PikMyKid – The Comprehensive School Safety & Dismissal System

February 22, 2020

Our dismissal process involved almost all
of our staff. Nurses station, our guidance office, our book
keeper. She had to write the numbers down on two strips
of paper and then dodge the cars. contact the teacher, where is this child going? walkie talkies, bull horns, phone calls, emails, hand written notes, It was not even controlled chaos, but it was
just chaos at times ! Once PikMyKid told me that they could automate
our dismissal process, I was all ears ! We have been using PikMyKid for an entire
school year, the process now takes half as long, A lot the process that people used to do manually
are now handled automatically at the back side of PikMyKid. When they arrive on campus parents will ‘Announce’
that they are there. Our system puts them into a queue they are
dismissed to their car and then the traffic is monitored leaving our campus. We know safety wise where every student is
at the end of day and where they are supposed to be and who picked them up. What used to take 3-5 people to make transportation
changes now requires only one person. The Parents are able to go straight to the
App indicate where their child is to go, and it is done! So it became Very, Very efficient and parents
you know across the board were delighted! One PikMyKid made the dismissals Safer, Faster
and Easier, schools asked for help with more, like sending important messages to parents
, managing campus visitors and even a ‘Panic Button’ that alerts staff and first responders
in case of emergencies . Schools asked for a smarter way to keep students
safe, so we created one! PikMyKid, The Comprehensive School Safety

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