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October 22, 2019 Board Meeting

October 25, 2019

Good evening. I would like to call to
order the October 21st Lake Washington School Board meeting. Please let the
record reflect that all board members are present and I would now like to
entertain a motion to approve the October 21st agenda. So moved. Approval has been moved by director Carlson and seconded by director Stuart. To approve
the agenda all those in favor please signify by voting aye. Anyone opposed?
Hearing none, motion carries so with that we will now move on to public comment. So we do provide an opportunity to all our board meetings for public comment and
this is a time reserved during our meeting for the board to hear from the
public so please note this is not a
question-and-answer session with the board the board and superintendent will
not be able to respond to community members during public comment as our
goal is to listen and to learn from you you are provided up to three minutes to
speak and into in shorter that we hear from a variety of people individuals
cannot share or donate their time to others we do have several people signed
up this evening so we will be holding that three minutes pretty tight when
your name is called please approach the podium speak into the microphone give
your full name and school attendance area please and we do have a stoplight
system right over here it’ll show a yellow light when you have one minute
and red will signify that your three minutes are over and please just wrap up
at that point in time if you don’t I will have to interrupt and ask you to
wrap up it is important for all community members to feel welcome and
safe during our board’s business meeting and the board does not take public
comments on issues related to personnel or individually named staff at board
meetings audience members are expected to attendees with respect and civility
so the purse first person we have signed up this evening to speak is Lindsey
Gordon there we go so if you could please come forward and
say your name and attendance area thank you very much I’m Lindsey Gordon and my
children go to school in South Kirkland and Ben Franklin
and Rose Hill North Star and Emerson high school and late Washington High
School throughout the years I have two children so I’m you know I don’t I don’t
know what kind of experience my children would have had without you know the
people in the office you know we have been through some early life changing
circumstances in first grade my son was diagnosed with brain cancer and I went
to school and picked him up from school and took him to the emergency room like
his school was very much a part of that story you know that she would go to the
office when he had headaches when he couldn’t you know when he was sleeping
and he was so cared for and you know I really don’t know where I mean what if
they weren’t there you know that would be a really a hardship for my children
and I’m just really grateful that there were other people in the school um that
you know cared for my children even when a teacher or the principal or you know
someone on the playground wasn’t available you know they could always
come into the office and um and get what they needed and they were very um
forward-thinking too you know I’ve never come to this
district office this is my first time here I’ve met my children my son
especially has had 504 plans and I ep’s and I mean he is extra you know having
brain cancer and trying to be educated and go through life you know at seven he
was diagnosed in first grade and he’s 14 now at Emerson high school and I don’t
know and I’ve had someone recently called me and say what was your
experience when you went to the district to get me send edited uh I was like you
know I’ve never had to do that I’ve never had to go to the district for
anything because at all of my schools my children the staff the
principles the teachers they they knew what we needed and they you know to you
know they were very forthcoming with all the services that were available to us
and and sometimes when people forget you know it was so helpful for you know I
don’t know if I can say their names you know Lori or Harriet or mrs. Kuhn you
know that would remind people that you know things were different for Mason and
um and I’m just really grateful for the
opportunity thank you thank you the next individual I’d like to ask to
come speak is geo – Bawa good evening my name is Jody bhava and I
work for the East Lake community I’m here today to speak for an El Lake
Washington ESP colleague who is unable to speak tonight she has a master’s
degree and has been working for the Lake Washington School District for four
years she is a mother of three young children and has been living in
Sammamish and her family relies on her salary along with her husband’s to make
ends meet mode members childcare costs can range from fourteen hundred dollars
to two thousand dollars a month per child I’m sure you’re aware that
Sammamish has been it is the highest has the highest mean income in the nation
imagine trying to find affordable housing in Sammamish on Lake Washington
ESP wages my colleague is an essential figure in the smooth functioning of our
school is our district serious about retaining valuable employees like her we
must do better fair contract now thank you thank you our next person is Doug
Peterson I’m gonna bore you all with the
PowerPoint not just kidding my name is my name is Doug Peterson I have three
adult children who all attended K through 12 one’s a service writer in the
automotive industry one got a doctorate and the excuse me a degree in finance
with an economics minor and runs a global sales force for an automation
company the other has a doctorate in physical therapy I have two
granddaughters here at Kirkland I have coached three soccer teams at a baseball
team volunteered at all three schools started and run to nonprofits supporting
the University of Washington I’m a real believer in the school system I’m
currently volunteering my time at the lake West in the school district Career
and Technical Education program Advisory Committee professionally my firm has
provided executive mentoring services for the past 20 years of the private
sector I’m here to better understand what values the districts are have and
what you want the community to think the McCleary Court clearly states that all
education staff including office staff will receive us were to receive a
substantial raise that means a teacher making seventy thousand dollars would
get an increase of twelve percent or eighty four hundred dollars this year a
staff office staff making 40,000 40,000 would not get an increase they did get
in a fight percent increase it would only be two thousand dollars people
don’t work in business without an agreement and compensation yet this
group of dedicated professionals keeps on working the vast majority of this
workforce is women does this sound equitable that does this the message you
want to send what do you want the community to think about how you treat
office professionals there is no equity in pay so the next person we have signed up as
Matthew Winkler good evening my name is Matt Winkler I’m a classroom teacher and
lwe a building representative at Juanita high school where I teach physics in the
universe and the ninth grade have it elective I’m also a product of Lake
Washington School District having graduated from Ben Franklin Elementary
Kamiya Kin middle school it was a junior high at the time and wanita high school
I’m speaking here tonight in favor of the Lake Washington educational support
professionals and their pursuit of a contract that recognizes their critical
importance to the work that Lake Washington does every day in elevating
the educational experience of its students lwe SP members are some of the
first Lake Washington staff that my students see each day they are the ones
with the institutional knowledge and dedication to our school that have
carried Juanita through our transition to a new administrative team and into
our almost complete new building in my third year of teaching now lwe SP
members are still the ones I go to with questions about district procedures
school policies and navigating the institutional complexities of being a
teacher a coach and a club advisor I and every other teacher in our building know
that we would be lost and our school would cease to function without the
continued efforts of our educational support professionals following lwe A’s
recent contract renegotiation I was proud to say that Lake Washington was
one of the first districts in the state to honor its certificated staff with
contracts that moved closer to recognizing the true value of educators
I was even more proud when our new contract served as a wake-up call to the
neighboring districts driving statewide action on the issues of fair
compensation for educators in that light how can I view it as anything but an
embarrassment that Lake Washington has been unwilling to extend the same
recognition to the educational support staff who make my job possible today
marks 51 days without a contract and still the members of lwe SP work towards
the betterment of our students while the district ball
at honoring their request for compensation that is commiserate with
support professionals in neighboring districts I’m proud to be an educator
