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Meet Interdisciplinary Master’s in Art, Media and Design student Randa Reda

March 27, 2020

Hi, I’m Randa. I’m a part-time student in the IMD program at OCAD University. (gentle music) I’m originally from Lebanon. I came to Toronto five years ago my practice is in interior architecture and computer science. When I came here, I wanted
to feel creative again. And because I’m very
interested in performing arts and set designs, I decided
to go through a research that combines performance
arts, scenography and interior architectural design. I decided to enroll in IMD program to bring in these disciplines together and fuse and exchange ideas. Here we’re looking at an art
installation for my critique. Part of it will go to my intro exhibition. The materials I usually
use are barbed wires. Coming from the Middle East,
from a country with conflicts, we were raised around barbed wires. We saw barbed wires
everywhere and they were all as a blocking, there’s
an inside and the outside. There’s the other,
there’s the territories. We were living with all these boundaries. In my art, I choose this
material with pantyhose as a feminist act, as a
resistance to this harsh wire. And this pantyhose, as
taming for these spikes of the barbed wire. And also I use domestic furniture, because from my life experience,
I moved a lot of countries. And I feel expressing my
history and my experience in my work, it’s very expressive, it’s a healing process for me. I chose OCAD because I felt
it’s the only university that has a variety of
disciplines in arts and design. And coming from two
different practice designs like architecture and computer science, and I want to introduce a new
discipline to my practice, that is performing arts. I felt this university is the only place that would satisfy my needs and look into how I can
push my practice forward and to the next level. And also benefiting from
the undergrad workshops, wood workshop, the
prototyping, laser cutting, and metal workshops. Making use of all those workshops help me in building my installations,
using technology and also using spaces that specialize for performance, and
for media, and design. If you’re thinking of coming to OCAD and you’re not quite sure, don’t hesitate. Come here and see the opportunities and the doors that will open.

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