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Overcoming Coronavirus Fears

March 25, 2020

– A pandemic unlike
anything we have ever seen, our world is suddenly
dominated by the coronavirus. Is it possible to overcome
fear of the unknown and even possibly grow
during this difficult season? This is our discussion
today on Healthy Harmony. Welcome to Healthy Harmony, where we help you clarify and discuss health tactics
to harmonize your life. I’m your host and health
coach Jennifer Pickett, and today my guest is Carrie Wilkerson. – Hey everybody. – Carrie is an award winning
author, international speaker and sought after
television and radio guest. Her tough love humor
and real talk approach leaves people refreshed and encouraged and has made her a huge fan favorite as she has
been featured on CNN, NBC, Forbes, MSNBC,
Lifetime, Fox Business, and Entrepreneur Magazine. Carrie has been a business
owner for 21 plus years and loves showing people how
to transform their lives, bodies, relationships, and bank accounts. Whether you hang around
for her tough love, her hysterical and no filters humor, or her biggest Texas Heart, she’ll inspire you and help you make a plan
to be more productive and more profitable without
sacrificing your priorities. Please welcome one of my
favorite speakers and authors, and my friend, Carrie Wilkerson. Carrie, thank you so much for joining us. I’m so excited you’re here. – Thank you Jennifer for having me. I never take the privilege lightly. – It is such a crazy time, I don’t think any of us could have ever anticipated what is happening. So tell me how are you
and your family doing? How are you guys coping during this time? – Well, you know, we’re on self imposed lockdown right now. I have older parents and I have two in my immediate family that have asthma and
respiratory conditions. I have a daughter with fibro, so you know we are at risk in every facet. – Yes
– “Cause we’re a very social family and a very affectionate family. So when you unleash us so we
do hug and kiss and high five and close to our people. So when we started seeing some people that I really respect that I know were very researched on this forecast, what was happening what was about to happen, we erred on the side of caution and we are at home. We may leave every couple of days to go to the store, when I say we I mean typically one of us, but our schools have closed,
before the near future we are doing assignment at home. I’ve worked at home for 21 years, so this is nothing new for me. – Yes
– But my husband is also working from home full time now. But again, we’ve done that before, too, for 12 years he did that. In the middle, we’re just back to it now. So we’re not panicking in that regard. I will say, though, as a
self-employed business owner, the economic impact has been
faster than anybody imagined. – Yes, definitely.
– And the ripples are going to be for months but health wise, my dad has a nasty cough he’s trying to get rid of, he’s 81 but he had it before all this hit so we don’t think it’s this. However, he stayed at home and he’s, you know, true to my dad, he’s on the phone today, talking to his old people is what he calls the people he’s age. – Okay
– His old people, they’re all young than him
– That’s still funny. – They’re all younger than him. – And it’s still funny. – Yeah and he’s talking to them today, finding out if anybody
needs any errands run and finding out who has financial needs, so that he can connect them with the able bodied well people in the church to take care of them. So just true to his fashion, he’s not gonna let this
pandemic slow him down. He is letting it keep him at home though and he is listening to his daughter, when I’m saying let some
other people do that for now. – Yes – So, you know, that’s
where we are right now. We’re not freaking out. We’re not really worried
about us getting sick. We’re really trying to be
leaders and good citizens, lead by example and not being spreaders. – Yes, and I love how y’all
are following the precautions you are following the guidelines. And I always love hearing you
talk about your dad Carrie, you’ve been, you’ve been so forthcoming with
your stories about your dad. And so tell me in one
of my first questions I wanna ask you, you have learned so much from your dad. And I always I’m drawn to that ’cause I’m a daddy’s girl as well. And even in this time of crisis, and he’s older and is stuck at home, but he’s still reaching out
and trying to help everyone. So what would you say is one of the best lessons that you’ve learned from your dad that can really apply right now to this horrendous situation? – I would say, I don’t know
that he would even vocalize this but this is something I’ve
watched him do my entire life and that is, it’s impossible to be worried or stressed or anxiety filled when you are serving other people. – Oh, I love that. – You know– – Okay, say that one more time. – Yeah. – That’s very, very impactful. – He has modeled for me and like I said, he’s not
a motivational speaker. He’s not even a speaker, speaker. He preaches some but it’s not his forte. He wasn’t wired for
that, he does it to serve but he models for us that it’s impossible to be depressed or anxious
or overly worry filled about yourself, when you
are serving other people. My dad has always erred on the side of over serving others and– – Our main thing. – You know, fear and faith
cannot exist in the same space. And so my dad has always chosen to serve unselfishly because
it’s the right thing. And that’s whether you’re a
faith filled person or not, that’s whether you’re a
spiritual person or not, it’s the right thing to do– – It really is.