I’m proud to be a union member and I hope that soon I can again say that I am
proud to work for a district that recognizes and values the contributions
of all of its staff thank you okay the next person we have signed up
is melody Keefer good evening my name is melody Keefer but I think you all know
that because I’ve been up here before it’s distressing to know that I have to
be up here again I work at Wilder Elementary in the Redmond attendance
area as the office manager I’ve worked in the district since 1996 I served on
the LW VSP bargaining team in 2009 that unfortunately was an incredibly
difficult bargain at the time I believe that no bargain would be more difficult
or make me feel less appreciated than I did in 2009 I was wrong
this one is worse as you can see from the attendance here tonight it’s not
just us whining that we want more money it’s the teachers it’s the classified
staff it’s the community it’s everyone saying it’s time to get this done in
fact here are some things that are signed by SEIU members quite a few here
that are talking about supporting us in our bargaining some facts to consider
fact the state did designate McCleary funds to this and other school districts
to address compensation for all staff not just teachers and including office
professionals fact the state Supreme Court when ordering the state to fund
school employee compensations stated nothing is more basic than adequate
compensation fact our district was a member of the news coalition that
supported the McCleary lawsuit to the end the district wanted the money they
needed the money and now they have the money fact this district is sitting on a
huge amount of money millions more than it would take to provide a fair contract
to all LW esp members back if I were to work in the neighboring
district in North Shore same experience same job I would be earning 32 percent
more than I do today 32 percent I will tell you I have been watching their
boards it is time for this board to direct the Business Services office to
designate funds to provide a fair contract for lwe SP members it is time
for the Business Services office to budget funds for this contract and to
direct the bargaining team to offer this to the lwe SP it is time for the
bargaining team to quit stalling and bargain in good faith it is time it is
time so the next person we have is Jodi sites hi my name is Jodi sites I have lived in
the East Lake learning community for over 25 years and I’ve worked in the
Lake Washington learning community for the past 16 it’s difficult for me to be
here tonight because I come from a family of educators my dad started out
as a teacher became a school administrator and retired as a district
business manager my brother and sister are both teachers my younger daughter is
a teacher at KU Mike and middle school choosing to come back to teach and serve
in the district where she received a large part of her formal education
needless to say I’m very proud of her because of my family history it is
uncomfortable for me to be at odds with the school district where I live and I’m
disappointed that I’m put in this position ever since I began voting at
age 18 I have never voted against a school bond or levy
even when I became a homeowner and knowing that it would affect my property
taxes why have I always voted yes because I believe the kids in my
community should get a quality education and I know that a good education costs
money money is needed to hire and retain top quality personnel at my school and
even here in this building I am constantly being told that every
decision we made is according to what’s best for kids what’s best for kids is to
have the very best people caring for and educating the kids that parents send to
us each day unfortunately we are losing top-notch lwe SP members at an alarming
rate who can blame them when they can go to
one district over in almost any direction and receive higher pay better
benefits and respect and appreciation as school board members you were elected by
many lwe SP members we voted for you because we trusted that you would make
sure the district makes the best decisions for our students I’m asking
yet that you do that by supporting us as we bargain our new contract
the district is refusing to offer a fair and competitive wage is not what’s best
for kids your bargaining team has struggled to explain their methodology
and rationale for determining a competitive wage I respectively point
out that their data is not an objective or reliable source I’m sure
each of you would agree that we don’t want wages to be based off anonymous
unverifiable post similar to Yelp post posts last Wednesday we had an anonymous
violent threat to Marche school almost 400 kids stayed home from school I’m
glad they did what they needed to to feel safe what did the office staff and
other LW s staff do every one of us came to work even though two of those people
sitting right inside the front door of our school that’s dedication and the
type of behavior that should be rewarded and valued we deserve a fair and
equitable pay raise you our school board set the parameters for the bargain I’m
asking you to advocate on our behalf to the district personnel that you oversee
and who represent each one of you at the bargaining table
thank you so the next person is kathleen brace my
name is kathleen brace i’m the attendance secretary at redmond high
school a week ago tonight just around this time one of our tenth grade
football players took his life when I heard that LW ESP was going to rally
tonight I thought her issues were incidental to
what had just happened but they are not we are the frontline we are the ones
that parents call crying asking what happened asking how can they make sure
this does not happen to their child asking how do they get through this we
take care of their students a hundred and eighty days throughout the year and
they depend on us knowing what to do and how to help the LW esv board sends us
updates after each bargaining meeting does the board really think so little of
us that they will not negotiate and respect us are we not worth the pay
raise well we have to take a pay cut what do i do at this restoration and
feeling of being powerless I felt the need to speak to you tonight I’d like to
tell the school board what it was like last week for us I hope it’ll give you
some insight into what it was like for the secretaries and office staff at
Redmond High School at 5:15 Tuesday morning I received a text telling me
that one of our students had taken his life all of a sudden what was going to
be a regular Tuesday changed for all 2,000 students all our staff and I was
later to find out the staff and students of Redmond Millis middle school and
Rockwell elementary if not others getting to the school the mood was
somber my first period ta-ta was on the football team and after making sure I
knew he was okay he went off to the Career Center to meet with the football
team and the coaches I later learn that the team and coaches were sobbing in
grief as the secretaries and others tried to
comfort them I had parents crying on the phone or in person and needing to speak
to their child in order to make sure they were okay I had parents coming to
pick up their students so they could be together I had students in tears wanting
to go home I told them to drive carefully after talking to the parents
because I was concerned for their safety I thought I was doing okay until I
received an email from a parent excusing her child and mentioning she was the
teacher of the second grade sibling of this child of this boy and that there
was also a fifth grade sibling so not only was our school dealing with this
other schools and staff were secretaries from the Redmond middle school Lake
Washington High School and Timberline middle school reached out to us to
comfort us because they knew what we were going through that was just Tuesday
then on Wednesday it took me five and a half hours to read and listen to all my
messages it was PSAT testing day and either the
students were just unable to test or they just had to stay home to grieve
listening and reading one message after another was overwhelming I was so
relieved I didn’t have to work on Friday I desperately needed a break my husband
said you look like you’re holding up okay I said if I really thought about
what I could encounter on any given day when I went to work I couldn’t go all of
us secretaries office managers office staff do our job for the students the
teachers and for each other but it is extremely difficult right now I have
been told from others who have experienced this kind of death of a
student that it doesn’t get better for a very long time if ever thank you thank you okay the next individual we
have signed up as Tamara hill good evening and thank you
I’m from the Lake Washington learning feeder schools Ben Franklin Rosalee
quashing ttan as well as recently having severed my employment with Lake
Washington School District I’ve come before you in the past and read
statements from others tonight I wanted to come before you and thank you the
school board and the district administration specifically the business
administration office for clearly delivering the message of disrespect to
your office professionals it was the continued reports back from
the union representatives that virtually little to no progress had been made in
negotiations even after the district asked for mediation this is what
