I hope you guys follow along with me on there.
– Bye, guys. Thank you. – I’ll see you later.
Bye, guys.


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