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December 9, 2019

– Ugh! Oh, this is–
oh, no, no! – (gasping) AAAH! No! (whimpering) Oh my gosh! – Oh. Oh, he broke something. Oh! ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we’re doing
a try not to look away challenge. – Oh, [bleep].
I’m gonna lose. I feel like I get
grossed out by so many things. – I might do good on these. It takes a lot
to make me uncomfortable. – (FBE) And this time,
we’ve added a little twist. – Is it my biggest fears
that you asked me about? – I got an email
about what I’m afraid of and what disgusts me
and I was like, “That’s never a good sign.” – (FBE) We recently
reached out to all of you to ask you what
your biggest fears were. – No, you’re actually using
that information? – And so we’ve incorporated elements
of that into the videos that we have selected. – This is why I have
trust issues, guys. – (FBE) And as always,
we’re gonna have you rate them on a scale of 1-5,
whether or not you looked away and based on how hard
to watch you thought they were. – Okay, for sure.
I’m not gonna look away. I’ve seen some pretty crazy [bleep]. (cockroaches munching) – (gasping)
Cockroaches! – Cockroaches [bleep] suck! – Aaah-ha-ha!
Aah-ha-ha-ha-ha! I feel them all over me! – I’m not bothered by this.
I think they’re cute. – They’re animals.
They’re getting their food. They need to eat, too. – You’re a dick! You know I hate apple cores. – Oh my god, my apartment
had cockroaches once and it was the worst. – Okay, it ended. I was like, “It never ends.” – (FBE) On a scale of 1-5,
how bad was that one? – That’s a one. – A one.
Bugs don’t scare me. – A three. – I’ll give it a two. – Two. Watching is different
than actually looking at it in real life. – I’ll give it a three. – A two? – A one? Sound is a little bit gross. Sometimes you can hear them crawling. – That was a one. If they were right here,
that’d be a different story. – A five. Can it get worse? – Oh, yeah!
That’s a good one. – I feel in the pit of my stomach
the fear of [bleep], this guy’s gonna fall. – Bro, what are you doing?! What are you–?!
(yelping) Those bumps. – (queasily) Oh god. Oh my god, if
you could hear my heart. It’s beating– (squeaking) – This is insane.
He better not die. – Is that a round pole? Dude, this guy’s got great balance. – Stop! Two people?
Hey, don’t touch her, bro! – OH MY GOD! – That stressed me out,
but I didn’t feel a need to look away. – That was fun. That just makes
me want to go do stuff. – (FBE) Do you know
why we picked that one or–? – Because I’m scared of heights? Yeah! Over my dead body! That is a nightmare. – I’d give it a one.
That wasn’t hard to watch. – One? That was just exciting for me. – Four. That was scary! – I’ll give it a one. – A solid five. Go walk on some solid ground.
Go get some pizza. Why are you doing this to your life? – Three. Were they trying to die? – A good two because
my hands are sweaty. – I’d rate it a one.
I can look at it. – That was a four. When he rode over that,
oh my god! – For me, that was a solid three. You’re literally taunting death. You ever see Final Destination, bitch? (vomiting) (vomiting) – Nah! No, dude. (vomiting) – I hate seeing people throw up. And the noise of it. Ugh! – Oh god. Oh god,
oh god, oh god, oh god. I can’t. Oh, I have to look away.
I can’t. That is the worst! (gagging) – (gasping) Oh my god! (vomiting) I’m not even looking! Oh my god, the sound! (vomiting)
– Oh, these are getting worse. (laughing) – (laughing) – Huh, me at practice. – That was so funny! I feel bad for him.
That was not bad at all. – I didn’t write that one down,
but that’s a new one. I forgot about that one.
That is horrible! – Let’s do three. – A one. – Five, I looked away right away. – A hardcore five. – Five. That was nasty. – Four. – A four.
That’s disgusting. – One. – Two. – Five, five, five. I will let you put
a tarantula on this table before I watch another video
of someone throwing up. ♪ (rock and roll music) ♪ – Ugh, what is that?! – Ah! Ah! – That’s disgusting!
Oh my god! Ew! Sheila, you’ve
gone through this so long. You can do it! – What is happening? Aaah! No, don’t go closer. – I don’t want to know what this is. I don’t– at least there’s
some good background music. – Ugh! Oh, this is–
ugh, no, no! That was in his nose?! – No way! Oh my god! – That’s my fear
and I’m gonna overcome it. Oh [bleep]! Oh, gosh, [bleep]!
I didn’t say that. [Bleep]! Oh my god!
I looked away! – Where is this coming out of? Where is it?
Oh, it’s the nose. – It’s a forest in there, man. – Oh, wow. Oh, wow.
Oh, wow. – Why is there video footage of that?! – That was my fear.
I told you guys that. – I pick my nose 25 times a day.
When I’m sitting in traffic, like, I have to get this out. – Three because it was really gross. – Two, just because
I was just terrified. – A one. – A three. – A five. It looked like a planet
inside of his nose. – Three. – Five right there. – Five. That was horrible. – Four. It kept going.