prompted me to look elsewhere for employment I found an awesome
opportunity and I’m grateful for the push I needed to take this step thank
you even though I have left the employment of the district I am still a
community member in the Lake Washington School District and am very sickened by
the lack of respect given to Lake Washington lwe SP can you tell me a time
when the office of professionals contract was negotiated in a timely
manner I doubt it I tried to find a time I know it’s not been in the last ten
years your office professionals are just that professionals they keep showing up
to work and do a darn good job for the schools they support please start
showing them the respect they deserve and work with the bargaining team to
create a fair and equitable contract remember a few meetings ago I read you
the definition of equity the quality of being fair and impartial equity I’m
waiting for the district to prefer excuse me I’m waiting for the district
to prove their commitment to equity by giving the office support professionals
a fair contract and fYI a two percent increase on twenty two fifty an hour
which is forty-five cents an hour is really not showing respect is that all
the executive staff received in with the McCleary funds became available no it’s
not so where is the equity thank you for your time this evening and again thank
you for the push I needed to go out and find a place that was more willing to
give me the opportunity to live in this area equity fairness impartiality
decency and equity the next individual we have signed up is
Caroline Roush good evening my name is Caroline Roush and I’m the parent of two
students at Smith elementary over the past six years we have had many amazing
experiences with the Smith office staff it brings me to tears just thinking
about how much I appreciate these people and how they keep my kids and all the
students and staff safe and organized my oldest son is in fifth grade and has
type 1 diabetes he was diagnosed five days before kindergarten the office
staff walked us through and supported us in this difficult time by helping us
navigate what we needed to do to have him safe and at school on the very first
day type 1 diabetes is a life-threatening condition if not
managed even though he is on he has insulin there are many variables that
can cause his blood sugar to rise such as excitement stress a failed pump site
etc or drop such as exercise mixes counting carbs etc at ages 5 through 9
my son could not make complex dosing decisions on his own the office staff
has been amazing when communicating with me about his daily activities and
numbers we have been partners together and my son would not be in a safe
environment without their help and support because the district nurse
nurses share schools and are not on-site all day we ask for volunteers to go
through training at Seattle Children’s this training teaches volunteers how to
mix and inject life-saving glucagon in my son if he were to become unresponsive
due to low blood sugar without immediate action my son could suffer permanent
brain damage or even death there is not even enough time to wait for the EMT to
arrive the glucagon must be administered immediately the training also teaches
how to monitor and dos for lunches snacks and high and low blood sugars
basically it allows my son to safely attend school in the least restrictive
environment possible so that he can learn and thrive just like any
other child two amazing women have undergone this training and taken on
this responsibility on their own time because they cared Jen Wagoner and Karen
Cox these ladies know his care plan and schedule like the back of their hands I
know that if I cannot be reached they would know how to care for my son and
keep him safe I cannot underline the peace of mind
this gives me knowing that they are there for him it really gives me it it
really takes a village through their support he is now transitioning to care
for himself and how to manage it more independently for middle school but
because of them he’ll be ready for the he’ll be ready by next fall
due to my son’s health care needs I have spent countless hours in office and
witnessed with these amazing people do every single minute of every single day
they screen people at the door is to ensure that no one enters that shouldn’t
be on campus they cheer for children when they turn in praise notes for
positive things they have done they point you in the right direction either
to a classroom or to a person that can help answer your question they care
about each person that walks through that door they are the welcoming faces
of the school I cannot say enough positive things of all of them Kelly
Eaton Gary will send Karen Cox Jen Wagoner without them our school would
not be nearly as safe organized or cared for they are the hub and I appreciate
them more than words can say please show them your stuff that you support them
and appreciate them too thank you the next person is Healy
Landis okay welcome hi I didn’t know I was gonna speak it’s okay no it’s okay I
have a little speech so ago I’ll be very quick hello my name is Seeley Landis I’m
the office manager at Emerson k12 in the lake Washington’s theatre pattern last
year our superintendent asked me in my LW ESP colleagues to be radically
welcoming and provide uncommon service this left a strong impression with me
I took it to heart and I feel that we try to honor this in our work every day
my school feels like family to me but here we are working without a contract
and have to fight for our McCleary increase this shows me that the school
district does not value or respect my radically welcoming an uncommon service
I have 13 years of volunteering and 17 years of working with the Lake
Washington School District I am ready for my McCleary pay increase I’m living
at the poverty level for the Seattle area I have a simple a basement
apartment in my house that I could not afford to rent on what the school
district pays me a new study says earning $100,000 a year isn’t enough for
basic expenses in Seattle and Bellevue I make half of that every year our school
district grows every year we upgrade and learn new systems every day olw ESP
members work to keep students healthy and safe we monitor who is allowed to
walk in darkness schools we report attendance maintain budgets do payroll
and support our teachers and administrators every day we are their
first students helping them overcome their challenges that they’re facing
helping support their successes that is what we do that is who we are we know
the money is supposed to pay for all facets
of education including professional pay for all we know the district has
received millions more and McCleary money it is past time for the Lake
Washington School District to value us and the work we do it is time to extend
the McCleary pay increase to all of the Lake Washington office professionals and the next person is Kerry Miller hello I’m Kerry Miller and I’m part of
the East Lake learning community specifically Blackwell Elementary as a
parent LW SD volunteer and pts a board member I can tell you firsthand how
valuable our office staff and secretaries are they are the key to our
children’s first school experience from being greeted in the office to
monitoring the new school security system to being constantly disrupted by
both parents and students and yet still able to help answer all and every
question they are asked I can honestly say that our secretary staff has a hand
in all aspects of our school and go above and beyond their job titles every
single day they are currently being undervalued by the school district our
office staff are truly the bones of our school and without them our elementary
school would fall apart I implore you to ensure that Lake Washington School
District secretaries and office staff have a fair contract so ours can fully
focus on their critical work being the faces the heart and the keys to our
schools thank you thank you and so the last person I do
have signed up as Susan Wilkins hi I’m Susan Wilkins and I’m a parent and a
community member who’s very interested in this topic I want to talk to you
about the board policy and the Lake Washington educational service providers
contract you’ve invited all of us to make public comments to the board but
the board has a corporate structure in the same way that a corporation would
have a board of directors and a CEO you are the board and superintendent Stephen
is the CEO any comments we make to you are meaningless unless you pass a
resolution directing the superintendent to take action on this one of you needs
to make a motion another one needs to second it and then you talk about it and
vote on it so I’m asking you to pass a resolution that directs the
superintendent to intervene in the contract negotiations we’ve heard from
many people who tell you that there isn’t enough they’re not making as much
money as North Shore or Seattle School District that they can’t live on what
worked what you are giving to them so I’m asking you to act in your corporate
structure to pass a resolution to intervene in this matter and provide
compensation to the Lake Washington educational service providers that is
comparable that is fair that allows for retention of employees so we don’t see
the turnover and to provide a livable wage for all of them thank you so that will wrap up our public comment
