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KEEP STUDYING! – Best School Motivation [Part 7]

February 14, 2020

as Eric Thomas says you have to give it
everything you’ve got no more TV no more partying no more
playing if you don’t have a 4.0 what you need to be doing is studying get off the
phone sorry I’m not available until the end of this year
you’ve reached the right number but you’ve called me at the wrong time I’m
about to start studying now I dare you to keep retaking your exams over and
over until you pass I dare you to have 100% attendance I dare you to stop
missing classes like you’re soft that’s the problem with a lot of students it’s
a soft generation so they quit everything and if you create a culture
of losing if you keep going through life and not even caring whether you lose or
not if you keep failing and failing your exams because you’re making the same
mistakes again and again if you keep letting it happen then it’s going to
become a culture you need to stop being a victim and start creating the life
that you’re capable of there is no excuse for not living up to your full
potential this will only happen when you stop
waiting for good things to happen to you and you start taking action to make them
happen that means stop waiting for the right
time to study stop waiting until you feel ready just study straight away
stop letting negative people influence you and drag you down with them push
forward I’m going to learn I’m going to fight I’m going to do what
it takes to get the highest grade possible in these exams I’m going to do
everything in my power every single day to stop being a victim and start making
something of my life in the words of Eric Thomas you get from being a loser
low self-esteem doubt in fear but if you can find your way to this side guys it’s
sweeter on this side greatness it’s about getting better never settling
never saying well I got a PhD now so I’m finished
you know at the end of the day when you lay your head down and sleep
if you’ve pushed yourself as hard as you could or if you just took the backseat
and let life do what it wanted with you most of you won’t be successful because
when you get tired you quit there’s no motivation or drive there to push you
through the tiredness you always want to blame other people you always want to
hold other people accountable you’re so quick to point out other people’s flaws
but you never look at yourself and point out your own flaws and if you don’t do
that then you’re not going to improve them and grow there’s a lot of potential
within you a lot of talent but you need to realize that your talent is not going
to create itself your talent isn’t going to nurture itself how much time do you
spend every day debating with yourself whether you should go and study or
procrastinate a little longer well let me give you some advice sometimes you
have to ignore what you’re feeling and just go through the motions you might
feel like watching TV you might feel like doing something you might not feel
like doing something and instead of not doing it just go ahead and go through
the motions get it done get out there and do what you’re supposed to do it’s
the problem most students have they negotiate with procrastination and at
first it’s difficult to overcome but the more you do it the more you make
yourself study even when you don’t feel like it the easier it will become get up
and go and study we all know the students that complain
about their grades they make excuses why they couldn’t achieve higher but because
they’re making excuses they blame everyone else but themselves so they
don’t do anything about it they don’t fix anything they don’t improve anything
so they continue getting the same grades if all you do is complain nothing’s
going to happen in your life be obsessed over your future be consumed by the
possibilities the super-successful don’t stop when they hit their targets they
simply reset and go again that dream is not going to just sit there and wait for
you to come and get it you’ve got to chase it
you’ve got to chase it like a man possessed you’ve got to go and get it so
what are you doing about it you’ve got to take action with your studying find a
solution to your problem don’t be the problem for every action
there is an equal and opposite reaction if you increase your studying by 50%
your grades are also likely to increase and if they don’t
then find out why the feeling of getting the same mediocre grades every exam
every report every assignment the feeling of being tired of getting beaten
up by procrastination the feeling of anxiety and stress every time a deadline
approaches it’s the tiredness that will propel you to have the motivation to
change the desire to get off the ground and stand up and stop eating dirt the
battleground is in your mind that’s where the war is it’s in your head
that’s where the enemy fights that’s where procrastination and
temptations lie as soon as you wake up the battle begins and it continues
throughout the day through temptations and seductions the battle continues and
your friends see you studying and studying they see you studying all day
and you make it look so easy but they have no idea of the gunfire going off in
your head because the real battlefield is in your mind it’s never the situation
you find yourself in it’s always in your head this is your moment this is your
year of transformation complete rethinking re-examining rescheduling
re-evaluating this is the battlefield it’s not exams it’s not reports it’s not
enemies it’s not teachers it’s not parents that’s not the battlefield
stop wasting your time focusing on these things and look within you it is
something that is ingrained in every successful person to look at the
external problems around you and improve and fix yourself to be able to overcome
those problems the ability to push through difficult times the more you
overcome today the easier you will overcome obstacles tomorrow and once you
build up that momentum of improving your productivity it becomes a whole lot
easier and it’s funny how it works the more you study the more you prepare for
your exams the easier your exams will be the easier University will be the easier
it will be to get a good internship or graduate job after you graduate it’s
really very simple the more effort you put into developing yourself and
improving your studying the easier your life will be respect the struggle of
your journey because it’s the struggle that will build you to become stronger
but be persistent keep working on it’s going to be hard but that is an
incredible thing because you’re going to figure it out you will pull through you
