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Baldi’s Basics 1 Year Birthday Bash

October 9, 2019

Haaahhhhhhhhffpppp *helicopter noise* *music starts* Baldi: Welcome to The Baldi’s Basics Birthday Bash! Markiplier: So Baldi: Come on in and have a blast! Markiplier again: so Baldi’s Basics apparently turned one year old Release the balloons! *party horn and children cheering* Yay *Laughing* They released an updated version of the game and I wasn’t exactly gonna look into it too deeply, except the SAID that there’s a NEW ENDING as a THANK YOU for playing the game and giving it so much love. I don’t know how to get that ending, but I’m guessing I have to beat the game again. I don’t think I have to beat it with all the answers wrong cuz that was really hard, so I’m gonna try to beat it with the first two notebooks correct. cuz– oh, ooh uh, what? If you do one way, then he’s way too fast for you to get, but I think it’s easier to beat if you just do the first two right, Yeah I thi- I think it’ll be fine. Like I, I remember! Oh “load” why… Baldi: Oh hai! Baldi: Welcome to my party! I hate you Baldi! I hate your guts! I hate you just as much as I remember I hated you! God it’s loud in here! Oh God, the sensitivity is still just as high as it was before! That’s good… Can I leave? Can we go on that field trip?? Can you not kill me?! Oh that’s, that was… that was quick。 Oh that’s, that was… that was quick。 Baldi: Great job! Baldi: That’s right! Baldi: Prob– You’re doing fantastic! Baldi: Prob– You’re doing fantastic! Eeyeah, sure is right… Yeeah, yeah buddy, yeah… Baldi: You did great!
Mark: I’m doing great! Baldi: Come here and get your prize! Okay, -wha?? Baldi: Just click on it with the left mouse button to pick it up! Wooow! “WD-NoSquee”! I don’t know what that means, but I guess it means No Door Do Squee Uh… I hate everything, I don’t wanna do this. Oh God here we go… Baldi: equals… Got it! Baldi: Great– good one! *̤̺͖̩̝̲͛͒*̣̖ͥS̙̪̏ͣ͑̈ͅͅT͈͇̞̠̻͉Á̺̦̟̱͓̙̯T̜̥̦͑I̭̭̞̲͌Ć̬̞͍̬̻̣̥*͈͈̲͔͈̣̔ͯͭ͛̿*͉̰̰̖̦͕͉̉͆ͥ͑ͩͤͨ̽ͬͤ̊͛ *music stops* Okay here we go, God dammit… Why am I doing this I hope I don’t have to beat it on Hard Mode to beat it for the good (ending) Oh God I- I remember which way I used to go… to get the optimal– nnNNNNOOOOOO– RIGHT- ARE YOU Principal: 15 seconds. Mark: I JUST STARTED!!!
Principal: Detention for you I juST STARTED! NOOO! Oh God why is the sensitivity so high? Okay– Ah God! The sensitivity of the mouse! Okay how to I look behind– 1st Prize robot: I am coming for you!
Mark: No no no no no no no 1st prize robot: Ready or not here I come!
Mark: No no no no no not like this not like this Nooooo no no buddy! 1st prize: I hug people for all eternity! 1st prize: I have lost youuuuu Mark: Yeah you have, yeah you have
1st prize: I don’t like thaaaat Yeah you, oh yeah you have… Hey there’s a gift in here! Hey look at that! He- Hey, hey buddy, [scared Mark noises] ohOHWAAAA He got a lot closer than I thought he was gonna! Playtime: Heeheeheehee! Playtime: Heeheeheehee! Wh-she-he-what is– what IS THIS?? Wh-she-he-what is– what IS THIS?? WHAT IS THIS DARK HALLWAY?? Am I here? Where am I? I don’t euuhh remember anything… Hello? Wha? Wha? What is happening? WHAT IS HAPPENING Bully: Can I Take your ca-a-a-n-n-ndy? No thank you… I don’t like anything about what’s happening Principal: No bullying in the halls [gasps] You’re a saint. You’re a saint! YOU’RE A SAINT! You– I like you now! You’re okay. Alright, there’s no reason I need to go in here, so what I need to do is I need to ru– I need to get- I need to get familiarized again with where everything is in this game, because I don’t remember. I don’t ‘member none! Playtime: I wanna play with someone! That’s okay, alright, you’re okay for now… Playtime: Let’s play! NNN LeT’s pLaY I don’t like you, but ya know, you’re okay for right now. Playtime: Ready, gooo!