for this evening thank you very much for taking the time and coming out you are
welcome to stay for the rest of our meeting you can feel free to get up and
leave at this point in time it is completely your choice we will be
continuing on I would like to let people know that currently we are having a
challenge with the video it is being recorded and it will get posted online
but our provider is a not it is not live but it is being recorded it is on TV ok so the next item on our agenda as we go another item on our agenda would be the
consent agenda so I’d be looking for a motion to approve move approval second
then moved by director Carlson and seconded by director little Liberty to
approve the consent agenda dr. Steven would you pull the board director sage
yes director Lee Liberty yes director
Stewart yes president blazer yes director
Carlson yes so dr. Steve um could you please summarize the donations I will
this month we have donations in the amount of ninety thousand seven hundred
seventy six dollars and 79 cents from our PTSA and from private sources in the
amount of twenty thousand five hundred sixty three dollars and 83 cents for a
grand total of 111 thousand three hundred forty dollars and sixty two
cents all right thank you and thank you for the generosity of our community and
coming forward with that so the next item is it is now October so we do have
the enrollment to update and what just happening so dr. Steve um if you could go ahead and
yes introduce I’m gonna ask Barbara posthumous our associate superintendent
for business and support services to come forward but this is always kind of
an exciting time in the life of a school district particularly when your
enrollment is going up it’s not quite as exciting when an enrollment is going
down but we know that our district has been a fast-growing district and so we
take that official count early and Ock and so Barbara is going to give us an
update on the official enrollment of our district good evening everyone all right I am
going to present just some quick slides on our enrollment update now that we’ve
had our October 1 count we’re gonna talk just give you some statistics some
demographics and then talk about some forecasting updates so first we’ll go
over our statistics are proud to announce that our October first count is
31 thousand 106 students this year there’s some wonderful pictures of happy
students happy families arriving to school this year so this slide shows our
five-year change in our October first head count and so we grew if you focus
on the last column so again that count in bold of 31,000 106 we grew by 1100
students this year or about 3.7 percent you can see that back in 1516 and 1617
we were over 4 percent growth for two years in a row then our enrollment
numbers kind of slowed down a little bit if you can call over 5 you know 4 to 500
slow but compared to the prior two years so and then we are back in the 3.7
percent range and this just showed you can also see below or in the middle the
skill center row shows our growth in our Wanek skill center and again that’s
we’re also required to count students that that are served through our
consortium even though they are either at Wanek or taking skill center programs
on their school campuses so the this slide shows our budget versus our actual
can’t head count so for the this school year the 1920 school year we budgeted
approximately thirty thousand five hundred students and our actual count
was about five hundred and sixty three students higher than that
a sigma reason for that change was our kindergarten registrations this year
were significantly lower we start registering students in February and
they were significantly lower than in previous years so that informed our
projections for kindergarten and we really didn’t see an uptick in those
kindergarten counts until over the summer so I think we’ve had all-day
kindergarten enrollment since the 2000 or fully paid fully funded all-day
kindergarten since the 2016 school year so I think there’s less incentive for
parent families to register early we’ve been making sure to get the word out
though that they do that but we’re gonna probably start seeing a decline in early
registration so that’s one reason for the change we also did see a larger
increase from our kindergarten to first grade so more first graders enrolled
this year then we normally seen that growth so that’s kind of the primary
reason for that difference so this is a chart just showing the growth in our
Running Start enrollment so we over time we see a drop from in 11th grade as
students enroll in Running Start and so it’s a forty forty-one percent over the
last two year increase in our enrollment and running start so this is our slide
that you’ve seen many times our ski slope where we’ve been we’re flat for
the first you know 1999 through 2008 and then we started our very rapid
enrollment growth and one of the other statistics is we were five years ago
where there’s six largest school district in the state and we are now
with our 31,000 student enrollment we are now the second largest district in
the state only below Seattle so that’s a significant change for any district to
grow that fast and so Seattle like Washington then Spokane then
Homer the kind of the top four districts so you can just see that rapid change we
went from six to fourth and one year then to third the next year then we
stayed at third for two years and our second so this is another chart you’re
familiar with we use this with our community during our levy last year and
so this just compares we’re the fastest-growing school district in the
Puget Sound area this is our percentage growth over 11 years so we’ve grown 31
percent over 11 years our bar is the thick solid blue bar and only Issaquah
really our neighbor Issaquah is behind us at 27% but you can see our other
neighbors such as Bellevue Seattle a North Shore are down in the 18 to 19
percent range and then Spokane the third largest district and now you can see is
that darker blue line and they’ve been relatively fat flat for the past of four
years so so just we’ve had 11 straight years of enrollment increases we’re
growing an average of about 667 students per year which is the size of a large
elementary school so this is the chart showing the six largest school districts
again Seattle number one and like Washington I did I don’t think we’ll be
number one next year so I just I think we were pretty sure of that but we’re
not going to exceed Seattle and next year but so and then Spokane Tacoma and
Kent and Evergreen right behind us so then the next few slides are just
showing some demographics this is our ethnicity and race and just comparing
where we were in 2014 to 2019 so you can see that we are now the minority
majority is the white-white at 47% where it was at 59%
and our largest growth in the Asian population moving from 21% of 32% our
Hispanic is relatively stable at ten point four and ten point three and then
our and the others the Native Hawaiian two more races in American Indian again
are relatively stable in an increase in our black African American from one
point six percent to two percent and these are preliminary the 2019 numbers
we have our we will have our official ethnic counts later in December so this
table shows our English language program enrollment changes and so we’ve grown in
the last five years by about 1,100 students and as a percentage of our
total enrollment it’s grown from 7% to over 10% now and this shows our special
education program enrollment so we have our the first column is our birth to two
we serve all ages from birth to age 21 so our birth to two and then our
preschool enrollment and our kindergarten through 21 so for our total
enrollment this year of thirty-five forty-five and our special education
program and you can also see that our special education enrollment is
declining as a percentage of our overall enrollment so from 11% five years ago to
nine point seven percent so this is our free and this is similar with our free
and reduced it is also declining as a percentage of total enrollment it’s gone
from thirteen point eight percent to ten point five percent of our total
population so the other we are enriching our
forecasting ability by contracting with flow analytics in order to enhance the
work that we already do with our long range projection work the board received
additional information and a presentation by flow analytics at their
study session today flow analytics uses innovative mapping and data analysis
tools to provide representation and it will help us provide more visuals that
we haven’t been able to provide before so they are looking at our current and
historical enrollment trends they’re looking at future enrollment projections
they use land use they’re working with all of our cities and counties to get
information on developments and the we the district staff already does that
work and they’re just enhancing the information that we’ve already gathered
and then they’re gonna they also have the potential to assist us with visuals
for our school attendance boundary process work when we do boundary work so
they began work early this summer and we expect to have an enrollment forecast by
end of January beginning end of December beginning of January alongside and that
will come alongside our current timeline for the district’s long-range forecast
so we’re excited about the work that we’re gonna do with them and this is
