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New Student Orientation

December 3, 2019

Today we’d like to introduce to you our
learning management system Moodle and give you a basic tour of its
functionality and some important things that you’ll want to be able to recognize
and utilize as you’re getting started with taking classes online. When you go
to our homepage there are a number of things that are accessible to you right
away without even logging in. These can be found the top left-hand side where it
says School Resources. This links to important information and tools that
will help you succeed. If you click on the drop down you’ll see that there are
a number of options to choose from. Right off the bat is the school website. If you ever need access to the main website this is a direct link. Secondly, you’ll
see the library access. In a number of your classes you’ll need to look for
outside resources such as scholarly articles or journals so it takes you to
the library page where you can utilize the various databases and search engines. Then, under each of the student resources tabs you’ll find the academic calendar,
handbook, book lists, and helpful tips to help you succeed online. You’ll type in your username and password in either of the two login options here or also by clicking up here. Once you’re logged in, you’ll be on the main page with course overview. If you click on this tab you’ll be able to see multiple
options, the In Progress, Future, and Past will be your main ones. If you don’t see
any courses in the In Progress tab there is a chance that they’re still located
in the Future tab. Once the course starts they will automatically be moved to your
In Progress tab. If you go to the top right-hand corner by your name you’ll be
able to click the drop-down and see the different options you have there. The
dashboard is what you are currently being shown. If you click on Profile
you’ll be able to add a picture and bio so other students can get to know you
better. If you click on Grades you’ll be able to see an overview of the courses
that you’ve taken and the grade that you’ve received in that course.
You’ll also be able to see your grades in each individual course as well. The
Messages tab lets you message your instructors and other students that are
in Moodle. You’ll receive the notification in your school email and you’ll also be
shown a notification when you receive a message at the top of your screen, here. The preferences tab takes you to your
user account settings; here is where you can change your password or edit your
profile as well. Feel free to take some time to explore and navigate Moodle and
we hope that you enjoy your first day of classes and please don’t hesitate if you
have any questions regarding Moodle or how to navigate it. Thank you.

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