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Master of Science in Special Education

March 26, 2020

(upbeat music) – So the special
education graduate program is mainly geared towards
educators, of course, who are really interested in trying to expanding their horizons. Maybe adding another licensure
to their special ed degree. I personally did not get my original license in special education. I have an early childhood license. And so I have the option
through the special ed program to add the special ed license
with any emphasis that I want. So, it’s really just an opportunity for you to expand your horizons
in a really professional way. MSUM’s special ed program
is primarily online. I haven’t run into any classes
where I’ve had to come in in person and meet so that’s
a really good feature. Because, you know, you could
attend a university that’s nowhere near where you live
and still get the benefits and the solid, quality education. Something that’s really nice
is many of the professors at MSUM are available mainly all day. I’ve had professors respond to
my emails at 11:30 at night. I’ve had professors email
me at 4:30 in the morning. All the faculty at MSUM are super helpful. Even if it’s not your
professor, I can talk to anybody about my program. But, like I said, if I email
a professor they’re very quick to get back to me. And they have a full
support system to give me. I think that the hands-on
experience that MSUM gives through their coursework,
for example, getting into the classroom
right away in undergrad. Doing the assessments in
person in graduate school. Those are things you’re going
to be doing in the field when you’re done with the program. So, getting that
experience earlier on gives you kind of a higher advantage when you actually get into the field. I definitely think it’s
a great idea to enroll in MSUM for this program. They give you all the tools you need. They make it really easy. The formatting is super
simple to understand. They make sure you get
all of the experience you will need in the field. They don’t leave anything out. A lot of times I’d go through
classes, like, in high school or even in undergrad sometimes,
where they didn’t prepare me for what comes next. I went in not knowing about a topic that I should’ve already learned about and MSUM does not drop the ball on that.

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