New Student Services Building at Texas A&M

January 28, 2020

(orchestral music) – Student services is just integral to the success of our
students here on campus. So it means a lot to provide
students that easy access to the services that are
here in this building. – We’re in the student services building and that’s across from
Rudder tower and the MSC. Having a building like this in the heart of campus is really awesome. It’s really reflective in the comments we’ve
already gotten from students saying that they really appreciate the fact that we moved over here. – It’s really reassuring
to see students walk in and as soon as they turn the corner here, to see a smile on their face. – I think it will end up
leading to a lot more people taking use of the resources
available from us. – So, the four departments
that are in this building are the offices of the
Dean of Student Life, Disability Resources, Counseling
and Psychological Services and Residence Life. The size of the building’s
four stories on the west side, three stories on the right side. It is a large footprint for this area and all of that was
taken into consideration in the design of it. In terms of bordering military walk, the west side facing Simpson Drill Field. – Seeing it from the
outside and then walking in and walking up from, walking from my car here to the building, it just, you can’t help but
have a smile on your face and feel pride for the university and it’s a building you can
walk in to and just sit down and do your homework. And then you can start walking
around and you can see, “Oh, I need help on this.” Those resources are here within
the building for students. – This facility is a premier facility for student affairs work. – It shows A&M’s commitment to making sure that their
students have the necessary tools to succeed and have a
great academic career. At Texas A&M. (orchestral music)

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