– Is to care other people. Yeah. – And this is the time to do that. So you mentioned faith over fear. So it is so easy to look at that just that fear of the unknown, the fear of what could
happen to our health, what’s gonna happen to our income, what’s gonna happen to our families, to our neighbors, to
our schools, you know, the fear is pervasive. So how do we overcome that fear and survive during these
really, really tough times? – Well, you know, that’s a great question. And I’m not going to
say don’t be concerned. I mean, we have to be concerned and we have to be cautious
and we need to prepare – We definitely do. – However, there are so many
things out of our control that those of us that do like to control or like to plan or, or like
to think that we dictate, it leaves us in a little
bit of a tailspin. So I would say take control
of something you can control. Now this is advice I got from, ironically a public gym owner, a fitness center owner, she said she sees an influx in memberships of women who are going through divorce and it’s not to lose weight,
look good for the next person, but I’ll tell you why it is in a minute. Women going through divorce, women whose children are hospitalized or have a major illness, or whose husbands do or people going through
extreme financial hardships. And I said, why do you think that is? She said, you know, I’ve always wondered, and I think it’s because that
30 to 60 minutes in the gym is something they have
control over in their life. – It does, I love that statement taking control of what you can control. – Yes so if right now you can control cleaning out your closet, or you can control
sweeping off the back porch and tidying up your backyard, or you can control what
your family is eating over the next few weeks, or what your family is watching, or, you know, what you’re
doing between six and 7 p.m. You’ll go for a walk or, you know, take your family somewhere outside, but away from other people, we have to control what we can control. So, I have been going
live on my Facebook page the last few days, just
encouraging my folks– – Which I have greatly enjoyed by the way. – Thank you.
– You’re calling that the daily dose of vitamin C. So as a health coach, I’m
like, Oh this is good stuff. – Isn’t that fun? And so I’m just giving people you know, one thing a day that they can do and yesterday’s challenge was, or one of the previous challenges was do five videos today that you just text to somebody else, just to face to face, connect with them, let
them hear your voice, let them see your face. – Such a good idea, – Let them know that you care– – And such an amazing idea. With their phones, that
is just so very easy. – Oh my gosh it took me
less than seven minutes. And I had one person who said, you have no idea how I needed
this bright spot today. They have lost their wedding makeup artist and they’ve lost every gig
for the next five months. – Oh my goodness – And yeah, wanting deposits back or needing to reschedule or
you know, those kind of things. And it’s just difficult. So one thing you can take control of, can you take control of the kitchen sink? Or can you take control of you know, listing some things on a selling app? Or what can you take
control of doing that. Doing art projects, do, you know, all those
things that you said, I don’t have time for? – Now we do. – We got a little bit of time. We got a little bit of time so this is the time,
take control of one thing and don’t put the brakes on your business or your side hustle or your ministry or your connection with
your Sunday school Class, just look at doing it in a different way. – Definitely, definitely.
– You cannot put the brakes. This is not a time to stop. I’m calling it kind of a purposeful pause, we can pause in some of
the nonsensical stuff, but we can propel in some of the progressional or purposeful things. So I’m just really advocating number one, take control over something
you can take control of. Number two, don’t stop
taking care of yourself, get up, have a routine,
fuel yourself wisely. Number three, get to a
couple of those things that you haven’t had time for. – Yes, and maybe even
creating just a small list. Not that we can tackle the whole house. But I think sometimes we get overwhelmed and we overwhelm ourselves thinking, oh, I’ve got to
organize the whole house. But I think what you said, what’s that one thing you can tackle so I call this small and
sticky changes Carrie when I’m coaching you know, when making a very short list, okay, I really need to
like kind of clean off the kitchen counters or I need to clean out
that one junk drawer. Or you know what I’m gonna
try a new like healthy recipe. I haven’t been at home enough to cook. And hey, I’m gonna try to
implement some healthy recipes. So I call those small and sticky changes small meaning if they’re so little, it almost seems insignificant, sticky, meaning it’s so little, it’s easy to stick with. – Yeah.
