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STUDENT SNAPSHOT: Master of Arts in University Leadership

January 14, 2020

my name is Joshua choice
I’m enrollment management counselor here at the University and I’m also the
athletics liaison currently we are finishing up our
cycle but I essentially talk to prospective students and their families
about the opportunity of joining LR in the fall or the spring whichever one
they’re interested in joining but I just kind of talk to them
about all the aspects of college whether it be being a student athlete or not I’m
talking about the University things to doing the town and just the overall
LR experience being in the University leadership program was definitely
something that I had a passion to do one because I’m being a leader is something
that I felt I’ve always had being in sports I feel like there’s something
that I was kind of gifted I’m doing whether it be on the field and off the
field but I’ve been in this role that I am now I’m learning how to be an
effective leader a strong leader and one that definitely you know leads instead
of follows but also learns how to work with others is something that I’ve
definitely learned throughout this program I mean it’s also helping me not
only shape being able to talk to families but also being able to work
with different parts of the University and not only just the admissions part
but all the other people involved in enrollment management in student life
and things like that so it’s definitely helped to strengthen my overall demeanor
everything about me is definitely wrapped around being that specific
leader that I definitely hope to be one day and in the eyes of others

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