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February 14, 2020

Great hair, an attitude and great lip gloss
— you know what that means? That’s right, we’re talking about high
school you. And chances are, it’s a far cry from child
you. Or rather, very far. Let’s explore the comparisons between high
school you vs child you. Affection Child you Remember your very first crush? Sweaty palms and a racing heart were a regular
occurrence, especially when sitting next to them. Hmm… Do you like me? Kevin has a crush on me? Oh my goodness, Kevin is my one true love! I’m going to answer this letter right away
to let Kevin know I heart him. Eee! I can’t wait to tell my mom! Please be yes, please be yes… Aw, isn’t young love simply the cutest? If only talking to your crush stayed this
carefree and easy. Oh god, too far, too far! Then there’s high school you. Um guys? Think you could come up for air anytime soon? Teenagers and their hormones, am I right? Your first bra Child you Okay, Bella, today’s the big day. You think we’re ready to do this? Okay, it’s time to try on our very first
bras! AHH!!! Just wait ’til we walk into class with these
on! And high school you. Ugh could that day have been any longer? First thing’s first — get this stupid
bra off me right now! Ah, sweet relief. Why do we even wear those things anyway? Lockers Child you In a sea of unoriginal lockers, you’ve got
to do everything you can to make yours authentically you. And of course, that means tons of Hello Kitty! Woah, you need sunglasses to look into that
thing! And let me guess, your favorite color is hot
pink? Well, it’s off to class, now but I’ll
be back in an hour, sweet, perfect locker. High school you Once you get a little older, you get too busy
with stuff to worry about a stupid locker. Or go to the trash can, apparently. Geez, how do you even go through that much
gum, anyway? Well, it’s better than under a desk, I guess. Picking clothes Child you Yes! It’s finally time to get out of bed! Aw, I love you too, Mr. Teddy. And one of the best parts about waking up
is finding something awesome to wear to school. Let’s see, what do we feeling like putting
on today? Wow, look at all those awesome pieces to choose
from! So many colors! Oh yeah, Dumbo’s my favorite Disney movie. But I still need one more thing to make this
outfit complete… I was more in the mood to be a princess today! Actually, this doesn’t quite feel right. There we go, much better. High school you Oh man, is it 7 am already? I feel like I just went to bed. I guess I’ll get ready for school. Ughh, my body hurts. I’d love to stay in my pjs all day but I
guess I’ll change into something else. Let’s see what we’re working with here. Why are all my clothes so ugly? I gotta go shopping. Ugh, I still have to get dressed, don’t
I? Well, I’m already wearing clothes, so why
make things more complicated? Well, I’m glad we settled that. Doing homework Child you Man, these fractions really make you think! Oh, wow, what a great trick! Watch out! We’ve got a million new books comin’ our way! Gah! These are so heavy I almost fell bringing them over here! Let’s get started on these, we’ve got
so much fun stuff to learn! I wonder how many times you can divide 200
by 5? High school you Oh man, this woman just cracks me up! How on earth does she do that? Uh oh, I forgot I really should be studying
for the chemistry exam tomorrow. Why do I always have some stupid test to study
for? I guess I’d better get it over with, right? I wonder what ever happens in the video. What if I miss something important? Haha! Glad I didn’t miss that hilarious fall. Meh, forget it, I’ll probably fail that
test anyway, who cares. Hair Child you One of the funnest things to do when hanging
with your girlfriends is doing your hair! I almost forgot about these awesome hair ties
and clips I got with my cousin last weekend. Let’s see how many we can put in our hair,
okay? Oh my gosh, are those what I think they are? Can you hand me one? The pink bow will look amazing in your hair,
Bella! Ooh, and that one too! When it comes to hair accessories, you can
never have too many! Well, Bella? How do you like it?? I feel like a queen that’s wearing a million
sparkling jewels in her hair! I’m so wearing these to school on Monday! But first, do you want to do the same thing
with your hair? High School You Yikes, time to brush out that nasty, tangled
rat’s nest on your head. Ugh, why do I even need to brush it anyway,
who cares? It’s just so much work using hot hair tools
and crazy-looking brushes. Or I could just throw it up into a bun and
call it a day. Oh yeah, I’m a total genius. When it comes to doing your hair, let’s
not and say we did! And in hair language, that means a good old
trusty messy bun. After school Child you School’s over and it’s finally time to
have some fun! And we’re having a play date! Woohoo! Uh oh, pillow fight time! And hide and go seek! Okay! I’m almost done counting to ten! High school But when you’re a little older, coming home
after school with your friends looks a little different. Um, girls? I you’re gonna be on your phone the whole time, what’s the point of hanging out? My lunch selfie got 30 likes! Ha! Nice milk mustache. Oh boy, this is getting kind of ridiculous. Guys, it’s been 20 minutes! Aren’t you ever going to speak to each other? Oops, gotta go! Lunch Child you Every single day, your mom is sweet enough
to make your lunch. And when twelve o’clock rolls around, opening
up your food is like enjoying a little piece of home. What did my mommy pack me today? Looks like my favorite — turkey and cheese! But wait, there’s more! Eeeeh! My favorite banana smoothie! And a zesty orange for dessert? My mom’s the best! Bella! Looks like great moms think alike, right? High school you Oh look, Mom packed my lunch again, whooptie-doo. So what will Bella eat today for lunch at
school, you ask? Yes! The teacher turned around so I can finally eat my candy bar. Woah! was that my stomach? Geez, who brought a lion onto class? I guess I could share my snack, sounds like
Bella needs it more than I do. Geez, Bella, way to be polite. Could you relate to any of this child vs teenager
scenarios? Be sure to share them with your buddies to
give them a good laugh! And as always, don’t forget to subscribe
to 123Go’s YouTube page for more awesome videos like this one!


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