Mark: Yeah yeah yeah I’m ready! Playtime: one… Playtime: two…
Mark: *mockingly* TWOOOO Playtime: three…
Mark: THReEeEeE Playtime: four…
Mark: fOURR Playtime: Wow!
Mark: hHHNNNNN Playtime: Let’s play….. It sure is great. That’s right, if you get all of them wrong, he gets SO unbelievably angry. Okay, so I’m gonna go– Gotta Sweep: LooKS LIKE IT’S SWEEPIN’ TIME
Mark: no nO NO Gotta Sweep: gOTTA sWEEP SWEEP SWEEP
Mark: SWEEPY NO [exhales] I think I recall… there being another one in here, and there’s two on the far hallway, so it’sz — it’s this’n and this– and thoos’n Okay, one, zero, blah, okay. DIH Gotta Sweep: g-GOTTA SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP Okay just don’t bring him over to me
that’s all I ask of you. I’m gonna try to use this “Squee” door thing. [Fsshhh] [silence] Ooh, it worked! I think? I think it was silent. Was that silent? I don’t know if it was silent. Okay I think I’m gonna beat this first try! Wink Wink WInk WINk WINK WiNk wInK Definitely gonna happen. Totally d- totes- totes, definitely gonna happen. HOLY SHIT that’s the big birthday cake. Okay– “Big Ol’ Boots”? What does that mean?! Wha– It didn’t do nothin’! A quarter! Okay good, well… Playtime: Let’s play! No no no not here not here not like this NO NOT LIKE THIS! Playtime: hehehehehe [mockingly] TEHEHEHE NOT LIKE THIS I should have used the “No Squee” on
that! I need rest. Oh wait a minute, no, the boots? Were the
boots good? Oh shit he’s too close. Oh shit oh shit! Oh shit he’s too close! oh shit oH SHIT AW SHIT! Oh wait I’ve goofed it. I’ve goofed everything. I’ve goofed my
life! How do I– I should have used the SQUEE! The “No Squee”… Okay yeah he’s- he’s definitely gonna catch up to me at this rate. Yeah catching up to me at this
juncture is a definite yes… Well if I get caught by anything I’m so screwed You know what I’m gonna just do one of THESE moves, and then… No no no no NO! AGHH! 1st Prize: Will you marry me? No I won’t marry you, no I won’t marry you. No I won’t, oddly enough. You know, surprisingly, I still won’t marry you after all these years. Hello. Lemme get– Gotta Sweep: GͫOTTͤ͐̓Ȧ̍ ͯ͂ͩ̔ͦ͛ͯSͬWE̐ͥ̊̈EP̽ͧͮ ̎̂̾̽͂S̃ͬ̈́W̾ͮ̽ͪͯË̄͑͛́̊Ě̋P̊̉̉ ̔͂̓ͭS̆͆̈́W̋ͦ̄͛̆Eͥ̍ͪEͥ͊͛̍̓P̾̆ No, what is this? What is this slowness? What is this slowness? Oh yeah this is
good. This is good thing! This is what we call a good thing 1st Prize: I see you. No no no no I mean okay, yeah yeah it’s- it’s alright. Yeah it’s al– it’s- it’s okay. Okay so this isn’t the worst thing in the world. It’s not the best thing in the world but I’m gonna go around here, I’m gonna lock the door… ..and then gonna make a big ol’–
[doesn’t lock door] Playtime: Let’s play!
Mark: Welp shit oh… Playtime: Ready, go!
Mark: Motherf… mother… Playtime: Oops you messed up! Not! Like! THAT!
