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Nigel Paine – 21st Century Learning at LT2020

February 14, 2020

Hello my name’s Nigel Paine and I run a company which is called I write books I teach at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and I work with companies big and small and I’m going to talk about building a modern learning environment because I think it’s important. Why do I think it’s important? Because I think that a modern learning environment is the bare minimum that anyone working in learning and development needs to consider when they’re planning their strategy thinking about their role and linking with their organisation. What’s new and significant is that this challenge has thousands of examples of people who’ve got there already and I want to share some of them. People are going to really discover what I mean by a modern learning environment. I’m going to share the big picture and then I’m going to go down to the fundamental building blocks. So you’ll leave I hope with a few ideas things that you can implement but you’ll also leave feeling this is doable I can meet this challenge and that’s really important. Before Learning Technologies I challenge you to sit down on your own or with a couple of colleagues and look your own operation in the face. What are its great strengths? What are its weaknesses and how connected are you with the business? What I want you to think about is what do you dream? What are your big ideas for what you can achieve?

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