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Surprise Visitors Bring Shopkins™ Family Mini Packs to Toy School

February 13, 2020

– This video is sponsored by Moose (upbeat music) So in today’s lesson inside every Season’s
Eleven Shopkins Minipack is a family member to
find and here are all of the various families that you can collect. We’ve got the “Sweet
Cakes”, the “Berrisons”, the “O’Lollies” and so many more. – I want them all Miah. – And don’t forget that
within these families they’re are five characters
that you can collect that range from moms and
dads, brother or sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents and even adorable baby Shopkins. – Tiny baby Shopkins? – No before you move onto our
Valentine’s Day activities I need to give you a quiz on
our new Shopkins families. – Yes! – Toy school quizzes are the best. – Are your buzzers out? – Check! – Shopkin’s Collector’s Guide? – Check! – Okay then, question 1. Which family can be found
in this Shopkins minipack which resembles a peanut butter jar? (buzzer pings) Yes miah? – The Jelly Nutsons! – Excellent job Miah and
for your correct answer it’s all yours to open. – Yes! I can’t wait to open this. (container lid rattles) – What’d you get Miah?
Who is it? Who is it? – I got Jilly Jelly and lil’ nutty. – No way, you got a babykin? – Lucky find Miah but
continuing on with our quiz Which Shopkins family can
be found in this minipack which resembles a candy jar? (buzzer honks) – The Sweetstens! – Precisely which means this is all yours. (plastic crumples) – I got kid candy and
look, she’s an ultra rare. – Awesome Addy! Now for question
three as each of you know each of these families can be found in two distinct minipacks or
homes as I like to call them. So which other minipack contains members of the Sweetstons family? – Oh! I can find this.
Here are the Sweetstons. So this must be the other minipack. – Did you find it Miah? (Buzzer sounds) – Yes! It’s a Kitty Bag. – It sure is Miah and it’s all yours. – I got two of them I think. It’s Sister Sweetie in Itty Bitty Candy. – And now it has three Sweetstons. – Yeah. We only got two more to collect. – There’s just daddy
sweets and sweet mama. – Okay, last question. This adorable Shopkins has a home inside an ice cream container. What’s her name and to which
family does she belong? – I’ve got this. I’ve got this. In the ice cream part
you find the scoopers and that’s Mama Sunday. (buzzer squeaks) It’s Mama Sunday! – Excellent work which
means she’s all yours. And that concludes our Shopkins
Family lesson and quiz. – Bummer. – We’ll it is Valentine’s Day so it’s time to make some Valentine’s for your family and friends. – Oh, that sounds like fun. – And I’m glad to hear that you
love the new Shopkins family because you’ll be working on
Shopkins themed Valentine’s. – Awesome. – Okay so I have Valentine’s
cards for each of you and you can use these Shopkins
mini packs to attach to them. – Awesome! – Okay, you girls have fun and don’t forget any of your friends. (doorbell rings) – Who’s that? – Well, we might have
some very special visitors who are like family to you and might be stopping by to deliver some special Valentine’s. – No way, this is super exciting. – Yeah, who is it? – Well, I think I may see an envelope on the floor over there so why don’t we go check it out. Come on! (upbeat music) – Does it say who it’s from? – It doesn’t. Well lets see what’s inside. – [Addy] It looks like it’s a Valentine. – What does it say? – I hope that your day is sugary sweet, in the toy hotel kitchen,
it is me that you meet. I whisk, stir and cook. I do like to sing, but today I have a special
gift for you I bring. Who am I? – [Miss Lucy] Who am I? – I only know one person who
likes to sing while they cook. – Yeah, me too. – Well, who is it then? – Aww!! Bonjour! – [All Females] Chef Pierre!! – Happy Valentine’s Day!! – Did you make us cupcakes? – Why of course. My favorite recipe. But I think you’ll like what
I have in here even more. – What is it? Can we seen it? – Oh, but of course! – So cool, more Shopkins families. – Will you stay with us
and open them Chef Pierre? – Well, I do need to whip up some of my famous chocolate chip pancakes with a side of kitty cards of course. – But I suppose that can wait. – Yay! – Come on Chef Pierre!! – Wow! This contains 13
Shopkins plus nine minipacks. – Look at the tub, we get
the entire Donuties Family. – Did somebody say donunts?