– So what would that look like as we start to layer some of these small and sticky changes, and take this time to possibly even grow? And really use this time and I think that will
give us a sense of purpose and a little bit of confidence of hey, I got one thing done, you know, and so I love how you put that
also that purposeful pause. So how can we protect our mental and emotional health and take those purposeful pauses during this time because that
fear is kind of gnawing at us. And how can we take that pause. – Yeah, I think you
have to be very careful on how you’re fueling yourself. So fuel is kind of how I’ve broken it down for this time period. Fuel standing for
different things, F-U-E-L. And the fuel, that F in fuel stands for feed. What are you feeding yourself? Not only physically, what are you eating? You know, we’re reading all the memes and all the jokes about
people eating their way through the house and the pantry and all the quarantine
snacks are already gone. I would say okay, let’s
put the brakes on that. Let’s feed yourself more intentionally. What affects your energy? What makes you feel
better instead of worse? How are you feeding yourself? What are you feeding yourself mentally? What are you watching? We have not had the news on one time. We have a news filter here my husband he scans the
headlines in the morning and then he’ll pass along
to me what he thinks I need to know. We’re very empathetic household, meaning we feel all the feelings and all the responsibility
and all the dread and so he filters that
a little bit for us. We are not– – I like how y’all are doing that. That’s something I think we need to do ’cause I find the news
and a lot of the articles and stuff online, it
just really affects me– – Yeah – You know it’s overwhelming. So I think that’s a great idea. – Yeah, you have to be aware of that. Also, I’m very aware of
how I’m feeding myself. Like, I’m intentionally
got two books on my list that I want to read
during this isolation time and they are books about, you know, the teenage brain and
books about, you know, purposely, intentionally
reaching out to my children every day for the next 40 days. – Isn’t that interesting 40 days – I love that. And I just, it’s so funny, because I saw you post about that book, and I had just ordered that book. So now I’ve got it in and I’m looking forward
to digging into that. It’ll be, again, this
can be a time of growth. – Yeah. – And I do enjoy reading and we’re gonna have
a little bit more time to read now.
– Yep. – So I think that’s a good strategy of everything you’re taking in, everything you’re feeding
yourself for the F in fuel. So what is the U – Well, and then also in feeding though, how are you feeding yourself spiritually? If you’re a person of faith, are you praying? Are you reading scripture? Are you reading a devotional book? Are you following people online
that are spiritual people? If you’re not a person
of traditional faith, then what affirmations are you saying to yourself? What positive or funny
things are you watching or feeding yourself spiritually. We have to be really careful
how we’re feeding ourselves. The U is for up. Three prongs to this up, get up, stop sleeping all day. – Get up.
– Love it. – Get up and show up. That means get dressed, get your face on whatever that looks like, and look up. So we’re gonna get up have a routine. We’re going to get out of our pajamas, we’re gonna get some kind of clothes on. We’re gonna show up and do a little work and do a little school with our kids and do a little community outreach and then we’re going to look up meaning positive things, spiritual things, silver linings, right? Silver linings, one of the
silver linings is this, my mom and I are back to
talking every single day, we did that when they were on
the mission field in Canada, we talked every single day for at least, you know, a couple minutes, and we just got out of that habit and we got into the habit of texting. And I think she’s a little concerned, and that’s why she’s calling or we’re doing videos or whatever. But you know, there are
silver linings to this, there are silver linings with being trapped with your teenagers, you guys, we don’t have that
much more time with them in that way really scheme of things. So what a beautiful blessing to have family time playing
games, singing songs, I put one of my kids in charge of our family workout every day, and she is a stickler for it and I’m sore today but I’m
really grateful at that time that we’re all laughing and cutting up and hurting together in the living room – I love it, I love that. – So that’s the up you have to do that. Now here’s my rule about getting dressed. Now even if you don’t work at home, even if you’re just at home, my rule about this isolation and typically for working at home because I’ve done it for so long is nothing expandable and nothing elastic. Because we expand to fit
the clothes that we wear so you can get out of your pants– – That’s a good point – Get out of your leggins
and get out of your scrubs, whatever it is wear
something with a waistband wear a waistband that doesn’t stretch, wear something with a
belt tuck something in guys you don’t wanna end
