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Ikenberry Dining Center | Touring Time at the University of Illinois

February 14, 2020

Hail to the Orange, Hail to the Blue At the University of Illinois, we like Ike… …Ikenberry Dining Center, that is! Named after Stanley O. Ikenberry, fourteenth president of the university and highly regarded campus luminary, the dining hall builds on his legacy of enriching students one Illinois waffle at a time. The Ike is an example of the finest college dining out there. Are you in the mood for a grilled chicken breast or a beef kabob? Perhaps you’re a vegetarian in search of a Beyond burger. The Ike houses eight restaurant-style stations, including Don’s Chophouse, Baked Expectations, Penne Lane, and Soytainly. That’s not to mention several self-serve stations where you can make your own ice cream sundae, waffles, or sandwich… …or all those at once! There is no doubt you’ll want to eat here every day. It is just that tasty. Make sure to stop by for a bite when you tour the University of Illinois.

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