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National Shutdown and School, Sport and Olympics Updates.

March 26, 2020

Yaama. I’m Jack. Let’s check out what’s in the news. The Prime Minister has announced
a bunch of restrictions and closures to help slow
the spread of COVID-19, and it’s going to change the way you
live, so let’s break it down for you. Alright. Let’s take a look at what’s
open and shut until further notice. Open – supermarkets, shopping
centres, office buildings, banks, petrol stations… Whoops! That’s not meant to be there.
(DOG BARKS) Cute, though. ..pharmacies, convenience stores,
delivery services and hairdressers and beauticians. These services are considered
ones that we really need and are staying open. But while they may be open, Australians are being asked
to stay home and only go to these places
when they have to. Here’s what’s now shut. Pubs, cinemas, casinos, nightclubs… Whoops! Accidental puppy again.
(DOG BARKS) ..indoor places of worship, gyms,
indoor sporting venues. Restaurants and cafes are also shut,
kind of. They’ll only be allowed
to do delivery and takeaway and, for some businesses, it’s meant
shutting their doors completely. Now let’s zoom out to
the whole of Australia. In Western Australia,
South Australia, Tasmania, Queensland and the NT, they’ve closed
or are closing their borders, and anyone arriving in the states has to self-isolate
for 14 days upon arrival. I know. It’s all pretty intense. So here’s a puppy.
(BARKS) But was on purpose this time. You’re probably wondering what all
this means for going to school. Well, at the moment
the government says schools are still open for business
until the end of term one, but if your parents want to keep
you at home, that’s OK too. If you live in Victoria or the ACT, the end of term one has been
brought forward to today so school holidays
are a little earlier than usual. The AFL season has been shut down
after just one round. It’ll be postponed
until at least 31 May. The league made the decision after states started shutting down
their borders, while the rest of the AFLW season
has been cancelled. For now the NRL is still going ahead
without any crowds, but it’s considering moving all teams
to country Queensland so they can avoid travel. Enough of things
that are shutting down. The Olympics are still going ahead, but they may be postponed. The whole situation has forced some athletes in lockdown
to get creative. Imagine training for the Olympics
while stuck inside your house. Well, for some athletes, this is
the only way they can get ready. The IOC says the Olympics
are still all systems go, but maybe with a few changes. They’ve given themselves four weeks
to decide and say if worse comes to worst, they
could be postponed until next year. Many athletes and officials
want the games called off, at least for 2020. The nation, health of society
comes before sport, and I don’t think
any athlete’s willing to put their health on the line
for the Olympic Games. Canada have pulled out of this year
entirely and the Australian Olympic Committee has told their athletes
to prepare for 2021. Other athletes, though,
hope the games go ahead, like 11 year old Hend Zaza. She’s set to represent Syria
in table tennis but is worried about cancelling. I might not get lucky this year
because of coronavirus. So for the moment,
July’s on the cards, even if it means having to train
a bit more like this. Now, we’re definitely overdue
for some fun, even if it is COVID-19 flavoured. So for the next minute we want you to
have as much fun as possible. It’s time for: Melbourne Zoo recently started
live-streaming many of its cutest animals for free so we can all be entertained from
the safety and comfort of our homes. Now one zoo worker’s decided to
put on a very special performance. Love it. Italy might be in lockdown, but even pet pigs need to go outside
for the toilet. That’s why its owner’s carrying
a plastic bag. I hope it’s big enough. Not sure how much pigs poop, really. What do pigeons in Spain do when
crowds aren’t around to feed them? Here’s your answer. Maybe that person’s
smuggling hot chips. There’s nothing like
being stuck in your house for coming up with wacky ideas,
like running an entire marathon using just the length
of your 7m balcony. But this man in France did the whole
42km in six hours and 48 minutes. Whoa! Uh-oh. It’s the police. The rhythm music tune police. (MAN PLAYS AND SINGS) The Spanish town of Majorca is in
lockdown, so these officers decided to bring a little bit of
song and dance to the streets. Well, that’s it for today
but we’ll be back with more tomorrow. Captions by Red Bee Media

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