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Master of Energy Efficient and Sustainable Building | RMIT University

March 25, 2020

I’ve always had a passion and a real interest
in the built form and structure Being able to create a physical form is
something that has always drawn me in My name’s Jason and I study the Master of Energy Efficient
and Sustainable Building at RMIT University I chose to study at RMIT because they were
offering an innovative course… that focused on energy efficiency and
sustainable design and construction It was definitely the sustainable aspect that
interested me most, it’s really important… that in the future we have best practice and
work on improving the world that we live in The way I see it there’s a number of companies
out there that are being really innovative… and embracing the sustainability aspect in construction… and they’re the companies that are
going to exist in the future A lot of the academics and lecturers that teach our
course are involved in research They can then bring their experience and
their studies into the classroom… and teach us what they’re currently investigating In many ways Australia needs to catch up with the rest
of the world in terms of sustainable building This is an issue that affects the whole world, so
it’s really great that RMIT are offering this course… to try and bring through people that understand
sustainability and the built environment… and that’s going to lead forward in the future for our country

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