*̤̺͖̩̝̲͛͒*̣̖ͥS̙̪̏ͣ͑̈ͅͅT͈͇̞̠̻͉Á̺̦̟̱͓̙̯T̜̥̦͑I̭̭̞̲͌Ć̬̞͍̬̻̣̥**͉̰̰̖̦͕͉̉͆ͤͨ̽ͬͤ̊͛ [remembering the failures of past Baldi playthroughs] [questioning life] [sigh] Okay, so I remember how to play now the thing that I need is, I basically just need everything… Mark: beat the game at that last door
Baldi: Problem 1… Mark: I re-I remember now, I remember,
Baldi: Great job… I remember now. Let’s just beat this, cuz I CAN, and I WILL. I CAN… and I WILL… In order to beat the deoos… ..I’msos gonsta get what I’s needses. Maybes sensees? Principal: No entering School Faculty Only rooms in the halls…
Mark: UH!! Well DID YOU HAVE TO BE RIGHT THERE you sack of sHiauiiT? You know, detention for your face. Yeah alright, yeah ok, yeah ok, alright. God I- I thought I’d been rid of those
smacks, the smacks that haunt my dreams! I don’t know if I can make this one. Probably can’t but here we go. Okay alright, don’t, don’t doN’T DON’T! EUURGH! Alright it’s fine everything’s fine! Everything’s fine! I’m gonna try to go in here again… maybe I won’t get CAUGHT this time! “Time”? Is that like a distraction or something? Playtime: LEt– REadY– AWHHH
Mark: Nope! Playtime: THAT maKES mE sAD (mockingly) ThAt mAkEs mE SAAD So if I can just get around a corner, I can lose– oOoOh! I can lose him. He won’t hear me, so what I do is I go down the silent hallways, I’m gonna just like, “wait, he’s gonna lose me.” Playtime: Let’s plaay
Sweep: SWEEP No no no! NO no no no no no… Gotta Sweep: GOTTA SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP!
Playtime: LET’S PLAY! Gotta Sweep: GOTTA SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP AAaaAaAAAaaAHH Playtime: Go!…. THUNK O K A Y He’s far away now, he lost me so I can go– Oh hey, I– eh– oh I forgot there was a door here. Oh shit. But if I go around he won’t hear it until I open the other door. Okay this is- this is all good, it’s all good… all good. Uh-oh… please don’t be down this hallway. Where is he? Where’s the smacks? Oh no he– did he? HE’S SPOTTED ME! BALDI NO! Alright fine, we’ll do this differently huh? No we won’t do it differently! I’m gonna bide my time and wait for the right opportunity! Cuz that’s how I do! Playtime: Let’s play!
Mark: Nooooo! Not my opportunity! Playtime: Ready? Go! All of my opportunities! Playtime: One… NO! Playtime: Two… NOO! Playtime: Three… NOOO! Playtime: Four… NOOOO! Principal: No running in the halls Aw fuck I didn’t run! Mark: Oh… you suck… so much…
Principal: Detention for you… Principal: Your parents will hear about this one… You suck… so… much… Wait I just had an idea. “Despite her poor eyesight…” Does that mean what I think it means? That there’s a chance– Well I’m boneds… He’s not GONNA GET ME! AARRGH!
*̤̺͖̩̝̲͛͒*̣̖ͥS̙̪̏ͣ͑̈ͅͅT͈͇̞̠̻͉Á̺̦̟̱͓̙̯T̜̥̦͑I̭̭̞̲͌Ć̬̞͍̬̻̣̥* It got me, okay… Why am I doing this to myself? 1st Prize: I am coming, ready or not…
Mark: No no no! No no no, no no no No no no, no no– okay alright good good good. Yeah yeah yeah that’s what I
thought, that’s what I thought! No let’s not play, let’s not play, let’s not play. What if I– I’m gonna– I haven’t- I haven’t moved. I can’t move. What? That doesn’t make any sense what
happened. I’m not sure I— Principal: No running in the halls.
Mark: No please please, I’ll give you squee! Oh God. I’ve completely forgotten. All my instincts have gone out the window. Oh no Baldi no! No Baldi no! Not like this! Okay so it’s- it’s fairly easy to lose him on this segment here… I thought I used the “Squee”! Oh door type… Okay maybe it doesn’t work on the yellow
doors or something Bully: Can I Take your ca-a-a-n-n-n-dy?