just an example of a map that they some of the visuals that they can provide
this as a student density map showing kind of the dark blue areas were the the
most population and of course the lighter areas are outside the urban
growth boundary line with the exception of the Redman Ridge area so that’s just
a neat visual that they can provide just one of many examples so that is the end
of my presentation you have any questions on that director Carlson so she slides back you
had something on the trends with Yael okay and that is fascinating to me
because we’ve grown almost 50% in the e.l program but at 10 percent of the
kids being in ll across the district that would suggest that something around
a third of kids have been through it because it only lasts three years you
have you got historic numbers on what proportion of our student body are post
yellow exit yellow the exiting we do we have we can get that data I don’t
obviously in the presentation but yes we do track how many stones what is and
because the state we are we do provide support the exited students and actually
I’m not worried because every time you present performance of pose DLL it’s
actually very successful but cumulatively I think we’re going to
point where there’s an awful it is not unusual for your first language not to
be English anymore for our students in any way shape or form and I’m curious
about how I’m not unusual it’s become something anyway thanks the only other
question I had was that you had a large increase in running start in 2018 mm-hm
I’m assuming that was with the addition of Central Washington University out on
the plateau or was that from some other reason I don’t think we can attribute
all of that increase to Central Washington I’d have to go back and dig
into the details I think it was it was really just a large growth but I can get
that information so yeah I think it’s probably a variety of reasons things
have continued to grow and develop over time I think it’s something that is a
value to students and Families also we’ve had some schedule changes and
we’re kind of in the process of analyzing that in terms of who’s
choosing to do Running Start versus who’s choosing to stay in their home
high school and take courses so we’re we’re looking at that but I think it’s
probably all of those things and more availability mm-hmm good for
you I’d also be curious to see how many of last year’s high school graduates
from Juanita High School opted to do off campus with Running Start last year
because it was a second year of construction living in portables a lot
of crowd that might have been a contributing factor on the free and
reduced lunch aspect do we do we have a suggestion that it’s due to folks not
being able to keep on affording the district and therefore moving out or
we’re having more people moving in that I would not be in the program our
combination yeah that’s a good question and my sense would be it’s just about
our population growth and more people moving in and just the economy the way
it is right now so so the main I’m sorry I was distracting myself with trying to
find interesting trends because mostly I find these numbers utterly terrifying
adding another 1,100 kids it’s uh it’s not merely that it’s another 1,100 kids
but it’s still a bubble at the low end more than half of them are k5 that’s a
sustained bubble that we’re going to be the surviving for the next 13 years and
um I appreciate the conservative enrollment budgeting that’s not our
forecasting for the purposes of boundaries that’s about trying to make
sure that we don’t overspend our budgets annually but when we have not just 500
kids more than last year but 563 kids beyond what we budgeted I’m trying not
to panic and I don’t have anything constructive to say beyond that the that
I don’t think we should be fooled too much by the lowering the number of
special-needs students because even when the head count goes down the intensity
of his need of sir has gone up tremendously in the last
several years so you may have less bodies but you have more need for
intensive services more native staff so forth yeah I I think the other thing
that’s hard to know is when you look at our growth trajectory
what’s a bubble that we’re gonna follow and what’s gonna be a bubble after a
bubble after a bubble that no longer is a bubble and it’s just the trend and we
are still as a school district looking at the mechanisms we have a district as
a district to make decisions and obtain funding for additions new facilities
whatever that is but we know that the pace of our growth does not match the
pace at which we can do those things so we’ll have to be creative and continue
to look at what what the possibilities are but the need is certainly already
here and now coming again for another year pretty full force any other
questions that’s what that I guess thank you very
much um she doesn’t get to sit down I don’t yeah oh you have the next one as
well all right so now that we are the second largest district in the state we
will now hear about transportation yep and with Barbara tonight is Robert
Foster from operations and between the two of them I don’t know how much Robert
is going to be at the microphone but they’re both here to present information
we’re looking forward to this because transportation as you know is a very
complex system in our district and anybody who is out and about at any time
of day really sees where our drivers are with relationship to the traffic that we
have and the complexities and then you saw the density map as part of our
enrollment and so it’s maximizing the resources that we have that we have
continual openings for drivers knowing that we are trying to use the resources
that we have is effectively and efficiently as possible
while still providing timely service to students who are being transported by
bus so tonight we’ve got an update on information related to transportation
and some interesting facts very interesting facts yes I’m excited too we
haven’t presented on transportation in a while so it’s great that we are doing
that and again I’m proud of the work that our transportation staff and bus
drivers do to support our strategic plan and effective use of resources and to
support our students academic success so our drivers support students in our
community they’re recognized by their peers for their outstanding service and
I again want to provide you information tonight about this great group of people
and the work that they do so I’m just gonna start out by showing you some
pictures of our fabulous drivers not only is this school bus safety week but
Wednesday is Unity Day where we encourage people to wear orange to show
that we’re together against bullying and so one day I wear t-shirt to work it’s
great and we’re against bullying and United for kindness acceptance and
inclusion and our bus drivers participate in this very important day
by wearing t-shirts that say no bullying on my bus and so the front of their
t-shirt says unity and the back of their t-shirt says no bowling on my bus so
we’re excited that you know we just have a great group of drivers this is this
slide is our drivers being recognized for a school bus what they call a rodeo
and so we have district or we have a regional rodeos and state ride wide
rodeos and they participate in last May they participated in a regional rodeo
and they have two special needs teams and three conventional and Driver teams
and we had a team placed first at the special-needs regional rodeo we had a
team placed second and a brand new driver that had only been driving for
three months placed third in the regional rodeos so we’re just really
proud of our drivers for the work that they do and then this picture just shows
the community the support of the community
last Christmas they held a toy drive in conjunction with hope link they went out
to the Fred Meijer a parking lot in Kirkland and collected toys and and
distributed the toys and so that was just a great day for them and the
community was really excited so I am going to turn the rest of the
presentation over to Robert Foster Robert is our associate director and he
oversees he started in the district in May and we’re just so excited to have
him he oversees custodial maintenance and transportations so I turn it over to
Robert and we’ll go from there Thank You Barbara good evening it’s
interesting the segue from the demographics and our growth into what
we’re doing in transportation so I’ve got some great statistics to share with
you and some fun facts so well you can see here eight thousand over eighty nine
hundred students driven daily now that’s just a em routes seven hundred over 700
of those are specialized transportation so between preschool and special
education you can see 1.3 million route miles now that’s annually not daily we
do have over 64,000 field trips extracurricular miles annually on our
buses the equivalent of that is nearly three trips to the moon and back or
fifty two times around the globe some consumables we use over 186 thousand
gallons of diesel fuel and 22 thousand gallons of gasoline we’re working hard
on our efficiency and you guys have all seen the traffic and the congestion we
have around here 52 is the highest number of activity trips in a day so
that’s a that’s a quite a number last year the record was 69 we’re hoping not
to hit that this year but you never know of the 2,600 extracurricular trips 1200