up at the end of isolation 18 pounds heavier or 15 pounds heavier. – Right, right. And when you’re carrying extra weight, it really does decrease your immunity. So I think all of a sudden, everybody may not have previously considered their immune function, but now we’ve got a spotlight on that. And so we’ve got to protect our health. And part of that is, yeah, making sure we
don’t gain a lot of weight during this time and avoiding
some of those comfort foods or not, you know, eating
those all the time. So I love this, from a
health coaching perspective, I’m absolutely loving these guidelines. – Yeah, exactly, and they’re just simple. It’s easy to remember. The other thing is E, right? So the E of fuel would stand for empathy. Empathy is the word of this time period. – Yes. – It may not be a big deal to you that the seniors aren’t gonna graduate or that the seniors aren’t
gonna get to have their prom but it is their entire world right now. And you can be kind and gracious
and sympathetic about it. Just because somebody else
has challenges or grief, and there’s a lot of grief right now, there’s no weddings and
funerals, and baby showers and so many things that are being moved or perceived to be taken away right now. Just because that’s not your grief doesn’t mean it’s invalid. And so I would say, look at your empathy, look at how you can care for others even when you don’t understand. This is especially helpful with your kids. Here’s an example my sophomore just got the lead in Greece, the musical for her May
musical at her high school. It’s a big deal. – oh Wow, – She goes to high school
where Pentatonix graduated. It’s a very–
– Amazing. Competitive program. It’s a big deal that she
got in the musical at all. And it’s a bigger deal if she got the lead as a sophomore. Well guess what the number one thing on her mind is right now, are we gonna get to it? – Exactly–
– Do it. And I said to her the
other day, I hear you. And I’m as concerned as you are and I know that this is your heart and this is a big deal right now. Now, if I had said, oh, they’re probably just
gonna do it next fall. Oh, there’s so much bigger, you know, we’re worried about people’s lives. That’s not helpful. It’s not helpful when you
treat your neighbors that way or your customers that way. Or one in your family that way. It’s time to say, I imagine that that
affects you very deeply, or I can hear that you’re
very disappointed about that. Or when somebody says, Oh
my industry is going to be, you know, very impacted, don’t come back and say, well, you could always do this, this, this or this or prepare differently, it’s not the point. We don’t need you to fix it right now. We need empathy and it matters. – Empathy. – And the kinder we are to others, the more it calms us as well. – It honestly does, it just has such a positive impact on our mental and emotional health. And that has a positive
effect on our physical health. And I love how you said, it
really starts with listening. I mean, you listen to your daughter instead of trying to explain it away or be like, hey, it’s
not that big of a deal. I think empathy really
starts with listening. And we don’t have to have
an answer to everything. I think I’m learning the value of just listening and
people need to be heard. – Yeah. – And so this is a time ’cause you said you’re
talking to your mom every day. I think just us listening
to others is so valuable and not feeling like we have
to have it all figured out or we have to offer this amazing advice. Just offering that empathy after we’ve listened is huge. – Yeah.
– Absolutely huge. – Yeah so that’s the E of fuel. And then L is lists. And you alluded to this earlier, I think some lists help us be intentional. We have made a bucket list for isolation. We’ve all put a few movies we wanna make sure and watch
as a family, a few games– – Well cool. – Yeah, a few games we want to learn or play while we’re in isolation. By the way, I saw this morning that Amazon has a lot of good deals
on board games right now. So I will be investigating that later. – Yeah, we ordered another one yesterday ’cause my son had found one that he and his dad had
been wanting to play. And so we ordered one just yesterday, so I’m excited to get to play that one. – Yeah, exactly. And we love Jackbox
TV, the virtual games– – Oh, yes. – Yeah, we do those a lot. The other thing is a few meals that they wanna make sure we cook. Some of their favorites that we sometimes run
out of time for right? So I have a baker, so some recipes she wants to try. Some things that we wanna do or create or projects we wanna tackle while we’re during this time. Also people we wanna contact like, we’re so behind, we haven’t done thank you notes from our friends giving
or Christmas gifts. So guess what we’re doing this week, we’re doing thank you
notes to get caught up and also reach out to people. So we are making some lists like that. I’ve made a list for my business of some infrastructure things and some process things and some office things I wanna get handled while I have a little pause because let’s be honest, the driving and dropping off
to and from school every day is about three and a half hours of my day. So I just reclaimed three
and a half hours of my day. And I can use that for some other things. So making lists is super helpful. Another way you can utilize list is who are some people
that I can reach out to that might be alone. – That’s a great idea.
