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How to turn TV dialog into audio flashcards for learning a new language

March 26, 2020

Hi, today I’m going to show you how you
can take some TV dialogue and turn it into audio flashcards for learning a
language using Knowclip and Anki. I’m learning Japanese, so here I’ll just
create my new project file. Here you can see sort of what the flashcards are
going to end up looking like in the end. Now to create our project and add
some media. Here I’ve got an episode of Polar Bear Cafe, one of my favorites. And
Knowclip just detected that I have some embedded English subtitles in my video
file, so I’ll just hook that up to the meaning field, and now I can just use Knowclip like any other media player, except, because I added those subtitles, I can
now navigate through the dialogue at my own pace. And of course, this is really
useful for learning a language because in case you didn’t catch something
somebody just said, just press the buttons and go back one line of dialogue.
No need to finagle with any rewind buttons! I’m gonna add some Japanese subtitles
before continuing because I want to practice my reading as well as my
listening. I’ll hook this up to the transcription field and now you can see right here we have the Japanese and English texts in parallel. So now
to create some flashcards you can just drag on waveform right here, and you can
see now we have a clip that we just made there. And we can manipulate this clip
however we see fit. So yeah, that’s the basic idea. Just watch the video, enjoy, and if you see and if you sentence that you like, just grab it! You
can even edit the text in case the subtitles files aren’t perfect, which is often the case. And then once you’re done
watching and you’re happy with all your card and clips, you can go ahead and export your Anki deck. Now, here you have a chance to just
review everything to make sure it all looks good and if it does, just name your
file, press save, then within a matter of seconds you’ve got you’re ready to use
Anki deck. So let’s open up that deck we just made. Here you can see we’ve got
two notes that were imported so let’s open up that deck. And there you go! For each clip that we made we’ve got
a card complete with image, sound, and of course the text from our subtitles. And
that’s basically all you need! But before wrapping this up, I just want to share one last feature, and that’s fill-in-the-blank cards, also known as cloze deletion
cards. So say you’re watching your video and you come across a word that you just really want to remember, like something that really stands out. So you can just highlight it,
press this button, and now we have a fill-in-the-blank card. We can see you we have a clip here just like before, except we also have our word highlighted there. And we can even create multiple blanks if we want to. Now, maybe that was a little bit
fast, so to get a better idea of what we just did, let’s take a look over here and
now we can see we have a little preview of two fill-in-the-blank cards that we
just made. Now let’s take a look in Anki and see how this actually looks like in
the end. So here you can we got our two words that we highlighted over there,
and now exporting works just like before. It’s the exact same process, no difference. We’ll just overwrite this file that we
made before. And now let’s open that deck up again. Here you can see we’ve got a
couple new notes and you’ll notice we end up with a listening card just like
before. But in addition, we have a fill in the blank card. Now, if you remember we made two of these, right? So we have one for “goro-goro” her and one for “isogashii”. So yeah, that’s the gist of it! I hope you’re now interested to try the app out, in which case please feel free to go to to download it. It’s
completely free to both download and use And if you’re interested in seeing more tips and tricks videos like ,this subscribe to this channel. And if you find the app
useful please consider supporting me on Patreon. All Patreon supporters will get
access to beta releases meaning you’ll be able to test out all the new features
as soon as I develop them, and you’ll be helping me improve the app. And, yeah! Thanks for watching! Ciao!

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