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Master’s of Terror: Inside the Splatter Movie (Ep18)

February 15, 2020

[Music] Where are the bones? Where are
the bones? Where are the bones, this is
important stuff, this is what we
discussed… where are the bones, where are
the bones, I want to know where
the bones are, you know I stayed for the bones, I know we’ll find the bones they’re
around here somewhere can we just use your bones? you know I’m just not feeling it unless we actually use your
bones… I’ve done extensive research on
the bone and who are you to say that that doesn’t
actually look like someone’s collarbone I mean
really, I’ve seen a few autopsies oh sure you have makeup room can we see the heart? that’s your heart there buddy,
yeah, how do you feel about
that? it’s edible, it’s edible? it’s
an apple under there can I take a bite out
of it afterwards? that would be
a little scary does the Specter take a bite out
of it? he should, you should write that
in we’ll throw that in right after lunch we’ll start
doing Specter stuff, great and then it’s just going to be
gore, gore, gore, good, good,
good so I mean have everything setup,
you know the approximate order, between the scenes and
sequentially so first the two guys bloody in
the chair, okay we’re gonna have
some things… first specters then the
guys bloody in the chair then Max reach in,
Max rip out, puppet, that’s it. Cool. cool, cool, cool. ready for
another day? ready for another one, how’s it
going so far, sweet, real good got the heart being made out of
a rotten apple we found really great this is what we do on film sets
when we’re making movies a lot of it is just people
standing around talking about
what movies they like so kids, you can see how much
fun it is, look, this guy’s
having a blast man look at him, so much fun,
directing films, directing films
is fun kids, look right here sorry, we’ll take it from there,
take it from there, yeah, that’s
the last line we’re taking it from there, from
where, from there that’s it… (crew chatter inaudible) what do you think Smutty? what do I think? I think it’s horror movie
history being made here today but I think you are a complete
cunt (laughs) what do you think of this movie
so far Spud? it’s been hell since the
beginning you gonna watch it yeah I
think I’ll get around to it yeah maybe, you just gonna
get the DVD and put it on yourself and never
watch it let it collect dust but no no I
know it you’re in it Trent, I’ll have to make sure to watch it yeah you got it, go ahead, act, ready
take 2, camera’s rolling sound speed, rolling… Cleef, I
got the feeling that you wanted
to touch my boobs well, ugh…. maybe well… go ahead (laughs) okay, so this is what happens
when it’s like the 5th day of
shooting, so… let’s go down now… blood, blood (chatter) are you wearing this in this
scene? no you still want my hat? (inaudible chatter) how’s that, is it hot? yeah,
it’s cool, is it hot hot hot (inaudible chatter) (laughs) I’m on the camera right now,
look there’s Bautista standby for rehearsal everybody I gotta get a quick shot
of this before we clean it up a mess (chatter) look at my sink look in there dude, I can’t believe this it’s
like a roll of fucking… a roll of paper towels and a
Dorito bag I’m serious, a roll of paper
towels and a dorito bag look there’s some gum, somebody
stuck gum in there and then we had our little stunt
head (chatter) and then you’re shocked, okay but not too much okay maybe a little bit aftershocks, almost like you’re
shivering yeah like, all this stuff is
happening and then it’s coming
at me like this it’s like… and if I really don’t know she’s
there, it’s like I don’t know
where the next thing is to come Spudly see my back how bloody it is? oh… some girl scratched me last
night trying to get get into your shorts yeah it’ll be no
problem there so what were the blood come
from then, just scratch me on the back, in the heat of
passion so that’s the Apple
from the fridge earlier that’s the apple from the fridge
which Mr. Gunderman made from
scratch is it Golden or Red Delicious? let me see the heart, excuse me very cool it can spurt blood Cleve made it out of an apple,
it’s an apple? it’s an apple, very nice, take a
bite out of it for camera… I was spent by the time we got
to that by the time we got to the… the
kill me with the specters, and I
felt kind of… spent like NG, well you’re supposed to
be spent yeah, you’re dead, you’re dying,
half dead, still in pain, so how was that? was that fun?
yeah, it was cool, yeah first time you ever had that
much blood on you? yeah with tape on my eye to keep it
shut and then this thing and then I
got the blood here and then when they put the blood
on, it goes in your mouth, ugh
huh… very cool, very cool your clothes are on the makeup
table Tanya, okay all right ready for my
hand close-up all right mr. DeMille let’s kick it let’s kick that mother, this is
freaking me out look how real that looks that is freaking me out right
now hold it like this… (inaudible chatter) just like that I’m so scared around here okay, let’s get it on here we go… let’s get the leg on and shoot
this as fast as we can let’s get Sunny’s legs on,
alrighty I’m sure Tanya doesn’t want to
be down there very long mmm hmmm are we gonna have any blood in
this scene, yes do your lips like, there’s
really not any in your lip (chatter) it’s disgusting, really I mean when you guys are done my guts are hanging out, okay,
so we’re going to do it raw we don’t have a double of the
bra either, so, (screams) oh no, no, no, no…
(laughs) I guess we’re going to dead
country here oh guys, oh, oh my gosh, whoa… (yells) and you’re not giving