of them almost 1300 are done by charter bus we with the number of drivers we
have we cannot handle it also we charter that out a charter trip average 3/4
costs for a three round-trip is four hundred and seventy three dollars for
that same trip in a yellow bus it’s 148 so three times the number the amount
dollar wise for a charter bus a little education on the types of buses we have
we have A’s C’s C small C large and type D and you can see the numbers of each
that we have in their capacity we use 91 buses a day the admission the additional
buses we have are needed when buses are being serviced so we keep those as
backup the type a and C can also be fitted for wheelchair stations and we
are replacing the type a buses of a type C as they are more efficient they’re a
little bit larger and they’re easier to work on
they have oh it says there are 35 seats less a wheelchair so we can put one or
two wheelchair stations in that takes up two rows of seats so that changes the
capacity and those all of our new C’s now come with wheelchair stations so
that we can be flexible as needs arise and we also keep three to four type D
buses on in our inventory because they have that underneath storage so we can
use those for when we need it next we’re going to talk about safety
and efficiency safety is of the utmost importance in fact we break it down into
three major categories maintenance training and equipment as you can see
here the Washington State Patrol conducts safety inspections every year
they do a random inspection on 25% of the fleet and then one scheduled
inspection annually our district isn’t written recognized by OSBI for
consistently having outstanding bust inspections our annual inspections have
received highest rating for the possible for the last 15 years drivers perform
daily inspections and they use a handheld device on their checklist and
so data is recorded and every driver does that prior to going out in the day
this our transportation staff especially the bus mechanics they do an outstanding
job of maintaining and our buses and keeping them safe it’s a true measure of
how our safe our buses are and the dedication of our staff training is next
and you can see we employ a full-time driver trainer new bus drivers receive a
minimum of 50 hours where they have to have a commercial driver’s license first
aid card and Department of Transportation physical they go through
rigorous testing to make sure that they’re ready before they’re clear to
drive students and they all receive at least 12 hours of additional training
annually equipment all buses are equipped with GPS tracking and two-way
radios and all buses are also equipped with the tablets to assist with routes now there’s a lot happening on this
slide but routes are structured to maximize time ridership a number UNH’s
per day you can see the definition of a route in a run there on the left so we
use 91 buses over a 182 bus routes with 58 different runs okay so that’s an
average of 3.2 runs per route so let that sink in for a second routes and run
we have 52 a.m. and 56 p.m. routes with 34 runs per out and we have 18 a.m. and
8 p.m. routes with 4 so we’re really working to earn a efficiency so we don’t
have deadhead routes so we’re not dropping off students and driving across
the district we’re really managing efficiently so we can get to the nearest
place to pick up and drop off students our large capacity buses have been
retrofitted to transport preschool and special needs when needed that also
helps with with our driver shortage that we have right now so they can do
multiple routes and be more efficient in their work we have achieved 100%
efficiency rating by OSBI each year since they began tracking which is I
believe 2014 or 15 that’s the highest rating that they give someone to argue
if you can be more than that we are staff and here’s where where we really
make a difference so we’ve been working hard to recruit and and retain and hire
highly qualified drivers we work closely with human resources to recruit and hire
we recruit through normal channels so like our website plus we use
Craigslist and indeed we also work with Communications on articles on the
website and Facebook and connections our excuse me hiring banners are displayed
around the community on school fence and so I’m sure you’ve seen those human
resources developed we are hiring posters which are now displayed at hope
link in red network station location so we’re also using peach jar to post
flyers and posting ads and local papers this year new I think in July we hired a
dedicated associate director of classified recruitment and hiring and
through HR he’s already been making a difference so that’s exciting you can
see we have of our drivers 22 of them have over 10 years experience 44 of have
over 5 years but what we’re seeing with the bus driver applicant pool is that
this has changed from a long-term career into more of a semi retirement pool
which creates higher turnover which just one of our challenges as you can see
that the majority of our drivers have been with us less than 10 years typical
day of a bus driver they arrive in check messages and route changes every day the
pre trip inspection they’re managing students traffic logging student counts
checking for items left on the bus and then checking off that they don’t leave
anybody behind very important drivers can always drive the same route and the
a.m. AM and PM to achieve the highest level if it’s an excuse me efficiency
and then they of course they clean and fuel their buses daily many start early
and work late you can see as early it’s 5:45 a.m. and they’re the regular shift
at 5:15 the split shift read means that they are 4 to 5 hours a lot often in the
middle of the day that doesn’t help with full-time employment that’s one of our
challenges however many drivers are able to fill their day and increase their
income by adding mid day runs and trips to their schedules this meant support
what does bid on me the last bullet there they can bid on
trips good questions so all the routes are listed and then based on per their
collective bargaining agreement based on their seniority they are able to bet on
the routes okay I was assuming it was seniority and not how much they would do
the run for good question you never know good question dispatch support so we have six
full-time dispatchers that if you’ve ever been in the dispatch office they
are amazing they manage phones radios create and manage routes and drivers
substitute bus drivers on daily on a daily basis it’s seldom that we don’t
have one and often all six out driving as as fill-ins and then they need to
come back and finish their work at the end of the day so there’s some long days
for many of them as you can see these are various types of programs that our
routing staff manage on a daily basis the districts we have six mechanics and
a supervisor responsible for maintaining over 300 pieces of equipment as you can
see by this list they maintain much more than just our yellow buses enhanced
transportation systems so as you can see here we’ve worked hard to improve our
communication we’re focused on tools that provide bus information accurate to
five minutes or less so our current system zonar refreshes and it refreshes
often enough that a lot of times it’s accurate but but at the most it’s five
minutes delayed and we encourage every family to of course be at the bus about
five minutes prior to their load time so that accounts for that we currently use
school messenger to communicate changes to parents this can be a challenge just
because sometimes we do to the timing of when we know there’s an issue and
communication can go out oh thank you so that my stuff map we have is new this
fall and it allows parents that download an app on their on their cell phone and
then track their student track the bus that their students either going to get
on or going to be getting off so we piloted that last spring and over the
summer and now it’s up and running I think director Stewart has a question
it’s a couple questions there’s 702 students especially needs
for transportation does that is that inclusive of the ones who are not on
district vehicles such as the ambulance the van so forth
or is it believe that separate it’s I believe it’s all students who require
specialized trans okay so it’s our vehicles and their other thank you
curious do we have a break I know I’m gonna ask the really dumb question we
have a breakdown is that 10 percent of the kids that don’t want our vehicles 15
five percent any idea not off the top my head I don’t catch Todd asked me also I
know that a year or so back we were having some problems with sped kids
being dropped off on busy streets and picked up on busy streets such as
Avondale as that seized we are working hard to make sure that everybody’s
delivered safely in picked up are any decisions being dropped off that have
entailed it again I haven’t heard of any specific issues about students one
dropped off on Avondale thank you but yeah director st. quick question on
substitute drivers what does that training look like very similar or the
same as full-time drivers a lot of times a lot of time substitutes only want to
work one day a week or two they have other jobs and this is a Philip Phil
form but then they go through the same training requirements my favorite ass driver in 15 years was
ex-military do we have numbers on how many of our bus drivers are veterans I
