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His Eminence Dagyab Rinpoche – The Importance of Lifelong Learning

March 26, 2020

I don’t think that I have any wise or helpful
words for practitioners! The Importance of Lifelong Learning But, I always refer to the Dalai Lama’s message. The Dalai Lama has expressed so strongly again
and again, that we as Buddhists need to practice with
a proper understanding of Buddhism. That means, without knowing, practicing with
blind faith, it won’t help ourselves or others. Therefore, as soon as we are interested in
Buddhism, we need to study, study, study properly! As good as possible! Although you might be reaching 80 years like
me, I’m also very interested in reading and learning
and studying, and listening to many teachings through YouTube. It’s very helpful for me. So even if you are over 100, of course you have the possibility to study! So, blind faith practice is not helpful, but proper practice with understanding is
very helpful. Thank you so much!

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