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October 23, 2019

♪ (industrial music) ♪ – ♪ Well, I know when you’re around,
’cause I know the sound ♪ – (gasps) The 1975. – Is this the 1975? ♪ (indie synthpop) ♪ – He’s so cute.
– He is really cute. – I’m gonna be completely honest.
I don’t really like this band. – Ugh! I got into them
my senior year of high school. – ♪ …when you’re around,
’cause I know the sound ♪ ♪ I know the sound of your heart ♪ ♪ I can’t believe I forgot… ♪ – I wanted hair like that so bad
when I was in high school. – ♪ Oh baby, won’t you come again? ♪ ♪ She said, “I’ve got a problem
with your shoes and your tunes ♪ ♪ But I might move in” ♪ ♪ Well, I know when you’re around,
’cause I know the sound ♪ ♪ I know the sound of your heart ♪ – Ooh. This is groovy. – It’s just so catchy. – ♪ I know the sound of your heart ♪ ♪ It’s not about reciprocation ♪ ♪ It’s just all about me ♪ ♪ A sycophantic, prophetic ♪ ♪ Socratic junkie wannabe ♪
– I don’t like this. – ♪ There’s so much… ♪
– They’re just so angsty and… “Is this a joke?” Okay, I’m
supposed to be analyzing this. – I’m so confused. “Do people
really still make music like this?” – Are these actual comments? – “This band thinks it has
a charismatic singer. They are mistaken.” (chuckles) – These are critics, like,
getting mad at him. – This seems like about
how people criticize art. – ♪ I know the sound of your heart ♪ – “Punch-your-TV obnoxious.” What the heck? These people are so rude. – ♪ Well, I know when you’re around,
’cause I know the sound ♪ ♪ I know the sound of your heart ♪
– ♪ (humming along) ♪ – I like it. It’s just kind of pointing to the idea that it’s far easier to criticize
other people’s creations than to actually make something yourself. – Everything feels totally wrong. – Oh, see, look. He looks complete–
– (shushing) He’s talking. – (gasps) They’re British.
– (Matty) We’re not a pop band. And it feels like a really pop video. The whole scenario’s
not really what we’re about. It needs to be black
and white for a start. – (laughs) ♪ (The 1975, “Girls”) ♪
– Oh, I love this song! – Has he ever smiled? – I know them. Oh my god, wait. – ♪ Bite your face to spite your nose ♪ ♪ 17 and a half years old ♪
– That’s a good lyric. – ♪ Worrying about… ♪
– Wait, okay. Hold up, I like this part. – Oh god. Half-naked women with guitars that are gonna act
like they’re gonna play, but they don’t know what they’re doing. – Oh my gosh. This is 1975. – I love it. – ♪ …just girls breaking hearts ♪
– ♪ (sings along) ♪ – ♪ And eyes bright, uptight ♪ ♪ Just girls ♪ ♪ A pair of frozen hands to hold ♪ ♪ Oh, she’s so southern so she… ♪ – He is so unamused by everything. You have really attractive girls cooking on a grill right behind you. – ♪ Eyes bright, uptight, just girls ♪ – Is it 1975? Ah! Hee. – ♪ Destined to be hard ♪ – I feel like maybe they’re making– not making fun of pop music,
but they’re commentating on it. – ♪ “I can’t take you” ♪ ♪ I know you’re looking
for salvation in the secular age” ♪ – You know, I feel like
this should be the soundtrack to, like, Sixteen Candles
or The Breakfast Club. – ♪ Wrestle to the ground ♪ ♪ God help me now because ♪ ♪ They’re just girls ♪ – They’re really pretty.