do not okay it’s a good question so as you can see we also use
alternative providers contract with Metro American logistics and charter bus
companies to supplement our fleet and in our drivers we provide Metro cards to
all Lake Washington high school students we have issued approximately a thousand
fifty at Lake Washington High School and there an average of a hundred and
forty-five students that ride Metro during the AM and PM route times we’re
continuing to work with Metro on ways to increase accessibility for students and
families to attain Orcutt passes and we continue to collaborate on future needs
of the Metro just an informational level how much per kid does an orca card cost
for the high school students I believe I was just working on this a month or so
ago I believe it’s about a hundred and sixty three dollars per card per student
and is that for a nine month or a full year its last year the year the school
yeah or so though I believe it’s the school year I’d have to find out when
the cards exactly expire I don’t think we’re quick question Dan if it’s a
hundred sixty three dollars per student for the Orcutt card for the school year
how much does it cost is for a student writing a regular buses and by
comparison or just like curiosity to see how much the cost benefit would be to
have more kids on Orkut cards if the routes were available correct you
something to think about yeah I also just because I’m normally
the one that’s getting giving all the hard times y’all I want to tell you I’ve
never encountered one fascinate buses drive bus drivers it
wasn’t excellent and it’s unfortunately you lost George because George
preferring the best but he find decided to retire for good I think thank you so
we have the oh no I was just checking to make sure there were no the questions go
ahead last we have our funding model the the transportation vehicle fund and so
as you can read through here the trick the tvf provides purchases and
major repairs as we change the types of buses from the deed of the see with
allows us to be more efficient they last longer they’re higher quality and so we
can get our full depreciation out of that we also have applied for some
grants and it were awarded five hundred and sixty thousand dollars to purchase
16 new buses sorry you said from D to C are we keeping a few DS for the bands
correct yeah we are keeping a few poor that underneath storage yeah
our transportation department with with Barbara self manages the transportation
vehicle fund and the last tvf levy was 18 years ago in 2001 and we went out for
three million dollars since that time with our change in efficiency and
maintenance and managing our fleet we have not needed to go out to the
taxpayers for additional transportation levy dollars and as you can see with it
with the amount of rapid growth that we’ve had we’re still able to maintain
what we’ve got with the drivers that we’ve got this is a great team dedicated
to safety and well-being of each student they’re often the first ones to say
hello and the last ones to say goodbye at the end of the day and they do a
fantastic job and I’m I’m proud to be part of their work thank you Thank You Robert Barbara is gonna come
back up if you have any additional questions but I just want to say we are
our bus drivers if you’ve ever sat behind the wheel of a bus I drove one
for a block one time and that was enough for me to think oh my this is a huge
vehicle our buses are very full and they drive in tight places and you know how
daunting it is in a car where we drive around this area and think about being
responsible for children and I know Cassandra with your question about
substitute drivers so that is a really daunting job and when you’re not doing
the same route every day when you’re kind of pinch-hitting that’s asking a
lot of people and so it’s it’s something that’s an important role we could hire I
think last count was minimum of twenty to thirty tomorrow if we had them and
when you think about our busing needs in relationship to our growth it’s really
surprising that we are as efficient as we are right now but that’s not going to
hold for very much longer which means then we’re going to have to probably
look at what other remedies are there there may be some things with city
routes that could be added but you know we’re gonna have some decisions that
we’re going to have to look at for how we continue to transport students as you
know in my former district we had routes that were mainly special ed still more
routes more buses more drivers than in our district just by virtue of size but
there are different configurations in many districts across the country that
we may end up having to just really go out and look at what other options are
there for how we do these things we have Jeff and his team and truly the
dispatchers if you ever want to go watch I just feel like I’m in the way and
serving no good purpose when I stand and watch them but it’s fascinating it’s
almost like a 9-1-1 dispatch service the activity is so intense at times but we
want them to know that we appreciate them but we just need more of them there
are other cures if you will that we could have with you know shorter route
times we’ve talked about our preschoolers
being on buses we could we could do a lot of things if we have more drivers so
we have to continually put that push out there and continually have that call for
people to come and drive because it’s a it’s an important job and we’re just
gonna continue to have a huge need and I just and dr. staven mentioned Jeff Miles
our transportation manager and I just want to he wasn’t able to be here
tonight but I just want to thank him for the work that he has done with this
department in managing the department managing the transportation vehicle
funded without his knowledge and experience and effort you know we would
not be where we are in our transportation department so I just
appreciate his work and the team’s work on that and I’ll echo the comments I was
down in the office when we had our snowstorm and watching them work and
getting buses to where they needed to be and helping other buses that were in
that snowstorm was just incredible and you did you feel like you just you just
watched you you wanted to help but they they they they had it down you you know
so they’re just a great team so thank you director sage okay I think director
Stewart I was gonna I’m gonna come back to it okay okay sure it was important I
remembered go ahead I’ve seen the Transit Authority buses that are the
double deckers yeah have we considered looking at double deckers and then
having somebody up top staff member so that there is some oversight
I’ll give you credit for out-of-the-box thinking on that yeah that’s I don’t
know that those are designed the way school buses are with the same features
and the size of the seats and things that have to be in place for children
but maybe maybe they can design one as we’re looking at our staffing needs it
occurred to me that we do have various fire departments within the area who
only work one day on and one or two days off whatever it is that might be able to
help supplement our part time Buster’s I don’t know if that’s ever been discussed
or something that we worked out with with the community and miss pett
municipalities perhaps and are we working with some of the the homeless
shelters so forth to see who would be possibly employable and trainable to get
back into the work force they’re asking you to be a two-way street of everybody
benefitting we’re working with WorkSource I know our human resources
department make sure that works source Redman work source and hope link has the
information that we’re hiring and that’s for both bus drivers custodians and I
mean all positions in the district so so I have another question for you so as
you as we look at buses as right now we’re gas and diesel is what it sounds
like have we looked at electric how are we bringing on any more sustainable
formats and which do you able to be what green we had our first school district
in the state I believe has an electric bus I think Franklin Pierce brought on
electric bus last spring so they are expensive I think they’re over 400,000
per bus and and you have to put the equipment in but there there are some
grants out there so that’s something that we could potentially look into for
grants to purchase electric electric buses but you have to have the
infrastructure so that’s a good question though because that also speaks to the
increasing difficulty finding bus mechanics and with the electric buses
that’s another skill set because those are a little different configuration and
so that continues to be something that we talk about cultivating as well Barbara it’s electric over 400,000 I’ve
noticed a lot of the vehicles and the community that especially the sanitation
vehicles are now natural gas and granted they aren’t zero emission but they’re a
lot closer than the others have we looked at what pricing those aren’t by
comparison I was not I believe we did look at natural gas a few years ago that
was I was not involved in that process but it’s you have to have the tank
underground tanks and so there was there was a lot of infrastructure related to
that we did look into it yeah any other questions on transportation well thank
you for providing the presentation giving a lot of really a lot of detail
on transportation I think that’s one of the first times we’ve had that it is
