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Keep learning: Tips for learning remotely

March 26, 2020

Laurie Elish-Piper: Oh, hi Huskies. As you get ready to finish your classes remotely, I want to share three tips with you. First, make and
follow a schedule and be sure to include time to rest, to exercise, and to eat
healthy. Second, make sure that if you have questions or need help, you reach
out to your professors and to your advisor. We’re all here to help you. And
third, create a virtual study group so that you can stay connected with your
classmates. Remember, Huskies never quit, and together
I know we can do this. Katie Jaeckel: Hey Huskies. My name is Dr. Katie Jaeckel. I’m an Assistant Professor in Higher Education, and I wanted to share with you one of
the most important tips I think that there is about online learning. And that
is to maintain a social presence with one another in your online platforms. So,
that is to say that just because you might be doing this sort of physically
on your own, doesn’t mean that you need to do it on your own socially. Be sure to
engage with your classmates, in your online platforms, still have
conversations, discussions; you can even instant message each other, talk
through some of these topics to really explain through, to give different ideas
because it’s through that discussion and it’s through those means that the ideas
and the deep learning can start take place. I think another really key
important thing about online education and maintaining that social component is
still talking with your faculty members. Asking them questions, asking them for
clarification, having conversations with them to ensure that you understand what
they’re asking but also understanding some of those key concepts that you’re
learning about. So all of this is to say that just because you feel like
you’re on your own maybe in the physical component, you’re not alone as it
pertains to learning. We’re all in this together, and it’s important to remember
to keep discussing things, talking through these big ideas in the
technology that we have access to. Good luck for the rest of the semester. Go

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