– That might be scared. That might be nervous that might be having a huge
economic incident right now. Another list is things
that we’re grateful for. – Yes. – So lists can help you
get through this time and focus on things again,
outside of yourself. – So simple yet so very, very effective. And again, I think it helps us kind of those lists helps us overcome that feeling of overwhelm. Like, I’ve got so much I wanna do and so many great suggestions. But again, it comes back
to very small things and making that list and I love the idea of having
several different lists, whether it’s, hey, here’s
some meals we wanna fix. Here’s some movies we wanna watch. Here’s some board games we wanna play. Here’s some folks we wanna reach out to. And finally, what are we grateful for? And taking that time for gratitude? We do we have this extra time. So we have to utilize it well. So let me ask you speaking of do you feel like we can use
this as a period of growth? I mean, it almost doesn’t make sense but we’ve got this extra time. What do you feel about? How do you feel about us
growing during this time? – I think if we don’t, then we have missed a huge opportunity. I think if we don’t grow during these times of pause and hardship, even then what a wasted
moment we’ve been giving. I mean, Jennifer, let’s be real, if this had happened even 10 years ago, we would not have had video conferencing we would have not had social media, we would not have had texting as much. We would have been more disconnected. If this had happened when
you and I were in high school like our kids are, we would have been really
isolated, isolated, isolated. So we would have had no
choice but to read books or work on skills or knit or quilt or bake or write letters or whatever that is. So I think that now is the
time to finish your book, either reading it or writing it, now is the time to work on a skill. And in addition, because so many companies are responding so generously, by you know, I saw today that the New York Library is offering 300,000 titles on an app. – My goodness. – That you can read for free. So many of these educational companies have just opened the gate to let you learn these new skills and work through these courses free and we’ve got a YouTube anyway, the biggest university
on the planet, right? – That’s a good point. – We can go learn you know, one of the skills I’m working on right now for the past few weeks, ironically, has been
camera and stage makeup. And so my Youtuber guess what, I get to go catch up on
some of her past videos that I have not watched. – Yes – Because I haven’t had time. So what is a skill or a tactic that the little one and
I we were about to enroll for a cake decorating
class to do together, I don’t care about cake
decorating, but she does. And so we were going to do it together. Guess what? – It’s just good quality time, it’s just really quality time. – Exactly, so now though we’re going to be doing that online, instead of going into a shop, we’ll be doing that here at the house and doing that together. Like I told you already, one of my kids is a
fitness and dance person so she’s doing stretching
and choreographing and she’s helping us
with all those things. And it has to be a time to grow because if you’re not
growing, you’re what? You’re dying, right? – That is so true. You have always said that, you’ve always said that. – Always you can not sit and stagnate. You’re either moving forward
or you’re moving backwards. There’s really no in between. So I would say if we don’t
take this opportunity to grow that’s we should grieve that more than even what we’re
missing out right now. – Yeah, I agree, I agree. I think it’s all about
our perspective on this. You know, we can either hold back and live in fear and let it consume us and spend all of our time on
social media just scrolling and consuming all of the
overwhelming information and dwell on that. Or we can say, you know what, I’m gonna implement a little more rhythm and routine into my life. Even though we’re all stuck at home, I’m gonna implement some rhythms
and routine, like you said, get up, show up and then look up. You know, I love that perspective
and implementing the list, I just think it’s also very effective. And it’s what we need to
demonstrate to our families too– – Absolutely.
