How I Nailed a Midday Runner Thanks to a Student Alert

March 26, 2020

– [Tim] All right, what’s
up, Tim Sykes here. Just wanted to do a quick video. Pretty crazy how fast stocks
can spike and NBDR is up 300%. I gotta give props for this pic, I just made a little over 1,000 and I only had a small position but made you know, 100% of my money buying in the twos selling in the fives midday literally just finished
a trading challenge webinar. And one of the questions was
like, when do I buy midday? And I was like, well, if the
news is, you know breaking, I might buy midday, I’m not
looking to trade midday. So this is how crazy
useful the chatroom is. I know a lot of people say oh, the chatroom is full of noise. When you have like so many
people watching stocks, I mean, so I have two chatrooms
in case you didn’t realize. TimAlerts and TimChallenge. All of my top students are
coming from the challenge. And this chatroom is a little different where these people have
access to all my DVDs, all my video lessons. Tim Grittani’s webinars you
know like I think he has like 50 or 60 webinars so they
have archived webinars and live webinars and I’ll post a link if you wanna join my challenge
underneath this video if you’re in my challenge
study up because there’s so much knowledge but I had literally just given a midday
webinar, wasn’t looking to trade was just you know, I scheduled it midday specifically to kind of answer questions so that I wouldn’t be tempted to trade. I had a decent trade this morning on WTRH as it was breaking the day high, this is a food delivery
type play ugly chart but I was buying it in the low 40s sold it for small gains actually
went to the mid 50s so I underestimated that. NBDR the only reason that I found it and you
know, it actually spiked and now it’s holding
right around five cents. I wouldn’t chase it now up 300% but the only reason I found it, this is why I love my chatroom, especially the challenge chatroom and new challenge students,
please just appreciate how good the chatroom is. This is why I think everyone
should be a challenge student, especially now when, you know,
we have to really frankly, stay home more, you have more time. But if you’re in the challenge chat, it is such a beautiful community. I mean, TimAlearts is useful too don’t get me wrong, but challenge because they have access to everything. And you know, there’s a
hefty upfront investment, I’m not gonna lie about the challenge. They’re more committed students and you get to choose
your dedication level. You know, not everyone
can be that dedicated, especially if you have school or a job, although I guess school was
canceled for the next few weeks, and most jobs are in danger too. But long story short, I’m
just excited right now. Sorry for my being crazy. Everyone was thanking me for the webinar, you know, being good and
as I was signing off, like you know, I have
software for a webinar that just records my screen. As I was signing off as I
saw all these thank yous, I saw this, and Schultzy, you know, just a random student who’s
only up, what is this? Let me see, Shultzy is up $772. So not like one of my top students at all but Shultzy said NBDR CV news. So as I mean, I wish I had seen this before I closed the webinar, I would have extended the webinar so people could have
seen me trade it live, but I was literally closing
the webinar software. And I saw this pop up right in the middle of everyone saying thank you, Tim. And I saw this and I clicked
it and I was like, what? NBDR, like what I’ve
never heard of this stock. And so I clicked the news. And the news, I mean,
as I’m filming this now it was 34 minutes ago,
but when I clicked it, I think it was the news
was like six minutes ago or seven minutes ago. And it was NBDR launches
stay at home coronavirus, home specimen collection test
and the stock was spiking. Okay, so the news was out and
the stock was already spiking. And I got it at 2 1/2 right in here, and it already spiked from 1 1/2. So I didn’t get a big
position, dollar size. But again, this is why I love teaching. Not only is the chatroom so hugely useful, but this is a trade that
any single person can do. Okay, let me just do
the math here real quick ’cause I made a little over 1,000 and I put in a little over 1,000. So this kind of trade gets
mocked by Wall Street. I’ve heard it my entire
20 plus year career. All right, they say who cares
about making $1,000 you know, the stock moves so fast,
you have to be watching all the time. First of all, you don’t have
to be watching all the time. I frankly got a little lucky here that I was just I was watching. You know the big number of thank yous in my challenge chatroom and
in between the thank yous was this one you know message CV news. CV stands for coronavirus
in case you’re wondering. So I’m always interested in
breaking news with coronavirus. Normally I don’t look to trade midday, I know I’m gonna get that question like, come on, Tim, you say don’t trade midday
