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March 27, 2020

♪ (music playing over speaker) ♪ – No! – Oh, [bleep] yeah! – (FBE) So what do you think
it is about Deadpool that made it such a big success?
– The rated R. “We’re gonna see a Marvel character
say the word [bleep]. That’s awesome.” ♪ (industrial music) ♪ ♪ (casual music) ♪ (cat yowls) – Is it a movie trailer? – Very film noir. Huh. ♪ (’80 ballad playing over speaker) ♪ – Oh, [bleep] yeah! – Deadpool 2. – No! Dealpool 2? – (man) I’ve worked too hard
in this life to let someone– – (robber) Oh, you want to end up dead?
– Whoa. – (man) Please don’t hurt me. – (robber) Are you [bleep] kidding me?
– (chuckles) – (Deadpool) Not on
my watch, mother[bleep]. – Oh, this is so great. – (chuckling) He’s pulling a Superman. (man and robber arguing)
– (man) I’m not gonna give you anything. (grunting and struggling) – Oh my gosh. There’s “Logan”
in the background. How fun. – Ha-ha! It says “Logan.” – (man) …older man, do ya? – I actually still have yet
to see a Deadpool film. – We actually never saw Deadpool. (arguing continues) – This is very realistic.
Not like Superman, you know? He just spins around and has– oh my gosh! – (laughs) Yeah! Ryan Reynolds ass! – Oh. I don’t want to see the ass crack. Hold on, son. Like,
let’s not look at that. – I can check “seeing Ryan Reynolds’
butt” off my bucket list. – (robber) Where’s the [bleep] wallet? – This is so, like, anti-climatic. I’m waiting for him to come out
and beat these guys, and he can’t even put on his costume. – This is just the definition of Deadpool. Just long, overplayed scenes.
But they’re just hilarious. (phone booth rattles) – He’s making a call. Nice. – Of course you gotta make a call. Definitely got to make that call. – (Deadpool) No? Okay. – This is so funny.
I would definitely go see this. (gunshot)
– And he’s too late. – (Stan Lee) Wow, nice suit! – (Deadpool) Zip it, Stan Lee!
– (laughing) – Yeah. Shut up, Stan Lee. ♪ (soundtrack winds down) ♪
– There’s a Logan poster. – The poster of Logan in the background. – (Deadpool) Oh, that’s not good. I’m so sorry.
– At least he apologized. – (Deadpool) I spent way
too long in the phone booth. – Classic Deadpool. – (Deadpool) None of that matters now. ‘Cause I think you’re both
missing the real point here. – He’s resting on the dead man? – Dead body, you’re just gonna
lay down on him? That’s cool. – (Deadpool) …[bleep] is a phone booth doing on a street corner? Didn’t those disappear in ’98? Heh.
– Deadpool is such a dark comedy. I love it. – (chuckles) – (Deadpool) Suppose
I could’ve just used my cell. – And then the ongoing monologue
for, like, 30 seconds. – (Deadpool) Cherry Carcia ice cream. – Yes!
– (Deadpool) You gonna eat this? Don’t answer now. – Okay, that was definitely
the best choice out of all the items. – (Deadpool) Actually,
I made a call to the costumer. His name is Laired. He usually helps me put the suit on.
– It’s fantastic. Fantastic. – Deadpool, the most interesting
superhero for sure right now. – (Deadpool) Logan,
what’s he got to change into? – “Not soon enough.”
A truer statement has not been said. – “Old Man and the Sea is…” What? – I can’t read that fast.
I’m not even gonna try. – Well, you know no one could read that. – Points on being different. But maybe it was too dark
for me or something. He was lying next to a dead guy.
Like, it’s not even a guy. It’s like a grandpa. – That is the epitome of Deadpool
in every sense of the word. – I love superhero movies,
and I love that this is kind of like a anti-superhero movie. – That looks fantastic.
I will be watching that. ♪ (industrial music) ♪ – (FBE) So this teaser debuted
in front of the movie Logan, which released last weekend.
– Oh, that makes sense, because there’s a Logan poster,
you know, in the shot. – (FBE) However, Deadpool 2
is not going to be released until 2018.
– That long? – So why are they teasing this so much? – So they just shot that just to be like, “Hey, we’re still alive.” – (FBE) Why do you think they decided to release a teaser
like this so far in advance? – One word: hype. Hype is all you need. – To build hype. They want the word being spread right now. – Just to get people excited. – They put it at the beginning of one of the most anticipated
movies of the year. And people are all like, “I just came to see the Deadpool teaser.” – Now that people have seen this trailer,
they’re gonna be like, if they haven’t seen the movie already,
gonna go see the movie. That means they’re gonna buy the movie. So it’s like a nice revenue thing. – It’s just how Deadpool is. It’s just like, they want to tease you. They’re purposely trolling you. – (FBE) So people often
get mad at movie trailers for giving away parts of the movie.
