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President Robert C. Robbins’ Message to University of Arizona Students

March 26, 2020

– Good morning, fellow wildcats. I’m Bobby Robbins, the president of the
University of Arizona. I wanted to take just a
few minutes this morning to speak directly to each
and every one of you. Let me begin by thanking all of you for your patience, your kindness, and your understanding
during a very difficult time for each and every one of us. Thank you for working with
our outstanding faculty and staff to finish out
this semester remotely, and making the best of a
very challenging situation. The health and safety of
our university community is our highest priority
and always will be. That’s why we made the difficult decision to ask you not to return to campus and to adapt to new ways of doing almost everything in your life. I know how hard this has been for you, and you have my sincere
admiration and full support. When we left for spring
break on March 6th, which seems like months ago, I never expected that we would come back to our new reality, but I am grateful, amazed,
and heartened to see how you’ve adapted to these
unprecedented challenges. In just a matter of days, you’ve made arrangements to remain at home or found alternative
living accommodations. You’ve continued your course work online and adapted to a new way of learning. You’ve helped your friends and classmates along the way. For our seniors, we are heartbroken that the commencement
that you have longed for cannot happen at this time. I will miss seeing each one of you walk across the stage and snap pictures with your fellow graduates and loved ones. I hope you will come to understand why we simply cannot hold
the ceremony as planned. Please know that many
people are working very hard to find ways to recognize you and in the important
milestone in your life. We will never forget the class of 2020. All of you, along with
our faculty and staff, have risen to meet incredible challenges. You’ve remained committed to your classes, faculty have moved mountains to make sure that you have the opportunity to learn, and staff have literally
been working around the clock to keep the university functioning and our campus supporting
those who need it. Compassion and empathy
will see us through, just as it’s gotten us this far. Thank you for all you’ve done. This is a tremendously
difficult situation for you, your family, the University of Arizona, our nation, and the entire world. But I know that we will
get through it together. If you are able, I
encourage you to find ways to give back, even in small ways, to your community. Please, please stay healthy and safe. I know that it may be hard
for you to see right now, but you will succeed. You will succeed because
you’re determined, because you are resilient, and because you are wildcats. Thank you for all that you’re doing. Stay safe and bear down.

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