have enough time you have enough resources you have
enough commitment you will find a way to smash your exams you will figure things
out when tomorrow comes you might not know what steps to take but believe in
yourself it’s hard dealing with the pressure during exams it’s hard taking
the heat with deadlines looming most people can’t do it
they quit chasing their dreams because it’s too hard that kind of courage and
fearlessness it’s hard breaking bad habits making new habits starting all
over again that’s hard most students won’t do that most people don’t have the
determination and hunger about them that kind of courage and fearlessness only
comes with years and years of pushing yourself stepping outside of your
comfort zone aiming for targets you’re not even sure are possible but when you
finally decide to take control of your own life and decide that despite the
inevitable obstacles despite the difficulties you’re going to face
despite the years of dedication it’s going to take you make a decision that
you’re not going to let anything or anyone get in your way so what if it’s
hard it’s going to be worth it it’s worth it to show the world I’m not just
average like most people it’s worth it to show my friends family and teachers
that I can become something that I am capable of achieving great
things I can achieve whatever I want it’s worth it to me to pay this kind of
price it really doesn’t matter what you’re going through how you deal with
it is all that matters the only way you’re going to push past the mountain
of obstacles the late night studying until 3 in the morning the multiple
deadlines that just keep coming and coming
you need to have extraordinary focus a crystal clear vision of exactly what it
is you’re aiming to achieve whether it’s getting that a grade or 4.0 GPA or
getting into the most prestigious university in the country you need to
work out exactly how you’re going to make it happen you need to make it the
first thing you think about when you wake up it’s only then that you have a
chance because then when that procrastination starts sliding into your
life you will muster the force to destroy that obstacle do you think like
an A student or are you falling back into that C mindset your success is
completely dependent on how you use the 24 hours in your day everyone has the
same amount of time Bill Gates Warren Buffett Will Smith they all have 24
hours and you’ll see this with the students in your class the students
failing their exams you’ll probably notice the same pattern
they wake up whenever they want to wake up they might go to class they might not
it depends if there’s something more interesting on Netflix to watch when
their exams are approaching they don’t care they might start studying the week
before for a few days before or even just the night before don’t fall into
that mindset it’s not okay if you want to get a grades then make it happen you
have to act like you have all the energy in the world because it’s no good just
thinking as though you’re going to make a change it takes action everything that
you’ve ever dreamed of is nothing without action everywhere you look take
a look around you you’re surrounded by people that have impressive dreams but
they stay as dreams because they didn’t take action now look around you again
that iPhone sitting on the table that Samsung TV on the wall that laptop
you’re working on they were all created by people no different to yourself
it’s just that they followed their dreams if you want to be a great student
if you want to be known as that person in your class that does well in every
exam that’s thrown at them then you’re going to be misunderstood by a lot of
people they’re not going to understand why you’re doing it because you’re going
to be so driven and so focused and so disciplined they just won’t get it when
you wake up early and start studying straight away while they’re still asleep
then you go to college and study some more and then you go home and study even
more your classmates will think you’re crazy
they’ll never understand why you do it but you well when the exams come and
your classmates are getting more and more stressed as the exams come closer
you’ll be absolutely fine but it’s not just about the grades sure being able to
stay calm because you know you’ve prepared well for an exam feels good but
it’s more than that it’s about what it represents it’s about who you are as a
person it’s about becoming that person that whatever you touch whatever you get
involved with it turns out incredible and people want to study with you and be
in your group because they know that if you’re involved they’re going to get
results but the reason why not many people are studying at that level is
because it’s difficult to get up early in the morning when you’re tired it’s
raining outside and you have to go to college when you really don’t want to
it’s a long journey you’re going to have times where you feel like you’re not
capable where you have people talking about you behind your back when you feel
like you just want to give up it’s a journey that’s going to be very
uncomfortable but through this journey you will find peace within yourself
confidence self-esteem determination courage all of these things are going to
be found only through difficulties getting uncomfortable and putting
yourself in situations that you don’t want to be in how badly do you want it
how badly do you want to achieve the dreams that you have what are you
willing to give up to achieve them are you willing to give up the
procrastination and the YouTube and the Netflix and the Instagram and the
Facebook are you willing to give up all these things to free up more hours in
the day for working towards your dreams and I mean give it up forever because
two or three or four weeks isn’t good enough you really start to see
improvement when you’re consistent all the successes I’ve had I’ve achieved
them after entering a state of flow for weeks months even years where I had
complete focus on the work I understood that day in and day out I
had to have complete commitment and be 100% consistent I just kept doing the
same thing over and over until I mastered so how about you
did you do what you said you were going to do did you study when you said you
were going to study what did you get distracted and end up procrastinate
there’s always going to be a reason to procrastinate there’s always going to be
something unexpected that happens it’s always going to be that way but people
that succeed stick to the plan regardless you have to commit to not
just talking about it but taking action you


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