– Spoilers. – (FBE) However, this teaser was made separately from Deadpool 2, and that scene will
not even be in the movie. – Okay. I don’t know
how I feel about that. – (FBE) Do you like the idea
of showing you something in the style and feel of the movie and now showing you
anything from the movie? Or do you prefer trailers
that show you things, even if it does spoil some moments? – I definitely have
mixed feelings about that, because I really would love to know what the movie is going to be about and what I’m actually
going to be seeing in the film. – I like this approach, because
it doesn’t give away the movie. You always hate going to the movies,
and then you’re like, “I could’ve watched the trailer,
and it told me everything in two minutes instead of two hours.” – So many movie trailers,
especially comedies, they give you the funniest
parts in the trailer. And when you’re watching
the movies, you’re like, “Bro, I’ve seen this joke like 30 times.
It’s not funny anymore.” – I don’t like things
that give it away too much. – I like to be surprised.
– Yeah. So yeah, that’s actually– I hope everybody does this. Take note, people,
because it’s a good idea. – (FBE) So the first Deadpool
was incredibly successful, becoming the highest-grossing
R-rated movie of all time. – Whoa. Wow. – (FBE) So what do you think
it is about Deadpool that made it such a big success?
– The rated R. “We’re gonna see a Marvel
character say the word [bleep]. That’s awesome.” – It’s very relatable
to the average guy, saying, “Oh, he’s looks like a normal dude. He’s not super-buff or anything, funny.
He has issues himself.” That’s why, I think,
most people latch on to it. – We’ve gotten so over-saturated
with Superhero movies that, even when they stray off
a tiny bit, it’s like, “Oh, that’s so cool that
we have a comedic superhero, and it’s not just like the perfect guy.” – It’s not a traditional superhero movie. Superhero movies nowadays,
I feel like they’re kind of family friendly almost.
And Deadpool isn’t. And so it kind of draws
a different audience. – (FBE) So there is also
quite a bit of text at the end of the trailer.
– Yeah, I need to [bleep] pause that. I need to read that whole thing. – (FBE) And we actually
have the full text for you. – Oh, okay, cool.
I was wondering about that. – This is Hemingway.
I know, I have this book. “The Old Man and the Sea
is the story of a fight between an elderly, accomplished
fisherman, Santiago.” – “The story opens with Santiago suffering 84 days
without catching a fish.” Aw. “Because he’s the unluckiest
son of a bitch on planet Earth.” – “But on the third day,
Santiago is freakin’ EXHAUSTED and decides that he want
the fish to do what he says and not always swim wherever it wants. So he stabs it with a [bleep] harpoon.” – “He hobbles to his shack.
He makes it home, crashes. Like I said, he’s super tired.” (snickers) What? What
are they even talking about? – (FBE) It’s actually a book report
on Ernest Hemingway’s classic novel The Old Man and the Sea.
– Okay. So it has nothing to do
with the movie Deadpool? – (FBE) Seemingly written
in Deadpool’s voice. – Yeah. I could hear that. – (FBE) Why do you think they did that? – Because it’s [bleep] weird. It’s a Deadpool thing to do. The marketing team
for this movie is brilliant. – ‘Cause this creates more attention than something being done the normal way. – (FBE) Finally, with the rise
of making comic book movies R-rated or for adults, what’s one series or franchise
that you grew up with that you wish had an R-rated entry?
– That’s hard. Probably, like, Barney.
No, I’m just kidding. – R-rated Harry Potter
would be super intense. – Chronicles of Narnia but rated R. A bloodbath, like battles
and swords, you know, um, cutting off people’s heads. – Little House on the Prairie.
– Yes! (laughter)
– Little House on the Prairie! Little House on the Prairie
Turns Fifty Shades Darker. – Thanks for watching this episode
of College Kids React. – We have new React episodes
four times a week, so be sure to subscribe. – What are you excited for in Deadpool 2? Let us know in the comments. – Thanks for watching, everyone! Goodbye! – Hey, everybody.
It’s Dallen here from FBE. Thank you so much for watching
this episode of React. Now, what trailer should we have
the college kids react to next? Let us know down
in the comments. Bye, guys!


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