but if there is breaking news, and the stock is spiking,
okay, that is fantastic. That is exactly what I want to see. Like, this is the only time
that I’m gonna really try to buy midday, very rarely
will I ever buy a stock if it’s just breaking out
or you know, dipping midday maybe I guess if there was
like a big enough midday crash. Sometimes that happens,
on like a multi-day winner but the best time for me to buy midday is when there’s breaking
news and a stay-at-home-test which frankly is better. Like if you look at a lot
of these testing place, you know, there’s tests but you have to go to the place like there’s
drive-through tests, there centers now but like anytime you go to a place where they’re
doing testing for coronavirus, anybody who’s getting
the test probably thinks that they have it. So you don’t really want
to go to these busy places even if it is drive-through,
we still don’t even know, you know, what if it gets in the air? What if it goes to your air
conditioning vent, like, I would rather just take the test at home that’s just, you know, simple logic. So when this little company. this little low-price company
has this breaking news midday and you can see the spike, it was already spiking by the way. Okay so I would be very careful
about just any stock with, you know, coronavirus news, but the stock was already spiking, and I actually put it in an order I think for like 150,000 shares,
I got like a third of it, so it spiked too fast. I didn’t wanna chase it. So this alert again, this is the beauty of all time stamped Schultzy,
my challenge student alerted at 1:38 I got my execution at 1:41. And the rest was history
by the time it was 1:44 it was at five even now here 2:10, I mean, it’s still, the spread is crazy. Like, again, this is
why I wouldn’t chase it ’cause the spread is
4.1 cents by 4.6 cents. So the spread is over 10%. But again, I just locked in
roughly 100% with a small size. So as much as Wall Street
mocks, making $1,000, traders mock making $1,000. I’ve spoken at conferences
before where I’m up on stage and I make like three,
I remember specifically I made $350 on Fannie Mae, and I was like, yeah, I made 350 today. And someone on stage like, I’m talking with like billionaires and
big hedge fund managers. And you know, because of my big mouth, I’m on this stage a lot. And they were like
making fun of me thinking that I had only made $350,000. And they’re like, oh, you made $350,000, that’s really small. And I was like, no, I made $350. And they were like, I spend
more than that on my lunch like, that is the difference that
we’re taking advantage of here. So some people say like,
how is this possible? How, do you keep having these, you know, 20, 30, 50, 100% winners? It’s because it’s such small
size, it is low hanging fruit. And I think that you as an
individual trader, investor, you know, somebody who
has to probably stay home, can profit off this. And it’s not always
gonna be me, alerting it. That’s the beauty. That’s why I’m so happy
that Schultzy alerted this. Again, I was just being thanked
at the end of my webinar. And I saw this news, thank God
out of the corner of my eye. And again, I wouldn’t be
chasing this now in the fours but there was opportunity
before it spiked 287%. I mean, this is actually
pretty holding it pretty well, with the market crashing 10%. I might look to rebuy this
before the market close. But either way, this was a
student alerted opportunity. I took the meat of the move. And that is a good example. And to everyone saying like,
oh, you know, like $1,000. Like, it doesn’t mean that much. I mean, first of all, I donate all of my trading profits to charity. And second of all, it’s not
just about the 1,200 or 1,300, or even if I made 10,000, it’s
not about the dollar amount. It’s the process, and that
is why I’m so proud to teach because there will be more breaking news. There will be more plays like this. And frankly, if you’re
in the TimAlert chatroom, or better yet the challenge
chatroom, you have hundreds of pairs of eyes looking for
news, so that you don’t have to necessarily be on top of your game. Like I didn’t, I wasn’t
looking for the news. I didn’t see this, I was
finishing up a webinar and one of my students found this. And I just recognize the opportunity ’cause I’ve seen so many
breaking news plays. So thank you Schultzy,
thank you to everybody in the chatroom. Keep alerting opportunities like this. That’s the beauty of these chatrooms. Yes, there’s a lot of
noise but at the same time, our chatroom is frankly
better than other chatrooms because we weed out the noise. We don’t just throw out random takers. We have a process and I encourage you to keep learning this process. Thank you, Schultzy, thank you everybody. I’ll see you guys in the chatroom.

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