It kept going back in. – I’m a hardcore nose picker, so a two. I’ll admit to that!
I have no shame. – (cameraman)
If you don’t like spiders… – (gasping) AAAH! No. Oh my gosh! – What the [bleep] is that? Oh, no! Oh! – (cameraman) I think
they’re pretty good, though, to have around.
– I like this commentary. – (cameraman) If you’re
not freaked out by spiders. – I’m not. – (tittering) Nope, I really hate it.
Nope, really hate it. Nope, nope, nope.
Done. Turn it off. – (snorting) I already looked away! Legs! It’s the legs!
Ewwww! (gasping and screaming) – (cameraman) Can
you feel them crawling on your skin right now?
– Yo, dude. I swear to God–
I just got goosebumps. – (cameraman) Crazy, crazy.
Daddy longleg calling. – Okay, that’s gross. – I like spiders. I actually want a tarantula.
They’re cute! – Look at that.
I got chills. Spiders are the worst. – A one. – Two out of five. I’m not too afraid
of spiders in general. – That’s a one. – That specific video is a one. – That was a five.
I couldn’t watch. I screamed! – That was a five.
I couldn’t. – Three. Not ideal. – That’s a one.
I’m okay with spiders. – Four. – Five. I really don’t like spiders. – Kids, man. I already see where this is going. – Oh, dude, if he breaks something,
I’m gonna flip [bleep]. – Oh, that’s not that bad. Oh! Oh! Yo! That looked like it hurt so bad. – No, I’m not looking!
I’m not looking! I’m not looking!
I don’t want to hear it! Is it a broken bone?
Oh, I’m not even looking at it. (gasping) – Oh! Oh, he broke something. Oh! Oh! I looked away because that’s gross! – (gasping) Oh my– – Oh, fu–! OH!! I just saw it! – (laughing) I’m sorry. I’m mean for laughing. His arm just went plop. – Oh my god. – Yeah, that’s bad.
Oh, wrist out there. – I’ve gotten every trampoline
injury in the book, man. No problem. – I’ve dislocated and fractured
many bones in my body. I can dislocate my shoulders. So that’s fine. – Five, for sure. – A good five. – That’s a four. – Five. That was graphic. – That’s a one. I’ve experienced it.
I’ve lived through it. – That’s a five. – I’d give it a one. – I feel like a four. – One. If he was freaking out,
then I would have freaked out. – Five. Seriously, I
hate broken bones so much. If my kid has a broken bone,
I might be like, “You’re on your own.” – (FBE) Okay, cool,
ready for the last one? – Oh, yeah.
– (FBE) You sure? – Oh, yes! Nothing could be– aaaaah! – No! No! No!
No! No! That’s MEAN!! – Oh my god!
What are they doing? – I go to the optometrist
all the time. Yeah, no, sorry.
I already lost, so I’m good. – Oh my gosh, this is so gross,
but I want to watch it. – I didn’t even put this,
but whoever did is a genius. Eyes [bleep] me up! – I wanted to be
an optometrist at one point, so this is beautiful to me. – The doctor is saying,
“Yo, my son, keep your eyes up because if you look the other way,
I’m gonna [bleep] hit your retina and we don’t want that.”
Oh, damn! – (giggling) What is it? Aaah! Oh god. – Is that a pencil?! – How the [bleep]
do you get a pencil tip stuck in your eyeball? – Shout-out to this doctor.
That’s [bleep] epic. I did not expect
a [bleep] pencil tip to come out. – I really don’t like eyeball things. I can’t watch people put in contacts. I can’t wear contacts. – That’s a four. – I would give that a five. – Five, six.
That’s bad. – That one takes the cake! Five… and then some! – That’s a one. It’s more intriguing to me.
That’s, like, I want to watch. – Four, but I couldn’t look away. – Five! Six! Ugh! It’s just the easiest access
into your brain. Ugh, hell no. – Five, for sure. I don’t know how I watched that. I was kind of intrigued
just because it was so gross. – Two. It was more fascinating
to me than anything. – That was a five. I don’t understand how
this could happen to you! – (FBE) What do you want to say
to your fellow reactors on facing their biggest fears today?
– Good job, guys. We got through it! – Your fears scared me
more than my fears, so now I have new fears.
Thank you. – If you made it through the video
without looking away of the things you’re afraid of,
I’m terrified of you. You are on my list now
of things I’m afraid of. – Thanks for watching this episode
of College Kids React. – Subscribe and hit that bell
like Julian Alvarez. – Big shout-out to Michelle’s Price
and Trent for hanging out with us in the comments. – Bye! Thanks for watching! – Hey, guys, Ethan here from FBE. Thank you so much
for watching this episode of College Kids React. Do you have a video that you think
will make the college kids look away from the screen? Let us know what
it is in the comments. – How long do I have to do this?
– Until the video’s over!


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