obviously a very complicated system and explains the challenge when we move any
schedule anywhere the challenge that occurs throughout that system as we do
so look forward to hearing how we start to use our other levels of
transportation that are out there as we partner with Metro a but light rail
coming in to the area there’s another possibility that we can start looking at
and being able to access and some of the other freedom to ride and different
things that are coming forward so it’s exciting to see how that’s coming
forward can I get a ride home No so thank you
oh and with that and being reminded it should also be noted we had quite a few
stats tonight well this is also bus safety week and so it should be noted
that here in Lake Washington School District we do have those 90 buses that
daily transport over eighty nine hundred students and that’s an equivalent to
more than 1.4 million miles a year so in honor of school bus safety week October
21 through the 25th I will read a population issued by governor jay Inslee
whereas on each school day in Washington State more than ten thousand seven
hundred buses provide more than 825,000 student
trips with transportation between home and school safely traveling more than 97
million miles and whereas school bus drivers must complete initial and annual
training and provide the highest standard of care for the students they
transport and whereas the school bus inspection program ensures the safety of
school buses and exemplifies outstanding interagency cooperation between school
districts and the Commercial Vehicle Division of the Washington State Patrol
and whereas school bus driver instructors shop personnel supervisors
and support staff perform vital functions in assuring the safe operation
of the student transportation system and whereas ensuring motorists adhere to the
rules of the road around school buses during the loading and unloading of
students is critical to maintaining safe conditions
now therefore ijn zli governor of the state of washington do hereby proclaim
October 21st to the 25th 2019 as school bus safety week in Washington and I
encourage all people in our state to join me in the special observance thank
you so thanks for all the work you do when the safety that we have and
continuing to do that work so our next item on the agenda this
evening is any legislative update so I’ll hand it off to director la liberté
not not much of an update I did want to report out the community that the
board’s legislative platform or priorities is now available if you want
to view it on our web page so if you go to here I’ll do this live if you go to
El wsd org there’s a board top if you click on about the board and then scroll
down to the very bottom the 2018 legislative platform well hold on is
this yes sir we’re nowhere yep okay it is now
available on our website if you if you wish to view it we the board adopted at
our last meeting in October you laughing I nailed it so no no the board is
current so the board has adopted this platform we are planning on how we can
be effective for the upcoming session there is a area meeting among electeds
and administrators coming up on October 30th and we’ll have more to report then
all right thank you so now the superintendent report dr. Stephen yeah I
just wanted to give a brief recap our district is now a member district of
what’s called the league of innovative schools which is part of digital promise
and this was started I believe it was 2011-12 and was an initiative that was
designed to put dollars from the federal government toward really spurring
innovation in public schools it started out with about 24 districts and now has
grown to over a hundred twenty-four districts from across the nation that
really represent districts that are on that leading edge of innovation and
looking at practices that they can learn from each other and then bring back to
their district throughout that process it’s gone from kind of sharing best
practices now to really building out the tools that the league offers including
supports for things like real world real world learning and rubrics and toolkits
and roadmaps and exemplar districts and it also allows us to be part of a
network where another district may be a few steps ahead of where we are and we
can look to them to say how did you get to where you are what were the steps
that you took the other nice thing about this is compared to some other
conferences and things that you may attend is that there are site visits and
so I was able to go to three different schools and in the district where we
were Loudoun County Virginia again a fast-growing district as well some
striking similarities in that regard and one of the really interesting places
that we were able to see was called the academies of Loudoun they just opened
last year and it’s a Career Pathways concept with some interesting things
around scheduling the facility is beautiful they had a lot of private
donations from business and industry that then of course allow them to
connect for opportunities for students state-of-the-art equipment one of the
coolest features was the automotives Bay was kind of sunk in the building so you
were able to walk down the hall and look down into the automotives area or have
classrooms that kind of functioned as an observatory and kids could see what was
going on down there in addition to that things that we’re familiar with with
healthcare pathways and simulation capabilities and all kinds of different
opportunities for students those are the kinds of things that we want to continue
growing here and so when you see some of those examples and you’re able to talk
with colleagues as you walk around about what does this look like in your
district how did you get there who are you partnering with where did you start
those are some really exciting things for us to be part of Sally askmen our
director of Technology also went with me and was able to connect with many of her
counterparts which is also part of the mission of the league when it first
started it was just superintendents and as it’s grown the the capacity for
having others from our team and then networking even more people in our
school districts has just grown so that it’s not go and then come back and it’s
an isolated event you’re able to share that and have other colleagues
interfacing with their counterparts in other districts so it’s a great network
to be part of we have a lot that we can learn from other other districts and a
lot that we can offer as well the last league meeting was with another partner
district in our state and High Line High Line Vancouver and Yakima are also
member districts and so we have a network even right here in our own
backyard that we can interface with regularly so it’s an exciting thing to
be part of it gives us a lot of good capacity to continue expanding what we
offer for our students and how we do that thank you any questions all right
so with that are there any next item on the agenda is board comments any
comments following up on my interest in post ALL two years ago 2017-18 is the
first time we had more post dll kids than current PLL kids and last year when
we had almost 10% are in dll we had almost 13% post elo so we are closing on
one in four children in our district is either in a ll or post yellow which i
think is an amazing number directors age just a reminder that there’s a couple of
opportunities this week for the community to see a couple of our schools
the rebuilt schools the new Juanita high school building one is open Saturday I
believe the 26th I would have to look it up I think it’s 11 a.m. to 2:00 or so
and then Peter Kirk which they are they open for the community this Thursday for
the community and that’s about two ish there’s a grand opening and then I think
the open house is scheduled four to seven afterwards okay so it’s the same
day four to seven at Peter Kirk and if you want to see what one of the new
buildings looks like this is a great opportunity the other piece just to be aware of
angst is being shown again that was the film that’s about teenage anxiety and
stress and so I had the opportunity at Juanita High School they’re doing it in
partnership with Lake Washington Schools Foundation and over Lincoln being able
to show the film to community as well as to students so it’s a great opportunity
to promote conversation and discussion around mental health well-being and
handling.that so if you get the opportunity to see it I actually was
being screened tonight oh maybe it’s tomorrow night at Lake Washington High
School I believe it’s tomorrow night we have a meeting so we cannot attend
however if they’ll be doing more later so just if you get a chance to see it
it’s worth it provide some good feedback of the life
of our students any other comments okay so we do have the joint meeting tomorrow
night October 22nd with the Redmond City Council that will be held at the council
chambers of Redmond City Hall starting at 7 p.m. and then our next board
meeting will be November 4th with a study session at 5 p.m. and the board
meeting following at 7:00 and with that I’ll now entertain a motion to adjourn secondly been moved by director of
Liberty and seconded by director Carlson to adjourn this meeting all those in
favor please signify by voting aye hi anyone opposed meeting adjourned

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