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Become a part of Kansas State University

December 6, 2019

Rooted in the Flint Hills of North-East Kansas lies a tradition-rich land-grant university that prides itself on teaching, research,
and extension across Kansas, the nation, and the world. More than 5,000 full-time faculty and
staff members call Kansas State University their home. Individually they raise the
standard of today’s higher education and together they focus on the
initiative becoming a Top 50 public research university by the year
2025. It’s very important to have a very
high level of professionals and faculty working on campus. If we’re gonna be a Top 50 public
research university, we’re going to need a faculty and
professional staff that are Top 50. We have so much that we offer and I say
from our scholars to the people who do so many things behind the scenes I
think we speak well of the diverse climate that we offer. I think my role on campus is an
essential one and I don’t feel more it more or less important than anybody else.
This is a family and as a family every single member of
the family counts. It’s awesome having Big 12 team right
here in our backyard. We have all the amenities of a larger
town yet we still have the closeness of knowing your neighbors whether it’s across the street or across
town. K-State offers the classic college experience within the family friendly town of
Manhattan. It’s an atmosphere that extends beyond Manhattan to establish campuses in Salina and Olathe. The Olathe campus provides an academic presence within the Kansas
Bioscience Park while Salina continues to provide one of
the top aviation technology programs in the nation. When you come to K-State, it’s very clear the people want to help you. People are
there to support you professionally and emotionally and with your family and your needs. There’s about 24,000 students here. They
come from all 50 states and from around the world. It’s a classic college town
but there’s also this variety of cultural activities. It’s a
comfortable and exciting place to live. The tuition
assistance program is great asset that we have our disposal Kansas State
University. My son and my wife is afforded hours that is compensated by the University. I’ve also been able to use the
assistance program furthering my education becoming a more
productive person for K-State. A more productive employee. I just feel like manhattan is just
beautiful. The campus is beautiful The people on the campus are very
friendly and outgoing and always trying to find ways to move K-State forward. Start a new journey today and experience
K-State yourself. Become a part teaching, research and
service across the world. Become a part a family. Become a part of Kansas State University.

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