– And to our neighbors. – And to our, if we’re business owners, this is a time we’re gonna
see who our leaders are. – Oh, yes. – And your leaders are not
necessarily people with titles or people with the promotions or people with the books about leadership. Your leaders are the people
that are a calm voice, that are showing people
how they can keep moving. Even if we’re moving in place, we’re still moving and growing. I would hate to look back
on this time and say, well, that was eight weeks
just wasted of my life. – Yeah. – You know, instead, why not look at it as if we were a patient
with a terminal illness and we had eight weeks left. With eight weeks to really live for out and our only constraint was that we avoid groups of other people. How would we do that? A former student of mine
when I taught high school, she posted on her social media last night that she hosted a virtual happy hour. – Oh how fine – She and girlfriends across the globe, it wasn’t even just US across the globe, that a Zoom Room, they all mix their own cocktails at home and had their own snacks and they were in a Zoom Room and she said we’ve been putting off getting together for
years and years and years and years and it took this for us to finally have that
happy hour and girls night out that we’ve talked about. – Yes, it’s a good idea,
it’s so simple, right? It’s so simple. – And free. – Yes and free. Yeah, definitely I love that. And it’s so important that
we maintain that connection. But you know, that perspective
that you brought up, what if we only had eight weeks? And that was the end of
our time here on earth? What would you do with those eight weeks? And I think that’s such a
powerful, powerful perspective. And looking at that too, how can we reach out to somebody who might be struggling? Like they’re not there yet, they’re still in that
overwhelm fearful stage, how can we encourage them on their journey and looking
at this as a gift of time, and being purposeful with that time? So Carrie, this has
been absolutely amazing. Are there any like closing thoughts that you wanna make sure
these listeners hear just a word of encouragement or what would you say to that? – I would say just
because we’re in isolation or feeling alone, we don’t have to be alone. We need to actively reach
through the airwaves, reach through social media, reach through our phones and meaningfully connect
with other people. I am a huge advocate of video because I think people
need to see us and hear us. I am a huge advocate of
not having an agenda, just saying hey, you are on my mind and I had a minute while
it was sitting here and I thought I wanted to
check in and see how you are. I did that last night by video
with my longest time friend, we’ve been friends since
we were four years old. – Oh wow. – Our dads were military together and when you’re a military brat, you don’t have longtime friends because we all move and back then especially because
there was no technology, out of sight meant you
never saw that person again once they were re-stationed ever. But we ended up in the same state and we have now been
friends for all these years. So I messaged her last night, she’s in Florida now, she
has a boy in the military who’s in Germany, the borders are closed. She has a girl out here by me literally across the street
in an apartment complex. And I just thought I need
to reach out to Michelle and see you know how she’s doing? She said a little surreal
because in Florida, we don’t have anything happening like what you guys have been happening. Nothing, it’s closed down, nothing, you know, there evidently. Now, this may change by the time people listen to this episode but she said it’s really surreal, we haven’t changed anything. She said, however, it’s an odd feeling knowing
my son’s in a country and I can’t get to him. If he goes, or if he needed me I could not fly to him. And it’s an odd feeling, knowing that my daughter is in a town where they’re closing down her work and the bars and the restaurants
and all those things. And I would have to probably fly against travel orders or
drive two days to get to her. Which of course I assured her if she could camp up right
over here to this house or I could pop right over there to her’s I would absolutely do that. But it was really interesting to see, I had not considered having
a kid you couldn’t get to. – Right I mean, that’s
tough on a mama’s heart. – Oh yeah and she’s
not a fear based person just like I’m not. And she said, it’s just really bizarre because I look around here
and nothing has changed. But yet his country’s closed down because of all the cases. And I have to face the
fact that if he got sick, I couldn’t be with him. – My goodness. So I think we reach out to learn the other side of the story. I think we reach out to stay connected and love on our people. And I think we reach out
to maintain our own sanity and not think too much about what was me or my problems are the biggest or you know, all those things. I think also we can’t focus
too much on this too will pass because people are hurting. People are hurting and
people are suffering and other people are ridden with anxiety and they need us. So I think it’s got to be
a balance of reaching out and calming people but
not being dismissive. – I agree I agree. And I think just our conversation today, I know that our listeners will
find this very encouraging, but also very empowering, just the simple things
that you’ve laid out of what we can do to make
best use of this time. And I love how empathetic you are. I know that comes natural to you but it is such a good
reminder to all of us that, hey, we’re in this together, and we will get through this. And yes, there’s gonna be a lot of pain and a lot of fear and a lot of anxiety, and just a lot of anxiety. But we will get through this and we will do that together. And certainly with the grace of God. So Carrie, thank you so
much for joining me today. I just think this is
gonna be very impactful. I wanna make sure that our listeners know where they can connect with you ’cause then they’re gonna wanna hear more. – Yeah, so I’m really active at or or Carrie Wilkerson on Instagram. You can find me in any of those places and they lead you back
to where I’m hanging out. So I would love to see you guys there. – I love it. Guys, please remember to subscribe to us on your favorite platform of choice whether it’s Facebook or Instagram at Inspire Healthy Harmony. And you can also join in the discussion on the Facebook page. As always, you can check us out at So until we meet again, have a happy and healthy day. We’ll see you soon.

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