My stomach is growling. – Not to eat Chef Pierre. To play with. – Oh!! – Let’s get it open. Here are the Donutties. – The whole family. – Donut Dada, Dana Donut,
Donnie Donut, Dippy Donut – And who’s the baby donut? – That’s Itty Bitty Donut. – Donnie Donut, he’s the cream filled one. – Yes but we collect these,
we don’t eat them Chef Pierre. – Okay – Now let’s see what else we got. – Let’s get a O’lollies. – Here’s another O’lollies. – Look, it’s Daddy Candy. – I got Ollie Lollie and Pop top. – Two in one. Sacre bleu!! – That means we only have to
collect two more O’lollies to have to whole family. – I’m gonna open the Supers. – I’m gonna open the Chocies. – And I want some bread. – That’s a Jellynutsons family. – Ummm. Jelly and nuts? I like them both. – Now we got two scoops Miah. – What did you get Addy? – I got Daddy Chocblock. A
rare from the Chocies family. – [Chef Pierre] And I got a Peanut Papa. – So cool, let’s get some more now. – Yeah (paper crinkles) – Look, it’s Sweet Mama. She’s an ultra rare from
the Sweetstons family. – And look, I got Choc
Chad and Chipper Choc Chip. – Aww! That’s from the Chocies family. – And what did you get Chef Pierre. – I got a PeaBea. – Aww. So cute. – [Miah] Look at all the
families we’ve already collected. – And we only need one more Jellynutson. – Fantastico! – Okay girls, I think
it’s time to get back to making Valentines for your
own friends and family now. – Yeah, you’re probably right Miss Lucy. – Thanks so much for
visiting us Chef Pierre. – And thanks for the Shopkins. – You’re very welcome. Happy
Valentine’s Day everybody. – You too. Bye! – Bye Chef Pierre. – Yes, thank you so much
for coming Chef Pierre! – I bet Avery will really
like these sweet cakes don’t you Miah? – Oh for sure. – What are you giving Sophia. – I don’t know. Do you think she’d want a
Di’ Pasta or Drinky Dinks? – Oh she loves spaghetti and ravioli. I’d give her the Di’pasta. – Yeah good thinking Addy. Alright Sophia’s done. (doorbell rings) – We have another visitor. – Miss Lucy, Who is it? – Well it looks like
another envelopes appeared. Shall we come see who it’s from? – Yes!Yes! (upbeat music) – Let’s see who it’s from. – What does it say? What does it say? – Have a cold or the flu?
I know just what to do. It’s me you’ll come see.
Toy medicine is my degree. I’ll look at your symptoms
and maybe run a quick test, then prescribe you cool
toys, and maybe some rest. – (both children) Who am I? – Oh, I know who it is. – Me too. She’s the best doctor in town. – For sure. – Did somebody call a doctor? – The toy doctor! – Happy Valentine’s day! – It’s so good to see you. Especially when I’m not sick. – Did you bring us some toy medicine? – Well I brought a Valentine’s gift that I think you girls might like. – Can we open it? – Have at it. – It’s another family fun pack. – Will you stay and open
it with us toy doctor? – Absolutely, I’m dying
to get a closer look at some of these Shopkins family to see if they might make
the perfect toy medicine for my toy doctor’s office. – Come on then! – Okay! – Wow. We got the whole Pop
fizzy family in this one. – The whole family?
Let’s get it open then. – Yeah! – [Toy Doctor] Look it’s
Daddy o’ pop and Mommy Fizz. – [Addy] And there’s Soda
Candance and Tin Fizzy. – And don’t forget Sam Soda. – I’m gonna put the whole
family in their carrying case. – Okay. I’ll help you out. Hmm. This might be the
perfect cure for Toyitis. – Maybe so but you have to
leave it here toy doctor. – Oh, I suppose. I guess toy
medicine will have to wait. – Let’s open the rest of the Shopkins now. – This one looks like a toy aid kit. (plastic squeaks) – That’s the Bumps family. We
don’t have any of them yet. – Oh perfect. Whoa, there’s two inside. – That means you got a babykins. – Babykins? Toy medicine for diaper rash? – No toy doctor. These
are just to collect. – It’s Billy Bandage and baby cotton ball. – Cute! Let’s open so more O’lollies Addy. – And I’ll take a Chocies. – [Addy] Look, it’s Molly Lollie. – [Miah] Lets see what I get. I got Lollie Mommy. – Which means we have the
whole O’Lollie family. – [Toy Doctor] No way! And let’s see what Chocies I got. – Who is it? – It looks like I got
Cherry Chocloate. A rare. – [Miah] That means we
only need Chocolate Ma. – Well lets open some more then. – Alright – Rad! – I’m gonna open the Sweetstons. – I’ve got the Jellynutsons. – And I’m doing the Scoppers. I got two. (plastic crinkles) – I got Daddy Sweets and Kid Candy. – That means we got
all the Sweetstons now. – [Toy Doctor] Another family completed. – And I got Mama Jelly. – Which means we have
all the Jellynutsons too! – Wow! So many completed families. This has got to be some
good toy medicine in here. I’m sure of it. – And we almost have the Scoopers done because I found these two. – This is Lil’ Softie and
this is Sister Scoops. – Let’s put it with the
Scoopers family then. – Alright girls. It looks like
you have a ton of families but it’s probably time to get back to your own Valentine’s now. With these, it’s going to
be over before we know it. – Of course. Now listen,
you two stay healthy there’s a really bad case
