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Learning new skills to build confidence

February 13, 2020

– I’ve been a single
mother for over 16 years. I had to put my life on
hold to raise my son. At Kellogg, I have the
time and the support to do what I need to do to improve myself. (bright pop music) I had a project that my manager gave me to transfer all our files to SharePoint. I had no clue how to do that. But there was this amazing course (laughs) on LinkedIn Learning, and
it helped me build it. The LinkedIn Learning
courses are trusted resources for me because they’re vetted courses and I’ve seen the results. My son just recently graduated so it leaves me as an empty nester. LinkedIn Learning’s
been the perfect outlet for me to explore what it is
that I wanna do with my career. It’s just given me that added confidence that I needed to continue learning.

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