Mark: no don’t take my Oh no you won’t! Oh no no, no balls! No balls! No balls you won’t! I’ve got some ideas. I’ve got some real clever, real smart ideas formulating up in this brain up here. Gotta Sweep: LOOKS LIKE IT’S SWEEPIN’ TIME! That’s not part of my idea. I’m gonna No Squee this door Oh yeah, oh that’s a good No Squee! Now he doesn’t even know I’m in here! Except for that math that I’m about to do wrong. I don’t know what Big Ol’ Boots do. I’m not
100% sure what– Oh! Goodbye. Thank you sweeper man! You’re a real hero! Ooh! No no no! No… Oh God, oh God oh God oh God… Oh God oh God oh God… Oh God! Oh God! OH GOD! I have an idea, a big brain idea. Alright everybody. So what I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna– he doesn’t go in rooms right? [Uses NoSquee] And close the door, let the door close… And he won’t know I’m in here! He does not know I’m in here, it didn’t squee. It did not squee! No squee! So now he doesn’t know where I
am. I’m not here no more. Yeah, this is big brain time. And then I hit this one, THEN the next one, And then bada bing bada boom, it’s all GOOOOD Still don’t know what Big Ol’ Boots do! But uh… here we go. He has no– he— last thing he heard was in here No no no no… Playtime: Three… Four…
(WHISPER) God, fuck you fuck you fuck you… Playtime: Wow! That’s great! Let’s play again. He doesn’t technically know I’m here
right? Where is he? (BALDI WHISTLES)
Oh shit oh he knows! Okay he knows! Guys, Red Alert, he knows! As it turns out, surprisingly he knows! Didn’t think it was so, but it turns out
he knows. Um, well uh well, this is a problem, um well okay. Gotta Sweep: GOTTA SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP!
Mark: Oh no no no no no no, not like this not like this… Gotta Sweep: GOTTA SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP!
Mark: No not like this. What are you sweeping? Where you sweeping? Where you sweeping to? Um… Gotta Sweep: GOTTA SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP!
1st PrizeL I am coming… No no no not like this not like this! No NOT LIKE THIS! NO! WHY!
(STATIC) (QUIETLY) I hate this game… What do Big Ol’ Boots do? I don’t know, I don’t know. You put them on then you take them off. I don’t know if they like, make you go faster, if they just make you a little– Ooh shit not that– ooh… Which way going? Which way you going? Yes. Okay I’m gonna go in here, grab this– whatever is in here. I love it! I want it! I need it! Give me that! NoSquee? Love it! Okay love it. Let’s see, uh Zesty Bar? Uh I think we do can better. Oh Baldie Anti Hearing and Disorienting Tape! That’s perfect! Whatever that means? Oh wait I know what that means, duh. I’s stupid. Playtime: Let’s play! Oh come on… Playtime: I want to play with someone! Apparently if you go around a corner and… oh shit, well that’s not good. But apparently if you go around a corner and you stop, apparently… Playtime: Let’s play!
Mark: Nope! Yeah apparently yeah wow! That’s pretty impressive. What does the alarm clock do again? Oh Frick, that’s big! What does that do? I have no idea what that did. I have no idea what happened, but Baldy doesn’t know I’m here, But I also don’t have any of the other items
that I would like to have before the end… Okay whatever let’s- let’s just do this. Fine let’s see if we can sprint to the finish. Okay so I’m gonna do what I usually do. I have a yellow door lock, I’m gonna go into the um… I’m gonna go in here. No don’t play. Okay so he’s gonna- he’s gonna come up behind me– Oh no not like that! No why would you do that? No not like that! No I said behind me– Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, no no no, not today. I might be able to duck in this room here, I Squee’d it so he doesn’t see this. Oh he saw that, he saw that. Okay she saw- she saw that too, I gotta get around this corner! GUH! Not here! Oh no! Oh no no no no. Shit. Okay well (MARKIMOO NOISES) (SINGS) Not the way I wanted to be
but here I go BOINK! ♫ Alright that’s the best we’re gonna get. I don’t think it’s gonna be enough to get away from him for the rest of the game, but you know, you know, you do what you can, you do what you can, and if you can’t do it then you don’t do it. Principal: No running in the halls! No you ssss– Urghhh… PRINCIPAL: …for you. When will you learn?
MARK: You suck so much. You suck so much, God– (DEEP BREATH) Oh. Umm… Hi! Hehehehhehe! (STATIC)
Ahh! (SILENT CHUCKLE) Alright well that was a new discovery. There’s a little corner that you can hide in and prevent your death, but that’s about it. I- I have no idea why I’m still doing this… Alright so I’m gonna cut ahead and get to the point where I know I’ve got a generally good– GOTTA SWEEP: GOTTA SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP! ..good handle on this shit. These are interesting items but okay I have no idea what Big Ol’ Boots do! I just don’t know! I have an idea. I really don’t know what that does. I think I got this, I think I got this. What I got to do– oh shit not that way Oh goodbye? Okay. PLAYTIME: Let’s play!
