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Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology

February 15, 2020

A good entrepreneur? Well as was said during the conference, a lot of passion, a lot of love, but they also need to have clear ideas and based on those be able to change and shape the project. love, passion, enthusiasm, the will to do something, the motivation to do what you’re doing, leaving it is much more important that you’re happy to do it and, in short, that what you do fulfils you, and, well, I’m happy doing what I’m doing and fell very happy with it. At UIC Barcelona, since we’ve noticed that there are so many alumni who are entrepreneurs we have identified the need to create a new master’s degree in entrepreneurship, innovation and technology. Therefore theory combined with practice as well as how to start up a business is all covered in this master’s degree programme. It also includes a trip to Boston and New York, to meet entrepreneurs from there in person and visit some top universities such as Harvard and Boston. And later on, in order to discover things in person students will also be able to do some work experience in a start-up, an incubator or a technology accelerator. Students also need to learn about social entrepreneurship at first hand. My tutor was very attentive, she was always asking me how my work placement was going, and supported me at all times, there was immediate and ongoing communication. There were two elements which made me take the decision, one was the opportunity it gives you to do work experience in companies, in top level companies, and I was able to get into one of them – I’m currently at Casio doing work experience- and the second thing is the international environment, environment, which offers you a lot of (mobility) agreements, a lot of countries where you can do your Erasmus and I think that these two elements were what made me take the decision. In fact, after this project which has progressed so much, there was actually a previous project beforehand to create a business plan, I received a lot of support from UIC professors for that and also for the next one, as you can see, I have gone even further and the truth is that the support, I’m very happy with the UIC and with what I learned there, of course, absolutely.

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