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Better with the Bible Ep. 9 / The First Step in Learning

February 14, 2020

– So if life is a journey,
where does the first
step start? Proverbs 1:1-7. That you step in the
wisdom of God. ♪♪ We’ve been kind of balancing
this concept of the Israelites’ journey being
led by Moses and Aaron. And by the way Moses was
80 and Aaron was 83. So, just a reminder that
there might be old people in your journey that have
something to show you. Something to direct you,
old godly people. Or maybe you’re old and
godly and you still have something
to give. Moses was 80, his
brother was 83. Leading out
600,000 people. But here’s what Proverbs
says about being on the journey. Is what lady wisdom
says. Pay attention
to me and then relax. Now, you can take it easy.
You’re in good hands. If you’re listening on
the journey for the wisdom of God, that’s the beginning
of being able to relax. It’s, “Better
With The Bible.” ♪♪

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  • Reply Lynda February 12, 2020 at 8:44 am

    Thank you, for the reminder

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