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Stephanie Moon, Ph.D., University of Michigan, Human Genetics, Center for RNA Biomedicine

February 25, 2020

RNA regulation is important for health. When RNAs are not regulated properly, they cause disease. Studying RNA can really tell us a lot about how disease actually work and what goes wrong in our body to make us sick. There is a whole bunch of neurodegenerative diseases that are a really big problem for our society. We don’t have cures for them or even really good treatments. So what can we target in a cell to cure someone of a neurodegenerative disease? Could that be a therapy made of RNA? or could it be a therapy that targets RNA regulation? The RNA Biomedicine Center casts a very wide net over the entire University. That includes faculty that have expertise in these next generation sequencing technologies so we can measure the degradation rates of all the RNAs in the entire cell and the person who developed one of those methods is actually here. We have people that study RNAs at the single molecule level in living cells. Nils Walter does that in his lab and he is directing a core facility that is all set up just to do that specific technique which is quite rare. One of the great things about the University of Michigan is that we have a medical school that is integrated right into the university and there are already systems set up, like the Center for RNA for Biomedicine, that allow you to collaborate across disciplines to all work together towards one goal.

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