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Learning Strategies: Model the Strategy

February 13, 2020

Teacher: Okay, so today I’m going to share with you how I write,
’cause sometimes I have trouble writing. And I’m going to show you how I use my tricks. So I have this picture here, and now I have to
think, “Hhhhmmm. What am I going to write a story about? What do I do first? This is hard. I know! I’ll use POW.”
So first I have to…What’s “P”? I know: “Pick my idea.” I’m going to pick my idea. Okay, so he’s looking at a magnifying glass. It’s kind
of a silly picture. I really don’t like it. Okay, keep my mind free, and I can think of a good idea. I think my ideas going to be, he’s
going on a big adventure. He’s searching for a treasure. That’s what my idea is going to be. So I’m doing POW, okay? So I picked my idea.
He’s going on a treasure hunt. All right, that’s done. So next I have to “Organize my notes.” Writing is so tough. All
right, what do I do to organize my notes? That’s right, I learned a trick. WWW, What=2, How=2. So I have this. This is my graphic
organizer. This will help me remember my parts. So WWW. “Who?” Oh, I don’t know that one. I can skip that one. “When?” He looks kind of
modern, but he has a canteen and a magnifying glass. I’m going to say, like, 1903. Okay. “Where?” Where would somebody go on a
treasure hunt? Um, I have no idea. Who does treasure hunts any more? Okay, keep my mind free. I can do this. Where? Ooh, the desert in
Africa. That’ll be good. I like that idea! “Desert.” “Africa.” Okay.

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