GOTTA SWEEP: GOTTA SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP! Oh no no no no NO! What the fuck NO! Urgh… No God fucking damn it! Are you kidding me?! Are you fucking kidding me?! Uhh… God damn you… damn you! Alright okay, alright we’re gonna do this another way– oh shit okay. Please don’t put me in detention! Please don’t put me in DETENTION! Okay this is fine. You know why? Because I’ve got the smarts! I got the smarts! He doesn’t have the smarts See, like, you see what I got? You know what I got? I got the smarts. (USES NoSquee) Boom, see now even if I– Shit, no, wait no I did that wrong, he’s gonna hear this. Oh shit. I did that wrong. Okay yeah I- I did that wrong. FUCK Well now I’m boned. So if I can make it to the ‘nother- the other door but– Aww man, I- I- I did that completely wrong, I should have used the Squee. PLAYTIME: Let’s play! Ready? PLAYTIME: Go!
(UNBRIDLED RAGE) I have an idea. There’s no way in hell it’s gonna work, but, I have an idea. Okay he definitely heard that. Why is this– wait no Oh shit, okay the doors get unlocked. I– and the doors get un-Squee’d. That makes sense. That- that makes sense, I get that. (STATIC) I get that, that’s fair, that’s fair, that makes sense. I was going back for the other door because I thought it got– it was Squee’d, and therefore was safe, but I was wrong, okay. HRRRUUUHH HRRRUHHH! (USES NoSquee) There’s no way he knows I’m in here right? That’s how that works. Yeah that’s how that works. He has no idea! Nope not a clue– [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] W H A T ? 1ST PRIZE: I see you!
MARK: Oh no. Oh no, no no no, no no no no! (STATIC)
NOOO! God fuck– why why why WHY? WHY?! Oh that’s not good. (STATIC) Pffff, fuck. Okay so I’m in good- pretty good shape, I just need the last one. This dorr is Squee’d. Now I just got to remember. I’ve got two good items. I got the Safety Scissors and the Soda, so this should be… the correct one? So long as I Soda correctly, which is a question. Here we go. This is gonna be the one this is it, I think. So basically what I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna aim up very carefully and… PROMP! Okay that should get him all the way. Then it should just be a leisurely stroll right? Am I right people? This should be it, I think? Yeah! Should be it! Here we go! Ooohhh! BALDI: Go on! blow out the candle! Blow out the candle? Wow! Okay! Oh I’ll blow it I’ll blow it’s so good! Oh you guys shouldn’t have! Ohh whoaaAAAaaa! Has a dream come true? Three, two, one a-POOF! A-a-poooh! Ohhh! Uh… Hello? Um, oh, oh. Oh hello? Oh! Okay, um… Alright I’m gonna go down this hallway that I didn’t notice was here cuz I couldn’t look up. Hoh… Baldi’s Office, okay alright. What is that? Is that a janitor or something? Okay… (GASPS) Ooooweee hoooweee Ooo Eee Ooo Aaa Aaaah Oh I don’t wanna touch none of you– why is there a notebook? Okay before I go there let me just– I just want to see what all is in here before I go jumping into any kind of conclusions here. I just want to explore (GASP) Hi, oh hi, oh. Alright, you know I don’t think I wanna touch— (DOOR CREAKS) DURRH I don’t think I want to touch those things at all, even a little bit. I think touching them would be very bad. Right.. okay what’s down here? Am I free to
run with reckless abandon? “Gimme more cookies.” “Those are the first words I ever said.” “And you know what?” “I never got any cookies!” Uh huh, huh huh. Huh H U H Yeah. Ooh, ooohh. Okay, alright… Ooooohh! Heyyyyy! Haaaiiii! (STRAINED) Hi? Oookay alright they’re just nothing, it does
nothing. “When you have the will, don’t say never! Just leave those thoughts!” (QUIETLY) T-H-O-T-S thots? (GASP) Hey. Okay okay, so let’s touch this notebook, Cuz at least it seems to be away from– I know we didn’t go into Baldi’s Office, but frankly the original ending was Baldi’s Office, so I’m trying to see if there’s something else. (NOTEBOOK REPEATS SOUND RESEMBLING “WHA WHY”) Wha– NOTEBOOK: (DEEP VOICE) You need to acquire two notebooks before you can use these doors! I’ve got eight of eight- eight of eight notebooks! Says I got eight of eight. I guess I’ll go get the other one then. I just don’t want to touch him is the thing. I- I just I really don’t want to touch him Huh whoa whoa. You– no, no! What? No? What? You– huh? Heh? I let it out, I shouldn’t have let it out. Oh I let it out. Okay. (STRAINED) URGHH Okay goodbye! Um can I– Oh this is a tight squeeze if ever there was one. okay (NOTEBOOK REPEATS “WHA WHY”) HRPFFF Hey buddy, hey how you doing. Excuse
