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Master of Conflict Management and Resolution | Expertise

February 14, 2020

Students get the benefit of using
real-world conflict examples and learning from lecturers who have actual
experience in industry. Our subjects are delivered by practitioners and experts
in conflict processes management skills and conflict theories. The workplace is
very different today so this program is very much about the development that’s
going on in the subject. From my own perspective being through that
development what I bring to it is you know hands on being a tradesman being a
manager in a barrister as well and so there’s we bring all those things the
same how do we manage workplace conflict in this contemporary period. Students get
the benefit of real-world examples and lecturers actual experience from
industry and practice. Through the academic staff here they’re practitioners
not only they academic but they’re out there in the field actually doing the
work and giving us life experiences as to how to put things together. If you
would like to formalize your knowledge in conflict management resolution to
your personal or professional development come and study at James Cook

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