– Put some clothes on. – (grossed out) Oh! (laughs) Spitting out Pepto-Bismol. – I love this song. ♪ (song ends) ♪ – Oh! What? No way! Yes! I like it. He smiled
at the end. I’m happy. – I liked it. I was confused by it though. I don’t know if I was trying
to look too deeply into it because of the other video. – I love the 1975. I’m probably gonna go back home
and listen to them now. ♪ (industrial music) ♪ – (Finebros) So do you have
any idea who this group is? – I have no idea. – No. – The 1975. – It’s kind of hard not
to know who this band is, when, like, every girl
I’ve ever met is like, “Oh my god, Matt Healy is so hot.” – (both) 1975. – A YouTuber by the name of Ingrid
or, I think, Missglamorazzi had them on her “Favorites of May.” – I was in my friend’s car, I think. And the song “Chocolate”–
I think that’s what it’s called– that song was playing. And my friend just could not stop going, ♪ Never gonna quit it, no,
I’m never gonna quit it, no ♪ – (Finebros) Well,
they’re called the 1975. – Oh, okay. I actually have them
on my Spotify playlist. I didn’t know that they
were that male. (chuckles) – Oh, I know them. They’re the classic, staple
Urban Outfitters song band. You walk into Urban Outfitters,
1975 is playing. – (Finebros) The first music
video we showed you was for a song called “The Sound,” which is on their newest album. And it’s gotten almost 11 million views. – (gasps) Wow, good for them. – (Finebros) The second video is
one of their more popular songs from their first album, called “Girls,” that has over 26 million views on YouTube. What did you think of the videos?
– I kinda liked the second one, ’cause the girl threw up Pepto-Bismol. – They’re trying to be
super indie and super, like… like, “We’re different, but we’re being the same
as what the ’80s were.” – I thought they were very creative, and I felt like they both
have meanings behind them. – It really showed what I think they want to portray in their music,
which is like they’re– – They’re different and they want– – They’re different and they want it to be more about the music
than the glamour. – (Finebros) What do you think
of the 1975’s music? – It’s not really my type of music. – I like their music. It’s very catchy. – I really like that sound.
I think that’s fun to groove to. – Their sound is so unique
to modern music on the radio. – They’re just being themselves. They’re just being as authentic
to themselves as possible. And there’s something
that’s very relatable to that. – I think the music is great. It’s just fun music
that is a little angsty. It makes you feel like
one of those cool kids in a leather jacket. – (Finebros) Their latest album is called “I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful
yet So Unaware of It.” – Wow, that’s a really long title. – British boys and their charm. – It’s romantic yet creepy. – (Finebros) They have
found a ton of success. The album debuted
at number one on the U.S. and U.K. album charts. Why do you think
they’ve had so much success? – I think that they just
have a really unique sound. – They have super sick music videos, and it shows that they are more
than musicians; they’re artists. – (Finebros) So they’ve had
this huge success here recently. But they’ve been successful in the U.K. for quite some time before that and weren’t as big here at that time. What do you think about how
bands can be huge somewhere, and you might not even know
about them, from another country? – Yeah, that’s so crazy, especially
because we have the internet and we feel like we’re like
a very globalized world. – You don’t take the time out of your day to go research actually good
music from other countries, which is really sad. – It’s really interesting
growing up in America, because it seems like America is a really big trendsetter
for the rest of the world. And so when someone makes it in America,
they make it worldwide. – It’s not that surprising
that a band so good could be so big there and not known here, just because we’re so focused
on what we produce. And it’s not till they come here
that people start realizing. – (Finebros) Finally, in talking
about the band today and hearing their music, do you think they will continue
to find success into the future? – Yes, I hope so. – They probably will. People will eat anything up now. – I completely, wholeheartedly believe in their success for the future. – I think they’re on a roll, and I really want to listen
to their albums. – Based on what I’ve heard, they’re not just like a one-hit wonder. Bands like Green Day continuously
pump out good album after good album. People
are always interested in them. I feel like the 1975 could do that. – Because they’re so self-aware, again, I think that they probably know
exactly what they’re doing and how they’re going
to continue to be successful. – (both) Thanks for watching
the first episode of College Kids React. – Subscribe for brand-new
content every week. – Let us know in the comments
what music we should react to next. – Thanks for watching. Bye, guys! ♪ (industrial music) ♪


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