me! Nine of nine! Alright well. Let’s go– the only door I haven’t explored is Baldi’s Office. OH OH oh oh oh oh OH! Oh oh… Alright… Okay so I’ve got the two notebooks it was talking about Now I don’t- I don’t understand what it is referring to. Did something change out here? No? No? So there must be some kind of another door or something around here. I guess I didn’t go into this one. Wait where does that door lead– wait there’s another– ah! I might be on to something. Where does this door lead, huh? What are you hiding– ah! Yeah what were you hiding from me– oh. Oh no. “Count the balloons! How many of each color can you find? Go, do it!” Oh… I don’t know! Oh these are balloons! Wait I gotta write this down. And here we got two purples and a green… And another blue out here… Blue blue purple… Purple blue… Okay purple blue… I think I’m being methodical about this. Now I have no idea how many balloons were in the bottom, but I don’t think it’s asking that. I think it’s just asking about balloons up here. Uhh okay alright… One orange… two purple’s… Ah! Three purple’s, there’s one in the back there. Three purple’s… one blue, one green, one orange. I don’t think you count as a balloon. I’ma just go ahead and say that right now,
I don’t think you count as a balloon. So I think I got them. Okay, so we’ve got five, six, seven. Blues we had six. Green we had three. And this we had one. Did I get it? Did I do it? Does that mean there’s something that I’m missing? Alright let me- let me recount again because my system was real fucked. Oh did I miss that guy? Just seven? That’ll be seven. I think I was right for everything except purple. I lost one purple, there are EIGHT purple’s. Okay now I know. Okay let’s see if this does anything… BALDI: Wow! Ohh wow yeah that was it. Okay whoa you are smart! I am! I am smart! Whoa whoa wait wait wait wait wait wait what whoa whoa! What do I do about that? What do I do about that? Whoa! No! Wait! Whoa whoa! Whoa whoa, whoa whoa… hey. Whoa I don’t like those balloons. Well those balloons aren’t those aren’t good balloons. WHOA whoa whoa what the
frickin’ fresh hell… rrrRRRIIIGHT! Oh hi okay you’re fine I think, ooh. Oh that’s not good, they can go through walls, kind of I guess. Whoa whoa what is that? Wait there’s something else here! What is this? What is that? Oh shit that’s not a good sign. I don’t like the sign of that. Um, uh whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! WHOA! Whoa! I can’t run. Oh, oh shit, I’m out of run. Uh, uh f-f-f- hey hey hey… Hey, hey, ARGHH! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Hey! Whoa! Ah! Why! Wha! (HIGH-PITCHED) Mmmma! Mmmma! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Ooooooo ghee! Oo ghee! Ghe-heh! Ghe-hi! Oohh ghe-heh! Whooa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa! It’s like the worst bullet-hell ever. I don’t know. I don’t know what to do about this, ooh… AHH! AHH! Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit! Well okay well alright, uh… I’m mildly uncomfortable! Whoa… Ah! Wahoo! Okay I guess that’s it, ‘kay goodbye! Okay wow that was a thing… SO… that was a lot of work for… T H A T ! CREEPY! Which is what Baldi’s Basics is all about I suppose, so that’s great. Happy birthday to Baldi’s Basics one year out. I don’t know if anything new is happening in the Baldi’s Basics world, but, You know I guess when the next thing comes out I’ll go find it. So thank you everybody so much for watching. If you want to check out the other Baldi’s Basics stuff I’ve done, I’ll put in the description below. And yeah I don’t know when that full
game that they’re making is gonna come out, but, It’s got to be eventually! So thank you everybody so much for watching, and as always I’ll see you in the next
video. Buh-bye!


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