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How Kellogg Evolved its Learning Culture with LinkedIn Learning

February 13, 2020

(happy music) – It’s been said that the ability to learn
faster than competitors is the only sustainable advantage you may have as an organization. You really need to have
a strong foundation for learning and growth, if you truly want to build
a meaningful employer brand. – I’ve been at Kellogg
for almost 16 years, and so, I’ve seen a lot of evolution in how we approach learning at Kellogg. We used to be primarily instructor led. We had to fly a lot of people in to go through courses several days a time. We weren’t being agile enough to be able to do what we needed to do from a learning perspective. (happy music) – Our promise to people who become part of the organization is, we want to make sure that
they are able to grow, to thrive, to really develop their careers and build skills as Kellogg employees. We identified LinkedIn Learning
as a potential platform because of quality and
consistency of content. We can use data to assign, to recommend, to really help people when they need it. – My goal for learning
and development at Kellogg is that it’s not about the
HR team or the L&D team out there pushing, pushing, pushing and trying to convince people that it’s time to go learn something new. It’s being driven by employees. – So, when we’re getting ready
to launch LinkedIn Learning, we needed something catchy, we needed to put together almost
like a marketing campaign. We had big launch events
at different sites, informed them of what the product was, and then we’ve been formally
recognizing colleagues from around the world, who are effectively completing courses. – We had a bit of a contest to say what would our hashtag be? And one of the things that came back that everybody immediately loved was, I got this. – I got this. – I got this. – And the reason behind
this is that each person in the organization can be responsible of their own development. That’s why we say I got this. Because it’s our own responsibility. I think we have a great learning culture here at Kellogg. Everyone has the opportunity
to develop their own skills. – You know, a lot of companies will say their employees their biggest asset, but very few actually translate
those words into action. Having LinkedIn Learning
makes me think of Kellogg as a long term employer because I have the
resources to improve myself. If I am working on something, I will have LinkedIn Learning. It’s like boom, there’s
the solution for me to get my project done. – My advice to you would be
to understand the business. Be about the business
first and learning second. Get influencers, change agents, champions around the business
to be your spokespeople. Tell stories of impact to
help with your overall growth and achieving your results.

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