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L.A. Teachers’ Strike, the Egg That Broke Instagram & China’s Historic Moon Landing | The Daily Show

October 24, 2019

Teaching– it’s not an easy job, unless you’re a gym teacher, because then,
you’re allowed to hit the kids. (laughter) I mean, yeah,
they call it “dodgeball,” but we all know the truth. Anyway, too often, educators in America
are not compensated fairly, which is why this happens. Tens of thousands of teachers
in Los Angeles are expected to strike this morning in the nation’s
second largest school district. Educators are demanding
more counselors and librarians, plus a full-time nurse
in every school, in addition
to salary negotiations. Talks broke down Friday
and were not renewed over the weekend. That’s right.
Teachers in the nation’s second largest school district
are striking. So if you’re in L.A., expect to hear some
grammatically-correct chants. “What do we want?”
“More pay!” “From whom do we want said pay?” (laughter) “One at a time.
Please raise your hands.” (laughter) Now I’m not gonna lie.
I’m not gonna lie. It’s hard not to be on the
teachers’ side in this dispute, firstly, because I don’t think
teachers ever get paid enough. And secondly,
they’re also asking for more school counselors
and one nurse per school. That’s like the most reasonable
list of demands I’ve ever heard. Like, I wish bank robbers
were this reasonable. It’ll be like, “I’m not gonna
release the hostages “until you open up
another teller window. “And also, I want the chain
on the pen to be long enough “to reach the thing
I’m trying to write on. Just a long enough chain!” “Not a chance. Not a chance. Kill some hostages,
then we’ll talk.” (laughter) Moving on–
some news on Instagram. It’s where anyone
can be a model, you know? All you need is an ass
and a dream. And now,
there’s a new Instastar. For nearly a year,
Kylie Jenner has held the record for the most liked photo
on Instagram. It was this one here, the first
photo of her daughter Stormi. It’s been liked
a whopping 18 million times. Many thought
that could never be topped, but that was before
World Record Egg. An account with that very name
posted this single photo. It’s a picture of an egg. The caption reads, “Let’s set
a world record together and get the most-liked post
on Instagram.” Well, social media users
accepted that challenge. The egg not only beat
Jenner’s record of 18 million. It crushed it. The egg currently has
26 million likes and counting. The egg has 26 million likes
and counting. Bow down to your new queen. (laughter) This is egg-citing. This egg is so popular,
they actually just announced that it’s going
to be hosting the Oscars. Yeah,
which I’m really happy about, because they’ve never had an egg
before, and if you… Oh, sorry. Hold-hold on. Sorry. Oh. Sorry. I’m being told the egg has been fired
from hosting the Oscars. Apparently, they just found
the egg’s old tweets. -(laughter)
-Really, really sad. So, congratulations, egg. You are the new champion
of social media. I hope you enjoy your time
at the top, because soon, you will find out
that Instagram fame is… over easy. (laughter) Moving on to some news
from China. They’ve not been having
a good time recently, right? Their economy is in trouble. Their infrastructure
is crumbling. And their generals haven’t
invented a new chicken recipe in, like, 50 years. But over the weekend,
they got some good news that sent them over the moon. China has landed a spacecraft
on the dark side of the moon, and now,
we’re all getting a chance to see what it looks like. He’s part of a 12-minute video that the Chinese National Space
Administration released. It will study the moon’s terrain
while it’s there and bring back samples
here to earth. That’s right. China just became
the first nation to land
on the dark side of the moon. And this is a big deal because
this is the side of the moon that we never get to see,
all right? Unless you give it a few drinks
and bring up its ex-wife. And then,
the moon gets dark real quick. And I know… I know it may be
a difficult concept to grasp, but basically, right, because
of the way the moon rotates as it circles the planet,
there’s a whole side of the moon that we’ve never seen
from Earth, all right? It’s like the left side
of Mariah Carey’s face. -(laughter)
-Yeah? It’s never facing us. We don’t know
what’s on the other side. (laughter) So, the question…
the question now is… what will China find? Everyone wants
to know what’s there. My guess is,
the far side of the moon is where
they hide the movie set where they faked
the original moon landing. -(laughter, groaning)
-Think about it. All right, and finally, big news
from the world of sports. The Saints, the Rams,
the Chiefs and the Patriots are all moving on
to the conference championships. And while these teams
are moving on, Chicago is stuck in the past. Chicago, still reeling. You saw the game from
Cody Parkey’s missed field goal. Yeah, in last week’s
Bears-Eagles playoff game. That knocked Chicago out
of the playoffs. So much, in fact, that a Chicago brewery sponsored
“The Parkey Challenge,” where 101 people lined up
and attempted a 43-yard field goal. MAN: Fan after fan continued
to try to kick their way for a successful field goal. Many of them falling down or kicking the stand
in the process. (audience groaning) Whoever came up with this idea
is a genius. (laughter) Yeah. No. You know why?
You know why? Because sports fans always act like they could have won the
game, right, when they’re barely
winning in life. People sitting at home, like,
“You idiot! “You should have passed the ball
earlier, goddamn it! Oh, Mom, my hand is stuck
in the Pringles can again.” (laughter) I think we should do this
for everything. Everyone that has too much of
this when they don’t do the job, be like, “Oh, that pilot’s
landing was horrible.” “All right, Sully, why don’t you
take the controls?” “No. If I was Thor, I would
have gotten Thanos in the head!” “Well, it’s funny you say that, “because Thanos
is outside right now. Uh, why don’t you take
that ax and prove it.” “Oh, I would, but my hand
is stuck in this Pringles can.” But easily, easily,
my favorite attempted field goal was this one. AUDIENCE:
Oh! (laughter) Oh, man. The bright yellow vest was not
the protection that man needed. And now his balls have
a concussion.


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