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Take the Tik Tok High School Trivia Challenge | VS w/ Chase Hudson & Avani Gregg

February 14, 2020

– You liar. – Dude, we’re gonna get clowned
on so hard for saying that. – I’m actually dumb. God dang it. This isn’t fair. Hey, guys, I’m Avani Gregg. – And I’m Chase Hudson. – And you’re watching AwesomenessTV, and we’re about to answer
some high school trivia. – So we’re gonna be getting
asked five questions, and the loser of that round has to spin the wheel of punishment. (Avani laughs) Let’s do it. – All right, let’s get
to the first question. This is round one. (bell rings) – [Man] Where does the
U.S. president live? – The White House? – The White House. – [Man] The correct answer
is the White House, yes. – Why would you put a question mark? – I don’t think that fast, I promise you. – [Man] What type of animal
has the largest ears? And flip. Ding ding ding, both of you got it right. Third question, what is the hardest rock? Show. (Chase laughs) – Igneous. – Dwayne Johnson. (laughs) – What? – How do you know what
the hardest rock is? – [Man] The answer is a diamond. You both got it wrong. (Chase laughs) What two colors make the color purple? What do you got? Ding ding ding, well done. – For a second, I thought I was wrong. I got really scared. I was like, wait, am I actually dumb? – What’d you think it was? – I don’t know. When I wrote blue and
red, it didn’t seem right. – [Man] What sign of the zodiac
is represented by the ram? (Chase groans) – Yeah, mm-hm. I don’t know. – Put a bunch of squiggles
’cause I don’t know. – [Man] Aries. (buzzer buzzes) – Oh.
– But you still got it wrong. – I don’t know anything about the signs. – [Man] What is the capital of the U.S.? Excellent, both of you
get the answer right. – Okay, so the score is now four to three. If I get one more point, I win this round. – [Man] What is the only
U.S. state that starts with the letter P? – I don’t know how to
spell the whole thing. – [Man] You’re both wrong, but you’re both right in a way. Philadelphia is not a state,
it’s a city in Pennsylvania. – What? Did you put Philadelphia too? – I put Philly. I didn’t even know how to spell it. – Oh my god, I’m so sorry. Dude, we’re gonna get clowned
on so hard for saying that. – [Man] What is a baby frog called? – Gosh dang it. – I know what they are. – It’s called that. – It’s like that, right? – [Man] I think that’s
kind of correct, right? That’s kind of half right. You know, I’m gonna give you the point. It’s a tadpole. – What? Oh my god, I’m so stupid. – [Man] But a pollywog is that. – Yeah, I know. I was trying to find the
word for it the whole time. – I’m actually dumb. So, I lost the first round ’cause I’m dumb, but
now, I have to spin this. I don’t want to, but I have to. (wheel clicks) We got washi tape. – Now I get to decorate her all pretty. I gotta pick a cool one. Which one says Avani? Is it this one? Is it this one? – What? Make me look pretty. – There we go. And pretty. I’m gonna make you look cool, trust me. Put tape over your eyes. – [Man] I mean, she’s gonna
have to see for sure still. – (sighs) I wanted to
put X’s over her eyes. That would’ve been cool. I’m gonna put hi to speak for her. You look pretty. Avani, how do you feel? – Amazing, thank you. – Wait, wait, wait, one more. And, beautiful. There you go. – We’re onto round two. God dang it. This isn’t fair. (bell rings) – [Man] Who invented the light bulb? – Oh, mm. I know this. – [Man] Show. (bell rings) – I forgot. Hey, says the one with
the tape on her face. – [Man] What language
has the most words in it? Just guess. Show. That is incorrect. – Is it Spanish? – [Man] It’s English. – I thought Spanish had more words. I’m gonna stop talking. I sound stupid. – [Man] What is four times five? Good. – I have two points, he has one. I’m winning so far. – [Man] What currency
do they use in England? – Oh my god, I forgot. Wait, that’s, no. – [Man] Show camera, show it. Show it, you gotta show it now, show it. Show (speaks in foreign language) bro. – I put kisses in Spanish. It sounded like a curse in my head. – What is it? – [Man] Pounds, well done, correct. – I put kisses in Spanish. (speaks in foreign language) Tell me that doesn’t sound
like a currency somewhere. – [Man] It’s pesos. – Pesos, that’s what I was thinking, and it was still wrong . – [Man] What is nine times six? – Crap. – [Man] Show – Wait, is it right? You know, you do the thing where it’s like– – Tried to count it faster. – Six, and then five and four, and then it’s 54. – [Man] How many years
are there in a millennium? – I don’t freaking know. – [Man] The point goes to him. – What’d you get? I put two. Oh my god, I can talk. The tape’s not stuck to
the bottom lip anymore. I don’t know what that is. – Millennium sounds like two years? – No, I honestly just
doing know what it is. – [Man] What is two times 22? – Yeah, I might as well
spin the wheel now. – Imagine I get it wrong. I literally won though, so
guess what you have to do. – Totally chill. I have to spin the wheel. – Yeah, spin it. – Ice. Okay, so I landed on ice, and now Avani’s gonna pour a bowl of ice down my back.
– The whole thing? Oh my gosh. It’s dripping on me. This isn’t fair. Okay, ready? Chase, you can’t move. – Oh my god.
– Don’t move. – [Chase] Okay, fine. – Here, look, feel the
water, how cold it is. It’s dripping down your back. – All right, three, two. (laughs) (sighs) (Avani grunts) Took it like a champ. Round three. (bell rings) – [Man] Name the largest planet. (Avani squeals) (Avani laughs) Ding ding ding, you both got it right. – So fat. – I know a lot of the planets are big. Like, I wrote Saturn at first. I figured that Jupiter might
make a little bit more sense. She copied me. – [Man] Here we go. How many rings make up the
symbol for the Olympic games? Ding ding ding, Avani. – [Avani] What’d you put? – Aw, I put seven. – Do you know what it looks like? – I wasn’t thinking about it. I just wrote it right away. – [Man] On which continent is Egypt on? – Wait, I don’t get to write. I didn’t get to write it. – Excuse me. – [Man] How many days
are in the month of Jun? (Chase scoffs) – I don’t know. – [Man] Show. Oh, gosh, you’re both wrong. (buzzer buzzes) – What was it? – [Man] 30. – 28? That’s February. – God dang it. – [Man] What is sushi wrapped in? Seaweed is the right answer. – What’d you put? – Rice. – Well, that’s the main
thing that holds it together. – [Man] Here we go, final question, hardest question that we have. What is three times five? – All right. – [Man] Five, four, three, two, one. And it looks as if Avani wins round three. – I won, and I’m better than you. Spin that wheel. (wheel clicks) Get tickled. – I’m not ticklish. – You’re not ticklish? You’re not ticklish. – Stop. – You are ticklish. – Is it going on? – Look at you. – Stop. No, her nails are, like, freaky long. (Avani laughs) – They are, so I can barely poke you. – Is 30 seconds over? I’m tickling back. – No.
– Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two. – Please. – Tickling you back. (chimes ring) – [Man] That’s it. – Dude, the plant fell. – Look at you. – Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you guys enjoyed us
playing High School Trivia. – I won and he lost. Yeah, I mean, this is on my head still, which, I look really dumb. – Hi. – I won – Good job. I don’t honestly think it was rigged. He was counting a little slower, a little faster on some questions, but it’s honestly whatever. No, no, no, it’s whatever. – Be sure to subscribe to AwesomenessTV and our channels as well, and see y’all later.
– Laters.


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  • Reply GlitchyBag February 11, 2020 at 9:22 pm

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