of the toy flu going around. – We will toy doctor. Don’t you worry. – Alright, thanks girls. Be healthy. – Alright. – Bye toy doctor. Thanks for coming. – (upbeat music) – I can’t believe the toy
doctor and Chef Pierre came to visit us today. – I know, who’d you think will come next? – I have no idea. I guess we’ll have to
just wait and find out. – Okay do you think that Stella will like a Greentops family? – Why wouldn’t she? – Yeah. Good point. – Alright. Another one finished. – Charlotte’s gonna love my Valentine with an O’Lollies on it. I wonder who she’ll get. – Oh for sure she’ll love that. (doorbell rings) – Here we again Addy. – [Both Girls] Doorbell! (upbeat music) – Who do you think our next
visitor is gonna be Addy? – I don’t know but I
can’t wait to find out. – Then lets get out the clue. – I hope your Valentine’s
Day is bright and shiny. I love to clean up
messes, both big and tiny. Although some people call them chores, I love to dust, vacuum and mop the floors. [Both Girls] Who am I? – Who could possibly
love cleaning so much? – Oh there is only one
person I could think of. – Oh yeah! Are you
thinking who I’m thinking? – You whooo!! [Both Girls] Housekeeper Natalie! – Hi girls!! Happy Valentine’s Day. I brought you each a
special little present. – I bet I know what it is. Shopkins! – Well lets go see if you’re right. Come on, over here girls. – Alright, dive in! (paper crumples) – [Both Children] Whoa!! They’re shopper packs. – That’s right and there
is one for each of you. – This comes with eight
minipacks and eight Shopkins. – And look there’s a sneak
peak on who some of them are. Like I can see Papa Ravioli. – And we don’t have any of the Di’Pastas. – And look, you have one there too. Lets get ’em open. Quick, quick, quick. – Don’t need these. Who could this be? I got two melon seeds. – Those are Ellen Melon and
Melon Twin Tots. Both rares. – Twins? – Yeah, now I see who I got
from the Greentops family. – Don’t need this anymore.
Lets see who I got. – These are glittery
Artichoke and Baby Brussuel. – I got glittery Leafy Lulu. – So we only need Arthur
Asparagus and Leslie Lettuce. And we’ll have the whole Greentops family. Isn’t that cool housekeeper Natalie? Housekeeper Natalie? – Housekeeper Natalie? – Don’t mind me I just
tidying up a little bit. You know picking up the trash. Don’t wanna leave some trash behind. – You never take a break,
right housekeeper Natalie? – Well, you know I just
always like things nice and spic and span and clean, clean, clean! – Housekeeper Natalie, I think you’re gonna
like the Mctinkle family. – Oh what’s inside? A toilet scrub brush? A special addition cutie
poop and a Webster Wipes. – Look I got my first
Spiltmilk family member. – Oh, that’s a special
addition daddy dairy. And what family is this? The Washingtons? Mama wash-a-lot? Ingrid
Iron? Lil’ suds landry mat? This is the perfect family for me. – Its Hellen Melon from the melon seeds. – Hmmm. Just a little bit dusty here. – Look it’s Chocolate
Ma from the Chockies. – Oh I just dusted those I think
their families complete now – Yeah, you’re right! – Okay girls, schools out in ten minutes and you still have to
finish your Valentines. – Oh yeah, you’re right Miss Lucy. – Well I better get going then. Hey why don’t I scrub
your toy school toilet before I head out. – I don’t think that’s
necessary but thank you. – Okay well you guys feel free to stop by the toy hotel anytime okay? – Oh we will. Bye – Bye! (upbeat music) – Well I think I finally
finished mine miah. – Me too. – Family and friends are gonna love their new Shopkins family. – Yeah and we made some for
everyone at the toy hotel. – Yeah and we got the toy
doctor and the toy scientist. They’ll love these. – And look at all these we
get to take home our selves. We have so much families in here. – Okay girls school is dismissed. Be sure to take all of your
Shopkins Valentine’s with you so you can distribute them
to friends and family. – [Both Children] Okay, we will Miss Lucy. – Oh and all the Shopkins
that you have left over, those are yours to keep as well. – Awesome, thanks Miss Lucy. – Now we can keep hunting
for all of the families. – Oh no Addy I just thought of something. – What is it? – What forgot to make a
Valentine’s for Miss Lucy and we’re all out of hearts now. – You’re right how could we forget her. – I don’t know. She’s always
here for us every single day. – She’s the best toy
school teacher around. – She’s like family. – Okay tomorrow’s lesson
plan is just about done. – Happy Valentine’s Day Miss Lucy. – Oh well happy Valentines
day to you too girls. – We have a Valentine’s gift for you. – For me? – Yeah, you taught us all
about the Cookieton family and the Juicewells….. – Yeah and all of the
other Shopkin families. – And we wanted to give you
the rest of these Shopkins cause we love being a part
of our toy school family. – Oh my goodness this is
the best Valentines present I’ve ever received. Thank you girls. – Happy Valentine’s Day. – Happy Valentine’s Day to you
girls too. Have a great day. Wow! Which one am I going to open 1st. The Bumps, the Jellynutsons. I don’t know! This video is sponsored by Moose.

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