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Shenandoah Reaches Out To China With Its Global Executive Track MBA (GET-MBA) Program

February 15, 2020

[Introduction in Chinese, which will be repeated in English] Hello, I am Dr. Yvonne Chen, and I have the privilege of serving as the associate in a business school at Shenandoah University. Welcome. Thank you
for your interest in the Global Executive MBA. I’m thrilled to have this
opportunity to introduce you to the program, the business school, and our
university. China and the United States are the two largest world economies and
we depend on each other at multiple levels. As the two countries continue to
deepen their business ties, successful executives need to have the perspective
and intimate knowledge of both economies and the ability to turn challenges and
conflicts into opportunities and growth. With this in mind, we launched this GET-MBA program in Shanghai, one of the world’s top business centers, to prepare
professionals to become successful, transformative global leaders. In this
program, we bring together prominent corporate and community leaders from the
East and the West, faculty experts from both American and
Chinese universities, and students executives from various industries. The goal
is to create a high value-added learning experience for our students that aims to
strengthen problem-solving, foster innovative thinking, enhance a global
perspective and broaden their professional network. Shenandoah
University has a long and rich tradition. It was established in 1875 as Shenandoah seminary by Reverend Funkhouser and Professor Price
in Dayton, Virginia. Later, it became a college and then university. In 1960, it
moved to the current location in Winchester, Virginia. Today, the university
operates on six campuses and offers various degree programs from bachelor’s
master’s to doctorates. The university is accredited by the Southern Association
of Colleges and Schools. Top-ranking programs include health and life science
professionals, pharmacogenomics conservatory, and the business school. The Harry F. Byrd, Jr. School of Business,
nicknamed the Byrd School, also has a long history of quality education in
business dating back to 1876. In 1978, the the school began its MBA program. In 1984,
the business school is officially named the Harry F. Byrd, Jr. School of Business to
honor U.S. Senator Harry F. Byrd, Jr., who was also a distinguished professor there. The
Byrd School is one of the only top 5% of in schools in the world to be
accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business or AACSB
International. It is the highest level of accreditation for business schools worldwide.
We are very proud of that accolade. SU is affiliated with the United
Methodist Church, but our programs require no religious courses nor
training. However, we have a firm belief in developing principled business leaders
and you will see several courses focused on ethics of business development and
leadership. As reflected in t he mission statement of the Byrd School, “to develop
successful principled leaders with a global perspective,” the message we
want our students to embrace is: love what you do, maintain your integrity, value diverse
opinions and give back to your community. About Shenandoah: SU is located in
Shenandoah Valley, nearby Shenandoah National Park. It has several campus
locations, one being the Shenandoah River Campus right along the namesake river. The
word Shenandoah is Native American. Legend has it that centuries ago, long
before the European settlement, there was a great lake hidden in the mountains of
Virginia. Native American tribes lived near this river feeding on the fish from
its clean waters. On a clear, starry night, one could see thousands of stars shining
and dancing on the water below. The Native Americans called their beloved lake
clear daughter of the stars, or Shenandoah, in their language.
One day the lake vanished. Its water ran out of the valley and the beautiful Shenandoah River was formed. [Ends video speaking Chinese]

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