me a shower after this I have to drive home like this no there’s a shower, but… I’ll get a little spray bottle,
get the firehose ready how cool that looks just get all these little guys
here ok guys, so the action here,
she’s dead, you’re eating her Sonny wakes up, looks over, sees
that you’re eating her, she
says, no… hold the lens real quick, my
hands are bloody come on down, you re-frame and fix the legs, fix
the legs this is surreal oh, I have an itch of course,
no, it’s sticking right out of
her (crew chatter inaudible) she’s twisted, and they’re both
feasting on her, yeah yeah, no, it’s on it Stacey gets manipulated like
an individual corpse so I’m just basically going to
shoot you from that point all
through her death scene which, I’ll talk you through her
death scene and then it’s your scene and
we’re getting ripped up would I stand here and watch
this happen, I mean I’m just in
fear well, you’re in shock, you’re
not going to go help her,
because something’s in there my instinct would be to run away
though well, I think, you are going to
run away though, you are gonna
run away you’re gonna see what’s
happening to her and be in shock
for a few seconds and then say oh my gos what’s
happening, the (screams), the
runt he fuck out of there out that way, right, and then
you’re out of the room is when we’re going to start
pulling her through the chimney
and shit, but you run out at the point where
she’s just getting scratched (chatter) freaked out, okay, then, then I
freak out and then I leave,
right what is it, or? no, no, no I
mean the angle, of the guy who’s on
the monitor shoot one front the side, and I
also want to do one where the
monitor is oh, like a POV of them looking
into the lens kinda, well, not
into the lens, but… just over the monitor, right,
right, they’re looking down into
the monitor but the camera’s like ups here,
pointing down, right, so we can
see them all really nice I think that’s doable what just happened Spud? what
happened Spud? Austin just attacked me Austin Priester (yells) oh, he saved me… oh my god… that’s fucking
sick… aww…aww… this looks pretty cool that’s just fine, I want to do
it that way, like this… you grab him, and you try to
shake it out of him bring camera over more… Paige, why? how do you know your name? Ted.
who’s Ted oh my god Ted, then I go to take
this out, Ted says… Paige… alright Max let’s have a look and cut, cut! let’s just get one more for
safety, then we’ll start doing
some closeups sounds good (chatter) very cool (inaudible chatter) Smutty Smith rockabilly tats wow, that’s smutty, yeah get this puppy in there, that’s
Smutty, this is the man this is the man they go together this is the man right
here we the man we the man, Trent you got time
for… okay copy that standby pictures up and Here
We Go and action the reality television phenomena
is waning… well, I wonder about the
commercial viability of the
project I agree with you to some extent
Stan, I mean there’s only so
much to used news footage and car wrecks
that people can stand but… her entire role is talking about so back when I was studying
acting… I was such a giver, and your
such a giver, no really you are hey do your thing, do your
ewww for the camera this is my trademark Jason Ewww… isn’t that brilliant, that is
acting brilliance right there no Ewww… (laughs) alright… ewww… okay, so good to see you, I’ll
talk to you soon bye what are your
secrets, I like to use crap mixed with a
little bit yeah I like to apply crap yeah, my dog is the
manufacture of the crap I have on her this black doesn’t go in here
obviously do not look at me like that (inaudible crew chatter) Spud, get out of the way aw, okay I think we’ll be able to see
this notice the fine stroke
techniques which I use aww… with a twist so, do I get to eat her heart
out later? is that what the heart’s for, no no, look at how sad she gets
when she finds out she can’t eat
you buddy umm, what did they even call me
for, those bastards, it’s in my
contract… I have to eat one body part per
shot (crew chatter) yeah that’s nothing (inaudible crew chatter) nice huh? brings the nurnies that’s the
technical word for it into this lovely neck
that he made out of, umm… what was that thing he made it
out of? gelatin, gelatin and ugh, a broken up paper towel
and some foam prosthetic piece laying around it put a little cherry on top and
we’re good to go it’s not cold it stinks… gross (work noises and set chatter) you learn this as a small child?
huh? you learn this as a small child I love to get dirty see how I let him get all dirty I got all the paper towels,
Spud? come here come here Spud come on Spudly fling this shit at you! what on earth are you guys doing that’s supposed to be a heart?
tilt your head down, what is
that? it’s a neck it’s a what? a neck, when he
gets his head cut off, it’s a
neck? were going to be here and at the
top of the stairs that’s done… all the way there or there,
where we just were what’s the scene number um, we just finished scene 51 (chatter) 2 shot, single, four… camera one, rehearsal is up,
let’s see the hand come down you might drop camera a little
bit, i think you’ll have to tilt
up and at this point the thing has jumped up into the
thing, so you can already be, I
don’t know… (chatter) I’m trying to give him a help
here there’s a hand look, yeah you
can, edge of frame though can you get any lower that’s that’s good this was your fight scene (crew chatter) and dribble… dribble dribble, dribble, dribble dribble, yeah, dribble, nice and
more dribble, bigger, more
dribble and dump it dump! and then keep the flashlight off
it gosh…. damn! that’s how I feel in the morning
when I take a shit! that’s what I call a money shot! (laughs)

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