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Make Possible: The Campaign for Carnegie Mellon University

March 27, 2020

This is a unique moment for
Carnegie Mellon University. The future is arriving
at a breathtaking pace. Driven by technology that is
transforming every facet of human life. How will we as a society prepare for
this future? Carnegie Mellon has always responded to
challenges with a trademark fearlessness. And we know that the solutions for
a future that works for everyone will be found at the nexus
of technology and humanity. Precisely where Carnegie Mellon innovates,
pioneers, collaborates, and thrives. [MUSIC]>>When you look at Carnegie Mellon
University today, we are number one, two, or three, in some of the most important
initiatives that will impact the world. The real question is, how do we execute?>>The core strengths of Carnegie Mellon
today really fit with many of the issues that are important in the world and people
are struggling with around the world.>>Carnegie Mellon is a place and a space where ideas are within the air
that we breathe here on our campus.>>CMU has been and hopefully will always
be a place where different ideas and change and education happens. This is where computer science
was invented as a discipline, actually happened over
at the business school.>>Looking at the connections
across the campus, we’re able to build things with
extraordinarily high impact. We can do things that you just
couldn’t do any place else.>>There are no walls,
no barriers among departments. The whole idea here is to work
together to be able to address bigger questions that
are gonna help society.>>We take things that others might think
are impossible and we make them possible. [MUSIC]>>Carnegie Mellon has been right at the
heart of creating the very technologies that I think are changing
the world in front of us.>>Carnegie Mellon University has been and
is today in an incredibly unique position of being at the leadership position
in robotics, artificial intelligence.>>We might be at the point where
technology might have an accelerating change on society and
a more profound change. So, now is the time where it’s important
to think about how we should prepare for these changes.>>We’ve got an obligation to
help people build strong futures in the world we’re creating.>>We’re trying to lead the way
not just in things that are cool. But we’re trying to figure
out how to help humanity.>>Technology can save life. I strongly believe it.>>[MUSIC]>>Andrew Carnegie, when he founded
this tech school saw that to have a well-rounded education,
you also need access to the arts. I think the people that we have
here are writing, and devising, and imagining word for the new age.>>Anything we do is integrated
with engineering, with technology, be that in performing arts, or
in design, or in architecture.>>Art and architecture, they go together. Buildings are more than just for
brick walls and windows to house us. They’re also a place where
we can feel a space.>>Design is about building worlds. And about making new kinds of visions for
the world.>>We have a futurist here on faculty
who brings these futures to light and brings students along the way and helps
them to visualize these kinds of futures.>>Carnegie Mellon sits at
the point where it can define what the future of science looks like. From a data and
from an automation perspective. Foundational science is what
makes everything possible.>>We have data sets now that
are larger than we’ve ever had before. We need to learn how to effectively make
use of these large upcoming data sets. And it looks like AI is going
to be an important part of that.>>You might imagine a chemist going into
the laboratory and synthesizing two or three new compounds in a week. With robotic technology and automation,
we could increase that 100-fold.>>The biggest time saver will be that
I will have to spend 15 minutes on experiment instead of full 40
hours of doing the same thing.>>There are things that when I
was an undergraduate 30 years ago would have been science fiction.>>And today, our reality. [MUSIC]>>The student experience at
Carnegie Mellon is so important to us. We know that investing in the whole
student has an impact, not just for the years that a student is here,
but across the lifespan.>>We really want our
students to be successful, we need to provide that environment for
them.>>I do get to benefit from
the wellness programming here and mental health services, they kinda help
keep me grounded as I’m running 200 miles an hour like most of my peers. [MUSIC].>>Making sure that anyone who is
qualified has the opportunity to come here independent of financial or
other considerations. And that we have a campus that’s inviting.>>Carnegie Melon has such
a rich environment for diversity and
it’s diversity not just in people. It is diversity in how
ideas come to fruition.>>We are a school that, you know, will
grind you and will really push the limits because we are trying to push
the limits of humanity itself. Almost everyone who is accepted
to CMU has a certain fire, a certain passion in their soul. And being surrounded by people like
that is fundamentally inspiring.>>I think the future of Carnegie Mellon
is only getting brighter and brighter.>>You see Carnegie Mellon whether it’s
innovation, whether it’s self-driving cars, whether it’s computational
biologists, they are moving all fields forward and making possible
things we never thought possible before.>>Every week, I’m amazed by their idea,
by their creativity, by their way to want to push forward?>>We think outside the box and I know
a lot of people say that but we truly do.>>Maybe it’s because we don’t know
there is a box that we even need to break through.>>What can we do to help
students make possible their education at Carnegie Mellon?>>Make possible is about taking these
things that are almost inconceivable today and creating a place where
those things can turn into reality.>>We’re Carnegie Mellon,
anything’s possible.>>We have the most ambitious thinkers. The most exceptional scholars. The most dedicated collaborators and
the most dynamic game changers. The CMU community transforms society
when we place the right depths, the right investments,
at just the right time. Now is the time for
the next big investment. This is our moment to turn bold
ideas into meaningful progress. To anticipate and solve the most
pressing challenges facing humanity. To write the story of the next century. Join us, together we will make
this visionary future possible. [SOUND]

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