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Pursuing a masters degree in architecture

February 14, 2020

[Music] this behind me is like a renovation project I don’t know which building this is yet but a little more just like where I am and what I’m doing I haven’t said anything in a while but today is the first day of graduate school for me and I’m continuing on the architecture path pursuing a masters of architecture and I’m just gonna take this time to keep developing keep growing keep chasing dreams do the best I can of what I can and keep trying to do the best I can do meet more people I’ve met a lot of people in the past two weeks and I’m really enjoying that and hopefully I just meet more people build some connections and relationships and continue to keep going this was all about perseverance process progress yeah I love what John Hill says progress daily that’s what it’s all about all right anyone Oh classes was very simple I only have studio today Monday Wednesday Friday like the old schedule I had but yeah this one was like basically just syllabus talk and then we had a lecture from Hugo I can’t remember his last name is name is Hugo and he introduced this competition in school competition of flying and floating of architecture peace you know with climate change and different natural elements keep natural elements keep occurring it’s a it’s important that we start to think and push innovation forward to where buildings may have to adapt to the conditions or like inventions that can adapt to climate change and keep things in their rightful area or like their rightful purpose like make it adaptable to the environment too so you can go as far as shifting pieces of architecture or light of design that help the building accommodate to change of climate or conditions to simply size keeping water out like buildings need to do right now just keep water out and I have idea what I want to do I just have to make it happen like always make the idea make it happen similar is that the only thing I dressed very business casual today lightly like more more than the business side of business casual very very casual I think that for three reasons one be presentable to stand out a little bit because today amongst about 300 people I was bought a handful to actually presented myself like this presented themselves like this can three I want the Morgan State it’s something called Morgan Mondays where the stem majors would address a very business attire so just you know represent ourselves in the best way we can to start the week and that’s what I’m doing here [Music]


  • Reply Don Giovanni August 23, 2018 at 1:35 am

    Hope the road to success is a great one 🅿️

  • Reply dubs31 August 23, 2018 at 7:11 pm

    Best of luck, Maleick!

  • Reply John Banda June 2, 2019 at 6:25 pm

    Hey maleick, I have a question, what type of architecture are specialising in? and are you doing your masters straight from university?

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