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Get to Know: Dr. Channing Moreland

February 14, 2020

I worked at UPMC Presbyterian and Montefiore hospital I realized that I wanted to help in a different capacity and so I transitioned to social services and mental health I’ve worked in K through
12 education, project management affordable housing, and the local
government, in psychiatric hospital settings, outpatient settings, community
mental health. I also teach multicultural counseling here and so I think all of
those experiences all of those skills has really allowed me to find my sweet
spot and I believe that I’m in it. I believe the Wellness pavilion is unique
because it really offers consistent wellness services free of charge it will
be student-led it really creates an opportunity for the youth of Homewood to
get engaged and to obtain more information and knowledge about
healthcare related services. Wellness to me is when you’re looking good and
feeling good. You’re attending to your physical health your emotional health
your mental health and have really great relationships with the people who you
want to have great relationships with right you feel loved and accepted you
feel like you’re a part of something that’s really meaningful and bigger than
you. My hope is that the residents of Homewood and the surrounding communities
come into our space and feel welcome to feel empowered to make decisions related
to their healthcare related to their wellness my hope is that community
members will come in and feel heard I hope that the students will gain a new
perspective on culture there are many aspects and dimensions of culture such
as religion such as just a style of dress child rearing and so I want the
students to be able to learn more about culture I believe it will be a space
where students will learn more about their own biases right and be able to
practice culture to militate and that is acknowledging that you don’t know what
you don’t know but you are seeking to understand and I believe those
experiences will extend beyond the classroom beyond Pitt I’m really
excited for the students to step outside of what they’re familiar with and really challange
themselves and push themselves and be comfortable with being uncomfortable
because that’s where growth happens I’m just really excited to just be able to
meet a need fill a gap in the community

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